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Pranking a Prankster

Day 1

Bob awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. He stretched his arm to stop the sound.Then he got out of bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast with his Mum and Dad. He had droopy cereal for breakfast. At breakfast his Mum told him very nicely that he needed to get better at school. His Mum said this because the teachers kept on sending emails about how Bob needed to get better. Right after he started screaming “I am already good at school I do not need to improve!”

At school he walked to his math class. He was in the easy group because he was bad at schoolwork. Today he was learning multiplication. He heard his teacher say “1x3=3, 2x3=6, 3x3=9, 4x3=12, 5x3=15…” and so on. He groaned. He wished he could stop going to school. Bob imagined on his day without school that he was playing football. When his class ended he was happy because it was recess.

He ran downstairs but then he remembered he had detention! How could he have forgotten. He groaned. Again. He had detention because he had mistakenly run into a kid very hard, giving the kid a bloody nose, but the teacher thought that Bob had done it on purpose. As he entered the classroom his teacher said “Bob! Don’t worry about detention today, go out and play!”. Unbelievable.

Recess was the best time of school according to Bob. It had just been 5th grade recess. Bob, being in 6th grade, would have to wait another few minutes for the annoying 5th graders to finish their silly games. Then Bob saw his friend Sam. They ran to each other.

Recess started and Bob picked up a ball and threw it to his friend. His friend caught it. Bob breathed a sigh of relief, he was anxious about more detentions because he often mistakenly hurt kids. He heard his friend scream “Catch!”. Bob did so. Soon he heard his teacher say that recess was over.

Bob ran to his science class. He bumped into his PE teacher Mr John who said “Guess what? You're captain of the football team now.”

“Yes!” Bob screamed.

He asked the PE teacher when practice was. The PE teacher said “Now.”

Bob raced down to the football pitch his football coach was there. He looked around and saw Sam and all the good football players (according to Bob).

The teacher kicked the ball to Bob.Then Bob passed it to the goalie who passed it to Sam. Then the football coach said “Good warm up now I will split you into two groups and you will play against each other, first to three goals win.” He was placed in a team with Sam, and their team won with some difficulty. After the game, Bob started screaming at the other team for breaking the rules even though they had broken no rules to show off in front of his classmates.

After football practice Bob saw some people whispering. It sounded like ‘we’ll do it tomorrow,’ but when they saw Bob they ran away. This was very suspicious because people never usually hid secrets from Bob.

Finally, Bob got to go home. He needed some rest after his weird day, so after dinner he went to bed. He did not even tell his parents he was captain of the football team because he was so tired.

Day 2

The next day Bob quickly went to school. He was excited. But when he reached school everyone was going crazy as a mad scientist.

All the smart kids kept asking “Bob, what is one plus one?”.

All the football players were throwing the balls in the wrong direction.

It wasn’t just the students, the teachers were also going crazy. His math teacher presented him with a problem on the board:


Bob looked at it confused as could be. He had barely started learning basic multiplication, what was this? It seemed like everyone at school was in another dimension.

At recess Sam was doing very hard math sums, despite being bad at math, like Bob.

At football practice they were playing tennis instead. Bob asked his PE teacher what was going on.

“1x1=1 and 2x2=4, Bob” Mr. John said.

Then Bob went a little crazy too. Bob barely knew how to play tennis, so he hit the ball wildly and it went right to the other person’s racket.

When he got home he quickly ate dinner like the last day and mentioned nothing about school as usual .Then he ran to the shower and had a bath. When he was in the bath he was wondering why lots of strange things were happening.

After that Bob went down because Mum was calling him. She said “The PE teacher said that you were bad in football practice.”

That was the final straw. Bob decided that tomorrow he would investigate everything. He was first going to ask Sam, his best friend. He would figure this out, and Sam would be the starting point.

Day 3

Bob immediately got to school.He ran everywhere to find Sam and got a few detentions for running too much. Then he saw Sam and ran to him and asked him what was happening.

Sam said, “what do you mean by what’s happening?”

Bob said, “everyone is going crazy!”

Sam said, “I can’t tell you, but here’s a clue: 1P”

Bob had no idea what 1P was. First he thought of recess because yesterday it was a nightmare. Then he realised that lunch break was at 1 o’clock. Perhaps 1P meant one PM. He had an idea to follow a kid at lunch time and see if he could find some information.

Then it was math, Bob quickly got there and sat down this time the teacher put two new questions on the board:

27x23 27x53

Bob was not surprised; he just searched for the answer on his phone secretly and then said it aloud. Luckily, nobody saw Bob, so he was not in trouble. For some reason the teacher just said “Good, Bob.”, not seeming surprised at Bob’s sudden math skills.

After math, Bob went to literacy since he could not have football practice today. He had to write a story which was 999,999,999 characters long. Crazy. That was as impossible as turning into a spider. Bob tried to write one but it was 1,000 characters long.

After literacy it was the big moment.

Bob looked around then he saw Joe, a kid who was always doing different things from everyone else. For example if everybody was playing football he would start to play Minecraft. Bob chose Joe because Bob would easily see Joe when he was walking and not get lost, but Joe would often take a different route than everybody else. That meant Bob was less likely to be caught.

Joe turned around and Bob hid. Joe walked forward towards the science block.Then he went around the science block very quickly. It was hard to follow him since Bob had to be silent but fast.Then he turned left towards the playground near the primary school. After that he ran around everywhere to make sure that nobody was following him. It almost worked, but Bob kept track of him.Then he turned right towards the football pitch.Then he turned around and Bob hid within earshot. Bob saw the rest of the middle school on the pitch.

They said to Joe “Why did you take so long?”

Before Joe could answer, Sam began the meeting, “Welcome to our first revenge on Bob’s prank meeting”.

This explained everything. Bob remembered that last week he had pranked most the school. He has acted like there was a famous kid’s birthday and everyone in the school was invited. At the fake birthday party Bob had announced that it was fake but still taken all the presents. Everyone had started to scream like a raging fire. There were shouts of “I spent all my money on that!” “those must cost two thousand dollars!” “give it back!” and “I’m telling!” Many of the presents were valuable, which made everyone jealous of Bob. A week after that Bob did give the presents back but for some reason the kids were still mad.The teachers must have also helped with the revenge because they did not approve of pranks, even if they were tiny. So that was why this ‘revenge on Bob’s prank’ group had started.”

“As we know Bob is going crazy because of our revenge,” he continued, “here is the board where I will explain everything first let’s make sure you guys aren’t going crazy with the prank.”

Sam wrote two questions on the board:

189x235 346x182

Only the kids in the really advanced math class should be able to answer these questions. No one answered the questions.

Then Sam continued “Please look around for Bob.”

Luckily no one seemed to listen.

“I am afraid Bob might have a clue that this is a prank.”

Everyone froze.

“But, the plan is to continue this.”

Bob saw something seriously surprising. The teachers were there. The football teacher said “we acted like we there was no football but there was tennis instead, ”I also called his Mum to say that he was bad at tennis, but I said football.” Everyone gasped no one thought that Mr. John would ever do that.Then the meeting was over.

At science Bob could not concentrate properly after the meeting because he was sad. He felt annoyed because Sam was leading the meeting.

Finally, school was done. Bob wanted to go to Sam’s house and scream at Sam like he would have in the past. He did not do that because he knew he would get grounded. He went home and played a bit until dinner. Then he went to bed. He had a dreamless sleep.

Day 7

A few days later Bob knew that the meeting was near the football pitch so after math and literacy. He ran there and hid.

As soon as everyone came Sam said “Please look around for Bob.”

Then Bob jumped out of his hiding place and screamed “I am here.”

Everyone jumped, then Bob said “I've been spying on all your meetings.”

Joe said “How did you find us?”

“Well, first I asked Sam what was going on and he said 1P so then I thought about recess so as soon as it was recess I followed Joe to the meeting then I hid. The next meeting I knew where you were so I ran there and spied.”

Everyone gasped then they stared at Sam with angry eyes. Sam started to tremble.Then Bob said “Look, I’m sorry about my prank.”

Everyone forgave him. Then Bob said “Please don’t annoy him.”

Later after that Bob chose that he would not be mean. He went to everyone and told them that he was sorry for what he did. He even gave out candy. He even got all his detentions cancelled.

After school he went home and gave all the toys back. Then he went to his house and said that he was sorry to his Mum. She said that “I know everyone sometimes feels angry and that I know that you did not mean to scream at me.” After that Bob said that it was just him and that he did not mean to.

After that Bob was nice to everyone.

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