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  • Miki Isabelle Go

6 Poems


After a day in slow motion

Another rock put on your shoulders.

The world goes by

Two times slower

Rushing in panic

To finish

Before the boulder



On the verge of


Escaping the jar

Homework is the end of the rope;

You hold on as long as you can.


Summer break

A fresh chance to erase mistakes,

After a year of simply crossing them out

Building up on the page

Collected dirt cleaned from your mind



Pressure to make friends,


Constant concentrating,

Repetitive loops,

Summer break is the eraser on a pencil.

Freedom emerging,

Darkness evaporating into the light

A new way to paint the future.

Like being caught in a sunny embrace

After reaching the end of a cliff,

Summer break is the eraser on a pencil.

But smudges,

Smudges to remind you what you’ve learned,

Are left over in your head

Do not get erased

Though erasing clears your mind

It does not clear the past.

Maybe summer break isn’t the eraser on a pencil

But a chance to accept and move on.


A safe place to go

When your mind is full of doubt

Somewhere to let go

The Moon is so Basic

Firing rhinestones above

Pitch black sea

Embracing flaring jewel

Kindling disappearing sky

Your blinding vision

Always changing faces

Child of Lightning

That’s me

Daughter forgetting how it feels to be in a family

While he tells every bolt where to go

Tucked away under my bed

Working until his hair turned white

Even with the war ending

He never dares to lay his head on his pillow

Or even pause to take a breath

Maybe it would be better if he hadn’t come home

Sounds of chaos would emerge

Order fallen

Fear lurking about

Everyone losing the light to guide them

Without the sun of our world

The ultimate price to pay

But, the result perhaps worthwhile

That’s me, yet again

Ambivalent feelings

About such vile thoughts

Though part of the shadow behind his light

I’m still his daughter;

The child of lightning.

An Escape from Reality

Living in a dreamworld

Growing in an invalid mind

An unrivaled wild morning

Midland river flowing

Dawning a lordlier vim

Reliving a wild random

Lowland miring drive

An invaded worming hill

World dreaming of living

Upside Down

Shrieks of broken glass

Clawing at your conscience

The outside world banging the door

Dreams become nightmares

Worst case scenario becomes reality

No angels, just demons

The sun won’t wake up

What’s this alternate universe?

It’s an imaginary cage

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