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March 21st

Updated: Jun 20, 2023


“Morning Mom.”

“Morning hon, how did you sleep?”

“Good. You?”

“Good - Oh would you put the phone down? We talked about this, no phones in the morning.”

“I know, I know. You told me yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that”

Emmy placed the phone on the table, picked up the spoon from her cereal bowl and she started to eat.



Anna slowly rolled over on her bed to face her sister

“What?” she said, picking the crust from her eyes. It was still dark but she could see her sister's silhouette by the doorway.

“You have ten minutes to get ready for school before the bus leaves.”

Anna wasn't really paying attention to her sister's snobby-sounding voice, but she slowly got up and started to change into her clothes.

“Why do you have to scream every time you wake me up? You’ve done it this whole entire week”


“Would you stop it!”

“Well, you started it!”

“Yeah right you’re the one who stole my lip gloss”

“I did not steal it. I permanently borrowed it without asking”

Jane reached for the lip gloss trying to snatch it out of her sister's hand, her sister moved it at the last second.

“Gotcha” her sister echoed as she ran down the stairs for breakfast, Jane followed her downstairs reluctantly.

“Why do you steal it every day, and then we always have the same fight every morning because of you”


“DAD! Have you seen my science homework?”

“It's here on the table, Charles.”

“Thanks, Mum.”

Charles raced down the stairs and snatched his homework off the table, quickly stuffing it in his pocket all crumpled up.

“Where's your school bag?” Asked his mum looking over at him from behind the kitchen counter

Charles raced back up the stairs.

“And don’t forget after school I’m taking you to that football game,” Said his father.

“Do I really have to go to that?” Charles asked flinging his back over one shoulder, letting the other strap hang down

“Yes of course you do. You were the one who agreed to it” His father slowly poured his coffee into a glass.

“Yeah, but we've gone every single day this past week and it's always the same teams. So we always know who wins. Fine, fine whatever”

“You better get to the bus, it'll leave soon. And I left your lunch at the door, don't forget it!”


“Eat up you’ve got ten minutes till you need to leave for school. You have all your homework with you right”


“And your lunch”


“And your water bottle”

“Yes, Mom. I have everything I need”

“Geez. I was just making sure”

“Yeah, Louis she was just making sure” Mocked his younger brother from the other side of the table.

“Does he have to eat breakfast with us? Can’t he just eat upstairs in his room so nobody can hear him? He keeps repeating that every morning it’s just getting annoying now” Louis said.

His mother shot him a glare and he slouched back into his chair.


Anna walked into the Library at school. The shelves were lined with books, and other students were sitting quietly, their backs hunched over different books. Some are over in the computer section working on school assignments.

Time to test her theory. She walked towards the check-in desk just like she had on Monday.

“Good morning Miss. Reynolds” She said as she handed in her student ID.

“Bad hair day if you can’t already tell, so stop staring” Miss. Reynolds said agitation in her voice as she fixed the blob of hair that sat on her head. Anna nodded and walked on.

Exactly what Miss. Reynolds had said yesterday and Tuesday, and Monday. But that wasn’t all of her theory, she walked into the study section and toward the Biology books.

“The ones on the table are mine by the way so just don’t check them out”

The girl with the blonde hair pointed to the brown desk across from the aisle she was standing in.

The same thing she had done Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and now today. She then left the library and didn’t stay to read. She grabbed her student ID and ran out the door, Miss. Reynolds echoed like she had done before “No running!”. Anna ran and ran and ran until she reached the back gate of the school where she saw Jane get off the bus.

“Did it work?” Jane asked, her ponytail swinging from side to side as she ran closer.

“Yeah, it was the same thing. Miss. Reynolds and the blonde girl. And I’m pretty sure my family too. I mentioned it to them this morning trying to get them to respond but it’s like I had never even asked, they just ignored it.”

“Same here” Jane answered. “Louis, Charles, and Emmy said the same thing on the group chat this morning. We think this is why.”

Jane pulled out her phone and passed it to Anna. The phone opened to an article page about a man who had invented time travel. But died when testing his machine to go into the future.

“Look at the date of when the article was posted” Jane pointed to the top left corner of the article where the date was written.

“March 21st.” Anna repeated.

“That's when all this wacky stuff started. Emmy thinks that the energy that was then used to activate the machine sent a blast over the universe sending it into a time warp. And now this time warp” Jane finished for her.

“Yeah I know, but this seems unlikely I mean why -”

“Guys!” Both girls turned around to find Emmy panting by the school gate.

“The second bell just rang come on or we’ll be late”


“That makes absolutely no sense”

“Come on everybody agrees it's why this is all happening. I mean what else are we going to do just let it keep happening, we’ve had the same History test this whole week and I don’t think I can live with having Mr. Mark stare at me in that way when I hand him my paper. And if we don't fix it we’ll never find out what our marks are.”

“Would you stop complaining about that Charles?” Emmy walked in next to them. “Jane and Anna were just outside talking about the article and Anna tested her theory it worked.”

“I don’t know why you made Anna test her theory. I mean we all know that it's gonna work. We’ve had the same history test all week and you still made Anna test the dum libr-”

“Are you seriously still going on about that history test? Do you know how terrible it is to wake up to your screaming sister every single morning?” Anna said flinging her arms up and pulling at her hair.

“Louis what do you think about the article,” Jane asked as she walked up beside him.

“I think it makes no sense. I mean there are probably millions of articles explaining similar things about the time travel stuff, why would this one be any different?”

“Because of the date. It was published on March 21st which was Sunday, and now ever since Monday we’ve had problems with the time warp.” Anna said her voice with a tone of annoyance and sass in it.

“Fine, I’ll look at it during the history test,” Louis said placing the phone back into his pocket

“Did you have to mention the history test,” Charles said his arms flinging up in frustration.

“Charles I swear to god you mention that history tests one more time-”

“Time to go Charles” Louis grabbed his arm and then walked across the hall towards the history classroom before Anna could say anything more.

“What is wrong with her? I mean I know I have to work with her because we're like the only people who know about the time warp but if I had the choice it would be a definite no.”

As Louis and Charles walked into the history classroom to start their test, Louis slowly pulled out his phone and searched for the article.


“What is the deal with you two, I mean why do you guys keep arguing”

“Well I don’t want to, but he gets on my nerves” Anna answered and they turned the corner in the other direction from the boys.

“3,2,1 Duck,” Emmy said as the principal walked by. They were already late to class but just like they had on Monday they were able to duck behind one of the lockers to doge being caught by the principal.

“Okay but look if this scientist guy was the reason that the world is going into the time warp then what are we supposed to do about it,” Emmy asked as they walked towards the classroom.

"What if we go in the machine, travel into the future, and then find the answer based on what we do in the future.”

“Impossible the machine broke according to the article,” Jane said, shooting down Anna’s idea.

“What if we try to fix the machine” Anna suggested “That could change it. I mean if all the energy and power from the machine caused the problem in the first place let's just fix the machine up and then BOOM! We've saved the world.”

“Good idea” Emmy answered “but we don’t know much about the technology that he used to create the machine and some of its destroyed so how are we supposed to recreate it so perfectly.”

“I don’t know honestly,” Jane said as both Anna and Emmy turned to look at her.

“But you always know,” Anna answered.

"This is different from a math test Anna” Jane answered. “ We have to go come on”

Jane grabbed hold of the door handle and turned the knob and they walked inside the dull and grey classroom.


“So what do you think now?” Emmy asked as they walked down the hall.

“The same thing. And even if this one article was special then what are we supposed to do about it?”

“That we are still deciding,” Jane said as she walked next to them. “Anna said we could try and fix the machine since it was the main cause of the problem in the first place, and then everything would go back to normal” Jane answered again, trying to sound confident in the idea.

“But how are we supposed to recreate or fix it so perfectly we don't know anything about this technology.” Answered Louis flinging his arms up in the air “It’s just not logical” They reached their lockers. Anna ran up next to them.

“Sorry I had to go to the bathroom, what do you think Louis?” She asked.

Emmy shook her head behind them and Louis groaned.

“Ugggggg” Anna exclaimed banging her head against the locker.

“Why not it makes perfect sense,” Anna said as she plugged in her locker combination.

Charles started to approach them from the other side of the hall with books in his arm.

“What do you think Louis?” Nobody answered.

“I’ll take that as a, “No Charles I think it’s outrageous and illogical,” Charles said as he pulled you his phone and opened it to the article.

“Yeah we know about the article Charles,” Jane said “It’s the only thing we've been talking about in case you missed that.” She turned back to her locker just missing Charles with her ponytail.

“No. You need to look just at the top in the right corner” Charles said zooming in on the corner.

“34th Street,” Emmy whispered her voice filled with disbelief. “And it’s in California.”

“What?” Asked Anna leaning over Emmy's shoulder to try and read the small words.

“No way!” Exclaimed Jane. “This is perfect. It has to be true now, and we have to do something about it!”

“Read it, Louis,” Charles said, urging the phone closer to his face.

“34th Street,” Louis said.

“Now you have to believe it” Charles answered with triumph filling his voice.

“It’s right there Louis right in front of you, you can't deny it now,” Emmy said.

“Fine, whatever but only because if I don't give in you guys are going to kill me in the process of trying to convince me” Louis answered leaning against his locker door causing it to slam shut.

“Yes! Okay, how about we check out the building after school today.”

“I can’t remember, my dad’s taking me to those dumb baseball games after school and I’ve had them every day for the whole week,” Charles answered.

“Then we’ll just have to go on our free period” Anna answered as she started to brush her hair in the locker mirror.

“What!” Jane explained, “But we were supposed to be in the study room the whole period.”

“Yeah, but we were sitting at the back so the teachers couldn't see us, remember?” We can easily just slip out the back door. Plus no teachers came up to us during that period on Monday so they won't be able to notice we're gone.” Anna answered as she fastened her hair clip into her freshly combed hair.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Emmy said before Jane could argue anymore.

“And 34th street is only an eight-minute walk from here according to maps so we’ll make it back in record time,” Anna said this time smacking her lips together with her newly applied lipstick.

“But are we just supposed to do that every study period we have for the rest of the week?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, why can’t we just do it on the weekend?” Charles asked,

“Because there is no weekend, remember we're repeating Monday.” Jane answered, “We’ll do it every study period until we can fix the problem and then we’ll be able to get the world back to how it's supposed to be.”


“Okay and go,” Emmy said as they dashed towards the back room of the Library. Leaving their backpacks and study materials behind.

“There's a code,” Anna said as they approached the door.

“Does anybody have any idea what it could be?”

The code pad was just like any other one, placed next to a metal door attached to a wall.

“Try my birthday,” Charles said,

“Why would it be your birthday?” Emmy answered,

“Try the day the school was founded,” Louis said.

“Okay, 1956,” Anna said as she pressed the numbers on the code pad. The lock flashes red and makes a beeping noise indicating that they had gotten it wrong.

“Try the principal's birthday,” Jane said.

“How do you know that?” Anna asked, stepping aside so Jane could type it in.

“She told us last year that she expected presents from all of us on her birthday, I guess I’m the only person who took it seriously. Anyways it was 1979, June 15th. I’ll try the year first” Jane said as she typed in the number’s 1,9,7,9.

This time the lock flashes green and it makes a beeping noise again.

“YES!” Anna yelled.

“Hurry, we haven't got that much time left. We've already lost ten minutes,” Emmy said, rushing out the door.

“This way.” Emmy called “ And then take a right on 30th Street.”

“Alright C’mon,” Carles said, running ahead. “It’ll be faster if we run anyways so hurry up.”

“Yea says the person who does track every week” Louis answered panting and resting in his polo shirt and pants, even though it had only been two blocks since the door out of their school.

They all ran until they made it to the old and grey-looking building. It was tall and had many windows that showed no light sources, as well as.

“The AMST,” Emmy said, reading off the sign on the building. “Association of Modern Science and Technology.”

“Well what are we waiting for, let's go inside,” Louis said as she opened the door.

The building was old and smelled like dust, ash, and smoke. There was a desk that was placed at the very end of the lobby just underneath the company's logo. To the left, there were elevators and hallways that lead to offices, on the right there was a board with all the floor numbers and the companies that occupied them.

“It says here that the scientist's office was on the 5th floor and his laboratory was on the 10th,” Louis said reading off the bulletin board.

“Let's check out his laboratory first,” Anna said, “That's probably where the machine was.”

‘But guys” Charles said “Won't somebody notice us in there,” He said pointing to the security cameras behind the desk.

“Your right” Jane answered “ We need to disguise ourselves as scientists,” she said as if it had been a dream of hers.

“And how are we supposed to do that if we don't have any science people clothes and glasses,” Charles said.

Jane rolled her eyes but answered “ I’m not sure”

“How about this for today we just sneak in and locate the machine and then tomorrow which is technically today because of the whole time warp, but whatever. We can come back with our disguised preparations and start to work on the machine,” Louise said.

“Good idea,” Emmy said. “ C’mon let's take the stairs, it's more discreet than the elevator.”

They rushed up the stairs to the eighth floor. Step after step after step after step.


“ As suspected there's a bunch of scientists inside,” Anna said, peering in through a window.

“Can you see the machine?” Jane asked.

“ Nope,” Anna answered, sitting back down below the window so that nobody saw her.

“So now we have to sneak in,” Anna said.

“ But how exactly?” Charles asked.

“ I have an idea,” Louis said. “ Follow my lead.” He slowly opened the door and crept on his hands and knees to the corner of the laboratory. After he reached the corner he motioned for the others to follow him. And they did. One at a time they crawled to the corner and hid behind a big shelf that was filled with books, goggles, tools, and other things.

“Now what?” Jane said as she squeezed next to Emmy behind the shelf.

“I only thought this far,” Louis answered.

“Shush” Emmy said “Somebodies coming towards us,” Instinctively they all squished together more. A woman's boot clicked along the floor as she made her way toward the shelf. She bent down almost at eye level with them as she looked around the shelf for whatever she was trying to find.

When she finally pulled a book from the self and walked away Anna said “Hey guys look. That looks like a big machine, wonder if it could be a time machine?”

Jane peered her head out from the side of the shelf and noticed what Anna had been talking about. There was a huge statue-looking thing that was hidden underneath a tarp on the other side of the room. The tarp that covered it was blue and you couldn't see through it.

“Emmy pass me your phone,” She whispered.

Emmy passed the phone to Jane and began to take photos of the tarp-covered machine.

“We only have fifteen minutes until the end of the study period. We have to get back now,” Emmy exclaimed, checking her watch.

“Okay got them,” Jane said, handing the phone back to Emmy.

“Now let’s get out of here,” Charles said.

They all started to crawl back to the door the same way that they had entered the laboratory and run back down the stairs.

“Let me see the photos,” Anna said just as Emmy was pulling out her phone.

Safe outside and away from the building they all gathered around to look.

“That's definitely the machine,” Louis said. Even though he couldn't see what was really behind the tarp.

“Hey did you guys ever think about the scientist?” Charles mentioned as he walked to sit down on a nearby wooden bench.

“What do you mean?” Louis said taking a seat next to him

“The article said that he died. How come there is no body or no blood in the laboratory?” Charles asked.

“ I don’t know.” Anna said “But we’ve only got three minutes so let's go!”


“I’ve been thinking about what Charles said yesterday,” Jane said as they once again started Monday for the sixth time.

“You mean about how there's nobody left of the scientist?” Emmy said.

“Yeah. Because the article said he died and I wonder if maybe he actually-”

“Morning!” Charles called from across the hall as he came running towards them. He was wearing a bright orange shirt with a shark on it from the movie “Jaws”, blue jeans, and Converses.

“Morning Charles! What were you saying, Jane?” Emmy said as Charles walked up to them and joined their conversation.

“I was thinking what if the scientist actually-”

“Morning guys!” Anna said as she frantically waved her hand at them from the school gate. Today she was wearing a flower design shirt with black leggings and sneaks. Her hair was straightened and she was chewing a piece of gum and had an overly-accessive amount of makeup on.

“Morning Anna!” Emmy said “Continue Jane”

“What if the scientist actually sur-”

“There you guys are, morning,” Louis said. Today he was wearing a white polo shirt brown pants, and Nike Jordans.

“You think he survived!” Emmy said before anyone else could interrupt.

“But that's impossible,” Anna answered as she admired her large hoop earrings in her locker mirror.

“I know but there's nobody left in the laboratory,” Jane said.

“Well they could have just removed the body,” Emmy said.

“But he tried to time travel alone in the lab and so on Monday which is today, they would have just found the body. According to the article.” Jane said.

“But they could have cleaned up the body in the morning, right?” Anna said.

“I guess but we went to the lab in the morning yesterday and everything was fine,” Jane said “No body no blood no nothing.”

“Well that does make sense,” Louis said, removing his satchel from around his shoulder and taking out his phone.

“And maybe they covered up that he secretly survived by writing the article and saying he died,” Emmy said.

“Either way it's almost time for study period so we will go check it out then. ” Charles said pointing at the clock above the lockers.

“Did you get the disguise?” Louis asked Jane eagerly

“Yup! I grabbed them from the science lab yesterday after science club” Jane said, plugging in the password to her locker.

“Ta-Da!” Jane said as she pulled out five white lab coats from her locker along with five glasses.

“Did we really need the glasses?” Charles asked,

“Yes, we did,” Jane answered.

“But do we really need the glasses,” Charles said scratching his head.

“Yes. We. Do.” Jane answered again smacking each pair of glasses into his hands while she spoke.

“But do we,” Charles said again as he held one of the glasses up to his face.

“Oh just stop Charles,” Anna said pulling out single strands of her hair in annoyance.

“C’mon let's go,” Louise said as he grabbed his glasses and his coat and ran towards the library


“These glasses were definitely a bad idea, I mean they are just so itchy,” Charles said,

“Just be quiet when the last scientist is leaving the room and then you can take off the disguise.”

Jane said as she nudged him hard in the ribs.

“Are you okay locking up?” Said the male scientist as he grabbed his satchel

“Why of course we are,” Emmy said in a British accent.

“Then goodnight,” said the man as he walked out the door leaving his notebook and pencil neatly placed on his desk.

“What was that accent?” Louis asked Emmy, “So British” Louis mocked repeating how she had altered her voice.

“More like so fake” Charles laughed and he and Louis shared a high five

“Ugg, whatever, at least he's gone. Now let's look at the machine” Emmy said as she removed the tarp covering the machine.

“Wow!” Jane said, “It’s beautiful.”

The whole machine was a silver color and there was a glass door that held a hollow space to fit somebody inside. There were four buttons along the side panel of the machine each of a different color - none were labeled.

“Awwww does Jane finally have a little crush” Charles teased getting another high five from Louis

“No. I’m just saying imagine how hard he worked on this and then he just died, I mean all this technology and all that research, if he had achieved it, it would have been a world-changing accomplishment” Jane said.

“Well we didn't need a whole speech but now that were in the mindset let’s take a look,” Anna said as she opened that glass door and stepped inside

“No Anna, what are you doing?” Emmy said grabbing her arm before she could close the door,

“I am going to travel back in time,” Anna said

“Oh, Anna,” Jane said as they started laughing.

Anna stepped out of the machine.

“Should we press any of the buttons?” Charles admired the several buttons that ran along the side of the machine.

“Go for it,” Anna said “Maybe it will help us understand how the machine works.”

Charles walked closer to the machine and ran his fingers alongside the buttons. One purple one green one blue one orange. He stopped on the orange one and jabbed his finger hard against the button.

“Machine power on,” Said an AI voice from the inside of the machine. The glass door opened and closed Charles turned to his friends who all nodded at him in unison. He traced his hand back to the green button and pressed down……... nothing happened.

“What did that do?” Emmy asked as she stood and walked around to look at the machine

“I don't think it did anything,” Jane answered.

“Hey guys, I think I found something important,” Louis called from the other side of the room.

“What,” Emmy asked as they all ran towards a desk he was sitting at.

“Look at this,” Louise said. He held up a black notebook and opened to the first page where there was a name written on the inside of the cover. The name read “Dr. Samuel Roberts.”

Louise turned to another page that read “Time Travel” with a bunch of other illustrations and dimensions of the machine. Finally, he flipped to the back of the book which read

“Machine guide” Louise scrolled his finger to a paragraph on the button controls of the machine.

‘Wait this is the scientist's notebook” Charles said.

“Yeah, we got that part. But look at the button controls.” Emmy said pointing to the orange one.

“The orange one turns it on but the green one turns it off”

“And the purple one will take you back in time” Jane finished for her, almost jumping up and down with excitement.

“But the blue one will take you to the future” Anna continued, also starting to jump up and down.

“Okay so all we have to do is press the orange button and either the purple or the blue one and then we're done,” Charles said approaching the machine. He pressed the green

button and the AI voice sounded again

“Which one, back in time or to the future,” Charles asked

“Back in time” Jane answered.

Charles slowly moved his finger closer to the purple button.

“Go,” Jane said, and Charles pressed the button.


After Charles pressed the button everything was a blur. First, the machine started to rattle back and forth, and then the AI voice started speaking again talking about how they choose the back-in-time button. Then the door slammed open and shut three times before finally closing and a bright light appeared through the glass door everyone had to shield their eyes and then there was the scientist.

“Can we look now?” Anna asked as she slowly removed her hand from her face.

“Are you sure you want to?” Emmy said she was already sitting upright staring at the figure who had stepped out of the machine.

“Who are you?” Emmy said her voice a bit shaky.

“The real question is who are you?” The man answered back .

“No. It’s really not” Jane said as she slowly stood up, her legs slowly wobbling.

“Yeah, you're right it’s not well then I am Dr. Samuel Roberts.” The man said “Professional scientist and inventor of time travel.”

“Yeah okay so this was not supposed to happen,” Louis said as he realized what was going on.

“And why not young man,” Asked Dr. Samuel Roberts, taking a step forward.

“Well because” Anna started “Because you well kind of well you know…dead,” Anna said as she paced back and forth across the room.

“Well that is impossible because I am right here,” said Dr.Roberts as he stepped forward into the light again his features easily more visible now.

“I’m sorry but don't you see the bigger problem here,” Charles asked standing up from the floor.

“Dr.Samuel Roberts has a BEARD!” Charles said standing next to the scientist and pointing to the bear that hung down lower than his chin.

“That is not the bigger problem,” Anna said as she stopped pacing “You are the bigger problem, in fact, you could possibly be the biggest problem.” She yelled at Charles, and he backed away with his hands up in the air.

“But there is no problem,” Dr.Samuel Roberts said

“Yeah but there is,” Emmy said as she pulled the chair out from the professor's desk. “You may want to sit down for this.”

Dr.Samuel Roberts sat down and started to polish his eyeglasses. Everybody else sat down across from him, as Anna started to explain the events of the past week.


“But that's impossible,” Dr.Samuel Roberts said. “It's utter nonsense.”

“But you see if we hadn't fiddled with the machine you would have been stuck in the future forever” Jane explained.

“And now the world is in a time warp” Louis continued.

“And we,” Emmy said creating a circular motion with her hand “are the only people who actually realize the time warp is happening.”

“We thought that possibly the time machine was the source of the phenomena and so we thought that if we tried to fix it we could stop the time warp,” Anna said.

“But here we are,” Charles said “Talking to a dead man with a beard” He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.

Dr.Samuels stood up his chair scraping the floor, Louis covered his ears, and the professor wore a white lab coat like any other he wore glasses with science goggles placed on top of them, his ginger beard hanging off his chin and his bald head in all its glory.

“I think you guys were right,” He said, his head turning to the machine.

“About what?” Louis said as he uncovered his ears.

“About having to fix the machine to get out of this time warp” Dr.Samuels answered.


“All we need to do is fix the machine to perfection and put it into action, pretty simple if you know what you're doing.”

“What if we don't know what we're doing,” Charles said as he pulled the safety goggle over his head.

“Well, we do” answered Emmy “At least I hope” She added under her breath so nobody else could hear it.

They all stood and waited as Professor Samuel Roberts gathered the glass shards and pieces of the metal machine that had been broken. He slowly examined each one and placed them on the table in different groups. As he explained what each piece was for and where it went the friends picked up three pieces each and started to place them back where they belonged in the machine.

After about an hour of work and no talk, Emmy finally said “How many pieces left?”

“Just three” Answered Anna, “I can’t believe we actually pulled this off!” She said grabbing another one off the table.

“Well, we had a lot of help” Jane laughed as she lifted her goggles off her head and laughed as her hair puffed up.

“Well, now Professor would you like to place the final piece,” Louise said as he picked up the piece of metal that lay on the table.

“I would be honored he said” Reaching up to grab the metal piece from Louis's hand he grabbed the drill and started to drill the metal back into the machine.

The drilling noise filled the room for a while before the professor finally stepped back to look at what he had done.

“Looks good.” He said placing the drill on the table next to him and turning to the group of friends.

“But here's the hard part.” He said looking down at the floor.

“What?” Charles asked.

“I have to go back into the machine.” The professor said.

“WHAT!?” Jane screamed, “But we only just saved you, and if you go back then the machine will only break again, and then we have to repeat everything that just happened and the world will still be stuck in this time warp.”

“Yes, I know. Trust me I don’t want to do this either but it's the only way” The professor said. “Nothing has happened since you saved me, if I go back into the future at least I can see what happens. But I need you to promise me that tomorrow if the time warp stops and my hypothesis is correct then you will leave everything as it is.”

“You mean don't go back for you?” Louis asked.

“Precisely.” The professor answered with a sad mellow smile.

“Are we ready?” He asked placing his goggles back on and gesturing for all of them to stand up.

“I guess we are” They all answered.”

“Goodbye,” The professor said as he stepped into the machine and closed the glass door.

Emmy walked next to the four buttons and place her finger on the future one. She pressed down.

“Blasting into the future, enjoy your time,” The AI voice said, as the machine started to rattle and shake again, the light came back, it was almost like looking into the sun when Emmy opened her eyes again the professor was gone. All that was left was her and her friends in the middle of a deserted laboratory.


Anna rolled over in bed and she checked the clock on the bedside table, 7:00 am.

Wait but that means that she woke up on time, she woke up on time, she woke up on time.

“I WOKE UP ON TIME!!!!!” She screamed as she jumped out of bed.

“Great for you,” her sister said as she walked past Anna’s door, but at this point, Anna was paying too little attention to care.

She walked towards the window in her room and thought about everything that had happened from the professor to the beginning of the time warp, to hanging out with her best friends. She checked the calendar today was Tuesday, and finally, the time warp was over.


Jane woke up again like it was any other morning and walked into her bathroom to finally get ready, only to find the lipgloss that her sister had stolen sitting on the bathroom counter.

I have my lip gloss she thought. As if that didn't prove it she whispered it out loud and then jumped up and down with excitement.

She walked towards the window in her room and thought about everything that had happened from the professor to the beginning of the time warp, to hanging out with her best friends. She checked the calendar today was Tuesday, and finally, the time warp was over.


“Why aren't you doing that weird mom thing this morning?” Louis asked as he sat down for breakfast at the dining table.

“What weird mom thing?” His mom asked, pouring herself some coffee.

“Where you ask me - you know what never mind,” Louis said as the realization hit him. She didn’t ask, she didn’t ask! He almost fell out of his chair with excitement.

He walked towards the window in his living room and thought about everything that had happened from the professor to the beginning of the time warp, to hanging out with her best friends. He ran to check the date on the calendar today was, finally the time warp was over.


“Charles,” His dad asked as Charles started to walk down the stairs.

“I already told you in fact I've told you every day I don’t want to go to the baseball game.”

“I was not going to ask that, I was just going to tell you to have a good day at school.” His dad said looking at Charles weirdly.

“Wait you weren't going to ask that?”

His dad shook his head. Charles, only just realizing what had happened jumped up to hug his father.

“I love you, Dad!” He yelled!

He walked towards the window in his room and thought about everything that had happened from the professor to the beginning of the time warp, to hanging out with her best friends. He ran to check the date on the calendar today was, finally the time warp was over.


“Emmy eat your cereal already,” Her mom said as she threw her backpack down in the chair next to Emmy.

“Okay okay,” Emmy said as she put her phone down on the table.

“Wait you didn't ask me to place my phone down?” She said looking up at her mom.

Her mother shook her head, “No. I did not, and why you may ask. Because I already told you yesterday and you should have remembered.” “Yesterday?” Emy whispered happily.

She walked towards the window in her room and thought about everything that had happened from the professor to the beginning of the time warp, to hanging out with her best friends. She checked the calendar today was Tuesday, and finally, the time warp was over.

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