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  • Rhys Ng

Five Poems

The Typical Week of Jail (maybe)

Monday is like being sent to jail,

Tuesday is like being lonely, regrets of what you have done,

Wednesday is like one day out of jail, sadness to joy,

Thursday is like pain, it was only one day!

Friday is like the grand escape to long missed freedom,

Saturday is like partying all night, wild as a deep forest,

Sunday is like committing a crime - OH NO! You have to go back to jail!

The Complexities of Math

Math is complex

Math is the anatomy of a human being

Endlessness that cannot be mastered

Why? You ask me.

You’ll understand what I mean

It’s the basis of life

It’s how doctors help you

Heart rate, temperature, white cell count,

Quantities, measurements,

And volumes in health

Math is complex

Exponents are the silence of a black hole

Don’t ask, why?

The more time passes, the more shocking it is

It can be the tiniest of the tiniest

Or the largest of the largest

But it all starts from one place…

… and builds from there.

Math is complex

The universe is the forest of stars

Where the multitudes live

Where some may kill

But we all know something


It’s how quiet the atmosphere is

As if…

… you can live in peace.


Continents derived

Planet’s mainland origin

Currently broken

Anagram Poem

Best of luck kid

Buckled of my kits

Bustled kick Of mine

Blocked if had tusk

Block fused my kit

Tofu bled and kicks

I bet flick, kudos!

I bit flock of dukes!

My Brother

Oh, great!

Another five minutes of non-stop talking.

Who, you ask?

My brother.


He always talks.

And about different things.

We try to tell him to stop.

It fails.

He talks…

And talks…

And talks.

Endless noise.

He talks for one minute,

And talks for the next.

But there’s nothing I can do about it.

Despite all this,

I still love him.

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