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  • Akshay Gobalakrishna

The Great Suitcase Murder

It was dark and musty inside the cargo hold of CX 615. In the hold there were a few other suitcases, but it was mostly empty. Luigi and his sidekick, Jake, were talking about politics and eating a bowl of pasta they found in Jake’s front pocket.

“For us suitcases, everything is important,” boasted Luigi proudly.

“Well, I dunno. Maybe it is not. I don't really care," muttered Jake. “Also, it is extremely cramped in here.”

Luigi rolled his eyes. “Would you stop already?”

“Well, it is not my fault that we’re here!" screeched Jake.

Luigi was getting angrier and angrier. He stormed out of the right cargo hold and stormed into the left cargo hold.

Suddenly, someone tapped Luigi on the shoulder. “Did you hear about the Prime Minister? He was just found dead in the rear hold!” whispered a voice from behind.

“Which Prime Minister? The Prime Minister of Get Outta Here?" mumbled Luigi sarcastically.

“I’m serious! Come see for yourself!" cried the voice.

“Fine,'' said Luigi, annoyed.

When they got to the rear cargo hold, Luigi saw a dozen suitcases crowding around the body of the Prime Minister of Centribund! There were dark red clothes oozing slowly out from inside him.

“We could not control the clothing, so he died," sniffled one of the suitcases.

“Oh my! It is true!" cried Luigi.

At the same moment, Jake came running up with one of the other suitcases with him. “This suitcase here told me about the Prime Minister. I came as fast as I could!" said Jake, who was still trying to catch his breath.

“Jake, why are you eating another tuna sandwich? That one is something like your fifth one in one hour!" shouted Luigi.

“I couldn't help it," said Jake innocently.

“Can you guys stop arguing over this sandwich? We need to find the culprit!” snapped one of the suitcases.

“We need someone to be in charge of the investigation,” said Luigi.

“You know, you don’t have to be so fancy,” muttered Jake, rolling his eyes.

“Let’s hold a vote to pick the leader,” suggested Luigi, ignoring Jake.

One of the suitcases looked around the others. They all nodded at him.

“We all agree that we should not vote. Whoever wants to be the lead detective, please come forward,” said the suitcase who seemed to be in charge.

After hesitating for a little while, Luigi stepped forward.

“I will take the job,” he said.

“Ok. By the way, I am Calvin,” said the suitcase who used to be in charge.

“Alrighty then, let’s get on with the investigation. The first thing we must do is look for clues,” said Luigi.

Right then, Jake had finished a can of soda and was about to dump it in the trash when he saw something that was quite out of the ordinary.

“Hey guys! Come here! Hurry!” cried Jake.

“What is it?”asked Luigi as he ran over to the trash can.

“I dunno,” said Jake.

When Luigi looked into the trash can, he nearly fainted! It was a clothy soda can!

“The culprit must have used this to kill the victim in some way,” said Luigi smartly.

As the group was walking around the cargo hold, they saw something else that clearly did not belong there. It was a makeshift door! As Luigi and Jake tried to open the door, Calvin came running up. He shot his handles up.

Calvin said quite nervously, “No no no no! I don’t think the culprit went here!”

“Kind of sus,” mumbled Luigi under his breath.

He pushed Calvin’s handles down and he and Jake pushed the door open. To their surprise, inside was a supercomputer! When Luigi logged on he found a document called “PLAN.”

“Come over here,” said Luigi while randomly pressing buttons on th.

“Oh wow!” said Jake. “It says that the person carrying out the assisination is—”

“DON”T READ THAT!” cried Calvin.

“Sheesh!,” exclaimed Luigi.

“If you read that, I will kill you all! HAHAHA!” screeched Calvin.

“Erm,” said Luigi.

Calvin took out a bloody knife and started advancing to Luigi, who was hurriedly trying to print out a copy of “PLAN”.

Right as Calvin reached Luigi, Luigi shouted: “RUN!”

Everyone took off running, along with Calvin, who was now chasing them like a murderous ballerina, his shoes tripping him as he ran.

Suddenly, the airplane jerked. All the suitcases fell down and slid to the left. Then it jerked again. They slid again to the right.

Right then, they heard the human pilot’s voice saying, “We are now diverting to Hanoi due to very bad weather.”

“Awww,” said Jake. “I was really hoping to get some mango sticky rice in Bangkok!”

“Here we go again. Enough with the food!” snapped Luigi.

About 20 minutes later, the airplane landed in Hanoi.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hanoi. A direct flight to Bangkok has been scheduled for all of you. The flight will leave tomorrow morning,” announced the pilot.

The suitcases heard all of the passengers groaning and complaining.

“Jim! They’ve diverted the plane! What will happen to the relaxing vacation at the resort?” cried a woman as she shook her husband to wake him up.

“Ugg,” grunted Jim, who was half asleep.

When the baggage handlers took the suitcases off the airplane, they realized that they were missing one. Thinking that it was forgotten in Hong Kong, they continued unloading the suitcases.


“Jim! Our suitcases aren’t here!” screeched the lady to her husband.

“Hey! Security! Our bags are missing!” said another passenger

All the passengers were making a big fuss and some people were panicking.

“What if the KRAKEN stole our bags?” asked one of the passengers.

“For goodness sake! We’re trying our best!” shouted the baggage handler.

After a few minutes, all the passengers walked away sulking.

“I guess that’s the end of our stuff,” lamented a passenger.

“Yep,” said another one.

Meanwhile, all the suitcases had just escaped the baggage handling area and they were heading towards a secret room. This secret room was actually under the baggage claim, right next to the underground conveyor belts.

Once they arrived at the secret room, they told the story of the murder to the suitcases on duty at the room, which was called “Sootcais Sicuritee” because the suitcases couldn’t write very well.

“Well well well. I think we know who did it,” said one of the Sicuritee Gards.

“Who?” asked Calvin.

“YOU,” replied the Gard.

Calvin was taken to the Sootcais Jale by some other suitcases, and he was never to be seen again. Afterwards, Jake and Luigi snuck onto a plane back to Hong Kong. After they arrived, they started their own detective agency which was called “Sootcaise Ditecteve Agensee”.


Luigi and Jake now had a much better relationship, and Luigi was no longer complaining about Jake. Instead, Luigi and Jake ate tuna sandwiches together and worried day and night trying to solve suitcase mysteries from around the world.

“Jake! I found an update in the New York Suitcase Murder! Come here!” said Luigi excitedly.

“Yeah. Right after I finish this tuna sandwich,” said Jake with a massive grin on his face.


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