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  • Jack Zhang


Post It Note

The classic, sticky colored paper

Where ideas belong

All around the classroom for years

Lets you be informed at a glance

Comes in a variety of colors

Red, yellow, green, blue

There’s a lot of sizes as well

From the classic square to a long, rectangular strip

Stores any writing in a compact space

Plans, thoughts, grocery lists

A convenient option for taking notes

Take one off a pile of them and you’re done!

Its small size a major disadvantage

Takes quite a few to make a larger canvas

Slowly being replaced by digital tools

Quicker, easier, less waste of paper

Post it notes, the classic method of reminding yourself

A staple of the classroom and workplace for years

Convenient, helpful, gives information at a glance

Yet being overtaken by the electronic device


Tape sticks things together

Cut a small section off

Put it onto two surfaces

Then they bond together and they won’t fall apart

Tape comes in all different shapes & sizes

From small, skinny bundles of double-sided tape

To thick, black rolls of duct tape

Designed to be as sticky as possible

Tape is useful and mostly convenient

Stick a small section to bond together

Some tape packages come with stands

Which holds the tape and makes cutting it much easier

Tape comes at a major cost though

Your average tape is easy to fall apart

Put a little force and it will stop sticking

And duct tape, designed to overcome this, is too hard to cut into pieces

Tape alternatives include glue, hot glue, and nails

They also bond things together in a variety of ways

Glue uses adhesives, hot glue utilizes heat, yet both are very messy

Nails are very strong for hard objects but are too strong for others

Tape is the simplest and most convenient solution

To connect your surfaces together

Yet they are too easy to take apart

So which way to stick things together would you choose?

Deleting System32

I quickly mess with someone’s

Laptop while no one is looking

Quickly turn on Windows Powershell

And type a few commands

It deletes all of the

System32 folder for me

Removes so many important files

For a computer to run, like the kernel

As programs disappear and

The file explorer crashes

I laugh with satisfaction, impatiently waiting

For the deletion to be complete

When I press the Restart button

Someone notices

I prepare to dash out of the room

And leave the owner with an unbootable device


Timetables supposedly help you

Keep track of tasks and time

Yet for me they absolutely do not

Timetables supposedly help you

Organize the tasks to complete per day

Yet I still forget what homework to do

Timetables supposedly help you

Finish all of your stuff in time

Yet I still keep procrastinating

Timetables supposedly act as

A better calendar than your usual one

Yet I still don’t follow it subconsciously

Timetables supposedly are useful

But for me I am extremely annoyed

By the mere glimpse of them

Timetables supposedly help you

Make sure you do everything you need

In time

Yet for me it never does

South Island Line

The South Island Line (SIL) was

Completed in 2016

Made the Southern District, the last one

To be connected by rail

Yet its accompanying project,

South Island Line West

Hasn’t even started

Supposed to be done in 2022

The SIL-West would link

The Southern and Western Districts

Includes stations like Aberdeen,

Wah Fu, and Cyberport along the coast

There are way too many

Government excuses

They want Wah Fu Estate to be rebuilt first

In 2028, before they build the rail

Another false claim

“Wong Chuk Hang doesn’t have space!”

Yet they can just build an extra floor

In the station

The government is purposefully

Delaying the project

When hundreds of thousands of citizens

Are requesting them to build it

While they are prioritizing

Detrimental and unnecessary projects

Like the Northern Link and Tomorrow Lantau

Of which would destroy dolphin habitats


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