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  • Sebastian Jones

The Last Male Wonderwing

Rei Wonderwing had never lost his composure before. Ever since his sister left he had always kept his cool. Sure, he showed emotion, but he never let his emotions get the better of him.

But this was too much.

Not only was his father, the figure he idolized, been murdered, but seeing his lifeless body right in front of him caused him to break down into silent tears.

He sat down on the sofa were they would watch television together, and just looked at the body, praying for it to come back to life. He wanted his father, who had always been a practical joker, to jump up in front of him and shout, “April fools!” even though it was September.

Rei waited. Five minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. The body still didn’t move. Rei moved to touch his father’s body, to get a sense of a pulse, anything that would give him a sense that his father was still alive.

His fingertips had almost touched the body when the door swung open with a bang. Rei looked up, elated. He expected his father to come through the door, yelling “Fooled you!” and everything would be all right. But his hopes were dashed quicker than they came.

It was his mother, Gwen. Panting and breathless, her long chocolate hair was strewn all over her panicked expression.

As she came in, she first saw the two policemen, standing there solemnly with their hats to their chests.

Then she saw Rei, who was shaking slightly, tears still streaming down his face.

Finally, she saw her husband’s body lying on the floor, limbs splayed in different directions.

Gwen and Rei looked at each other for what seemed like forever, before the former spoke in a shaky voice. “Is--?” Her voice broke. “Is he really, d-dead?” She asked, with tears streaming down her face.

Rei simply looked away. Gwen sobbed even harder. The policemen bowed their heads. Rei looked back at the body again.

He then noticed a small letter in his father’s hand that he was sure wasn’t there before. He knelt down and took it from his cold grasp. No one noticed.

Rei stood up. Still no one noticed. His mother was crying over his father’s corpse and the two policemen were standing in the corner.

Rei took one last forlorn look at them and walked to his room, yearning for something that he would never have again.

Unknown to him, a shadowy figure saw all of this and laughed. “Soon, the last male Wonderwing will fall by my hands, and I will have my revenge.”

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