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Maverick's Poetry Collage

I Did Snot Eat Nack Today

I did snot eat nack today.

I polded up a fiece of paper.

I bolded it until it fecame so small.

Then I prapped all around it with a wiece of tape.

Family Alliteration Poem

Mechanic Maverick makes magnificent machines.

Diligent Debbie solves a dozen difficult division problems.

Jovial Jayelle tells joyful jokes.

Vigorous Victor visits Vietnam for a vacation.


Many fun features to test with

Interact with other players and friends on servers and on multiplayer

Nether is a dangerous place but you can explore many items there

Engineering buildings are way easier irl because physics are different

Create different buildings and mechanics with blocks

Really enjoyable with friends and making memories

Achieving goals you set for yourself

Fight mobs that spawn at night which try to kill you

Terrific tools can help you mine easier


If I could go to

anywhere I would go to

the Golden Gate Bridge.



Fun, creative

Climbing, shooting, mining

Play for many hours


When I grow up

When I grow up

I would like to be a mechanical engineer

I would build things and explore the outcome

I would have lots of fun

I would share it with my friends

When I grow up

I would make games so fun that I would never stop

I would give my inventions to other people so they can enjoy it as well

I would record videos to share with the rest of the world my creations

I would use them for different things when I'm bored

My Favorite Marvel Character

There was a hero named Daredevil

Who always finds himself in peril.

He has super senses,

And very good defenses.

He is a super strong rebel!

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