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  • Kaito Smidt-Olsen

Journey of the Three Ships


In the year 5013, the human population on Earth was on the brink of extinction. Climate change had worsened to the point where the air was unbreathable. Species had been wiped out, and ecosystems destroyed. The Earth was quickly becoming a large, barren wasteland sitting in space. 

The Summit

The leader of the Southern region, Steve Yerson, came up with a plan. At a summit of the four regions, he proposed:

“We must not give up! I urge that we build four evacuation transports, one for each region to evacuate the human race to the New Earth planet with the rest of humanity. We must start construction soon if we want a chance to survive.”

All of the leaders agreed with the plan and began construction. Each of the four transports was different in some way. Each region made different designs to better fit their people. The East, for instance, designed their transport very strong and sturdy, owing to their large population. 


At the North region’s transport construction site, a group of saboteurs emerged from the shadows. The North region’s ship was gargantuan, with multiple rocket boosters on the sides. The ship was based on the design of an old vehicle called a helicopter. Made of nylon steel and metal wood, the ship shone in the sun. The saboteurs quickly enter the ship. Inside, there was a giant hall, with smaller rooms on the sides. The control panel, most of the rooms, the rest of the giant hall, and the engine still hadn’t been completed yet. The saboteurs placed multiple explosives inside. At the end of the hallway, they found the leader of the North region, Elizabeth Thorn. The saboteurs were unhappy with her decision to evacuate, as they supported her rival. The security guards saw the saboteurs. 

One of the guards yelled, “Get down!” as she fired her laser gun. 

Multiple bolts of electricity and laser beams flew in the air. A guard misfired, causing the laser beam to hit one of the explosives. 

“Uh-oh,” whispered the guard that shot it, as a massive explosion ripped through the construction site, destroying all of the North region’s progress. 

Upon hearing the news, Steve decides to change the design of his ship, adding new spaces for the North region’s people. 


The East and the West regions continue the construction undisturbed, while the South has just started. 

The East’s ship was large and looked like a long cube with a ramp at the end. The ship was so big, it seemed like there was a limitless amount of space inside. The ships had 10-meter-thick hulls, fitting nearly everything a human being needed. The ship had 3 retractable wings on each side, each having the length of an airplane. Underneath the wings were multiple rockets, ready to propel it to space. 

However, this project wasn’t an easy task. Their ship was so big and expensive, the East had to delay their departure time by 9 months.  


The South had started its construction, aiming to catch up with the others by building their ship, cheaply and less big. Connor Dewitt, the newly elected leader, announced to his people that their ship couldn’t hold all of them as it was not big enough. Soon multiple protests occurred around the Southern region, ending the government. Many rich people and companies started making their own ships, creating an armada of small ships from the Southern region.

 In the year 5024, climate change worsened. Over the world, fires sprouted, burning nature, structures, and materials. The pressure increased to finish the ships on time. 


On the other hand, the West’s ship was cylindrical, aiming for speed. It had multiple rocket boosters on all sides of the ship, taking up much of the space. Inside, it was much more cramped compared to the East’s ship, but the people were fine with it.

Finally, after 12 years, the West’s ship was ready to be launched. People were loaded in, and all was good. The announcer called “3…2…1 lift off!” and the ship blasted into the air. After 15 hours, the ship was in space, and headed to the destination of the planet New Earth. The southern “armada” as people called it, also launched 3 days after. The east’s ship however, still needs an extra year of construction to make it fully functional. 


The East had to endure many months of heat and extreme natural disasters. Their ship however, stood strong, and survived. 

Soon enough, the construction finished and they were ready for the launch. People were in the control room, working ambitiously to set up the launch. People were already in their rooms, ready for the launch. 24 hours before the launch, everything was set, and everyone waited. 17 hours before the launch, a robot cleaner spotted someone in the engine room. The robot tried to follow that person, but lost them very quickly. At 6 hours before launch, the robot spotted another person in the engine room. The robot again tried to follow them, but got outranned. 

At 5 minutes before launch, a bomb was spotted in the engine room by an engineer. Everyone in the control room was alerted immediately but didn’t disclose this information to the people on board. A squad was dispatched quickly to the bomb and tried to deactivate it. To try to deactivate it, they hacked the bomb's computer and tried to disable the bomb. This proved to be dangerous as the bomb would explode when hacked. Having less than 2 minutes left until the bomb detonated, they tried to hack the bomb’s computer again to delay the detonation time. 30 seconds to launch, they wrote the code to hack the computer, but they needed to wait for it to work. At 10 seconds to launch, the code finally worked, but they had to enter a date and time for it to explode again. Ross, the programmer, panicked and entered a random date, hoping it would work. At the launch time, the squad was expecting the worst. They waited for the bomb to explode, but nothing happened. Instead, a low rumbling sound was heard, and a voice came over the speaker warning, 

“Please prepare for launch.” 

The ship shot up to the sky, entering space quickly. 


The West’s ship was flying extremely fast, rapidly approaching New Earth. New Earth was close enough to appear on the ship’s telescope. One day, the astronomers decided to check the telescope for New Earth when something was blocking their view. The astronomers checked out the large glass to see a large spaceship, approaching them very quickly. The astronomers panicked and contacted the control room immediately. 

“Sir, I think a large ship is heading directly to us!” 

 The control room checked the cameras outside of the ship, and saw the alien ship. The alien ship then rammed the West’s ship off course. Everyone in the ship was knocked over, causing most things to fall down. The alien ship then started firing its laser cannons at the ship, causing multiple punctures and damages. Inside, multiple fires had started and people were losing oxygen very quickly. Inside the control room of the West’s ship, there was total chaos. The room was packed with people who managed to get in, but they were scared. The control room chose to escape from the aliens by detaching from the main ship. Everything was set and they lifted off into space. 


The southern armada proceeded its journey through space, undisturbed. When the West’s ship was attacked, they were notified and sent to rescue people. The armada was split up, with one half sent to rescue the West, while the other half continued their journey to New Earth. The south rescue team soon arrived at the site, as they were close to the West’s ship. At the site, debris polluted space. Nearby, an escape pod shaped ship was spotted. The biggest ship, the Space Snake pulled near it. First, they sent some people in suits to enter the ship. Inside, there was a low hum and people were whispering. As soon as one of the astronauts entered, a large cheer spread across the crows. People were calling “Thank goodness”, or “Help us!”. The astronauts contacted their ship and people were boarded on. The Space Snake then contacted the other half of the ships, only to be ignored. Then, the message came. 

“Please help us! There is an alien ship attacking us. Please he……” 

Then there was dead silence. Everyone looked at each other scared. The captain of the ship demanded to turn around, and head towards the safety of the East’s ship. Everyone seemed to agree and they were off. 


Half of the Southern armada appeared in the distance heading towards them. They were getting closer and closer when suddenly, a bright flash of light blinded both sides. After the flash of light, an alien ship appeared. An ice-cold droplet of sweat slithered down the face of the captain. Everyone didn’t know what to do, except to wait for their fate. The east’s leader, however, didn't accept his death. He shouted, 

“Full speed ahead!”. Everyone was hesitant, and didn’t listen to him. He then shouted again 

“Full Speed Ahead! Listen to me!” Then people started to maneuver the ship to go full speed. 

The ship was directly healing towards the alien ship. Once the aliens caught on to what they were doing, they started firing furiously at the East’s ship. The ship endured all the shots, leaving them unscarred. They kept going, getting closer and closer to the alien ship. The aliens tried to escape, but it was too late. The East’s ship had collided with the alien ship, causing a massive hole in the middle. The impact caused the East’s ship to vibrate wildly, but other than that it was fine. The ship kept on going, reaching the Southern armada, only to find one ship left. The Space Snake. Behind them, the alien ship explodes, causing debris to fly everywhere. 

People were loaded on, and given a living space. Everyone was happy to be back on board a big ship, and to feel safe. The ship continued its journey all the way to New Earth undisturbed. 

New Earth

As the ship was approaching New Earth, a loud boom was heard across the ship. The engines had exploded. The ship vibrated and rocked back and forth. People were tripped, furniture knocked over, chaos and panic spreading everywhere. The ship could no longer support itself without the help of the engine against New Earth’s gravity. Slowly but surely, the ship was falling towards the planet. The control room was at work to conduct an emergency landing. People were communicating with the settlements below, other people were trying to regulate and control the ship’s direction and speed. The ship started to warm up as it was entering the atmosphere. Emergency wings and parachutes were put out to slow the fall. The wings and parachutes made the ship propel up, sending everyone flying. The ship then began to glide forward, still falling very quickly. As the ship was reaching closer to the ground, people were evacuated with parachutes. Soon, people realized there weren't enough parachutes for everyone, and fights occurred. 

The control team had only one plan left, to stop everyone from dying. A person was situated next to a button that activated emergency rockets underneath the ship to soften its fall. The person, named John, had to time pressing the button at the exact time given, to have a chance to save everyone. 

At one minute until the collision, he was getting nervous. At 30 seconds, he focused on the button. At 10 seconds, John couldn’t take it anymore, and fainted. Someone realized quickly, and jumped at the button. At 2 seconds, he pressed the button. The rockets slowed the ship, midair, until it ran out of fuel. The ship then landed with a loud clunk and stayed there. The door opened at the back, and everyone ran outside, glad to be alive. People were cheering and celebrating. 

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