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  • Ryder Savio


Updated: Mar 22, 2023


Rectangular in shape.

With a small bind.

Thick, heavy and strong .

Bent , creased and ripped.

Inside there are no pictures just words,

page after page after page after page.

Splashes of blue, green, black, and white.

Something hides in the distance

Faces are shown with fear and shock.

An adventure awaits.


Waves move against each other.




The tide heading down a path of neglect.




Salt holding secrets and regret.




The ocean, a pool of chaos.

A CONCEIT A tree is like a civilization.

Solid and steady, only shaken slightly by the wind.

Growing taller and taller with each new idea and discovery.

Climbing high to reach the sky

Branches of cultures

Leaves of minorities

The soil, a ground on which to stand steadily.

The roots connecting history,

The trunk, a base.

The bark, a leader.

Yet slowly leaning with age.

Changing from light to dark,

And then again from dark to light

Seeds a newfound hope.


Protecting you from the fall of rain

Sacrificing itself by

Being drenched so that


you may be dry

Held firm above your head to protect you

From the droplets of water

Each rib holding it together for


Covered in patterns of flowers

And unicorns with sparkly horns

So that you may use it with a smile

Even in the darkness

Of a storm


Only wanted on the occasion of rain

Only appreciated when needed outside

Otherwise forgotten,

in your storage closet

Shaken dry from the water

In an aggressive tone

When you finally arrive back home

Your shirt got wet?

And it is blamed

Threatened to be replaced by another

one you call “Better”

When the light is shown,

Used not for its purpose

So you can play lightsabers

And call it something worthless

Otherwise thrown

Otherwise forgotten

Otherwise unappreciated

Otherwise broken

Left alone thinking


Trying to say

Before you shut the door,

“Hey wait! I can do more.”



Simple things bring simple emotion

Lingering inside action

A singular daunting mission, accompanied alongside ambition

Fighting with passion

Serving with dedication

Changing tides

Changing minds

Changing lies

Changing lives.



Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, And Shame

Cannot be tamed. Your heart's desire Is not

Disdained. You may be In pain. You may feel

Insane. But you are still the same. Although

It is not how it was supposed to be

You still have me. You don’t have to be scared

For you can’t be compared to a dying

flower, that did not live happily. You

Can be strong. You can march and sing along,

Even if you are offbeat. For the key

To the biggest feat that one might say you

will never beat, is to block out the noise

Of the naysayers, the downers, and the ones

Who do not believe, For they will soon see

All the amazing things that you can be.

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