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  • Sienna Kim


What's in God's Pocket?

God's pocket holds harmful truths

No one knows exactly what

But with it, salvation dies

Where Can One Find Regret?

It lurks the deep alone

Consumed insanity panic and pain

Thinking ‘too much done wrong’


It's such a fickle thing existence

So passing, gifts a wonder

Was it ever real


Tomorrow, solemn spoke, “Many things

Could’ve been done” yesterday says

“Do not dwell you couldn't”

Earth and Sun

Red simmering resentment forever glowing

Hate thrust, every beam of light

Earth does not enjoy fight

Up in her Morning

Sleep plaguing her sunken features

“Wake” pulled through empty night

Known she never would reply

Forces of Maturity

Screams sounds of scraping chalk

Locks lips throws the key

Keeps a box with calamity

Opinions, voice within screwed jar

Tears dried with fist and palm

Sobs muffled, towel to teeth

Ideas, identity placed in sheath Repenting, apology given, dry throat

Thoughts singing, keening, for release

Curling small within

Then gets up,

Cleans, the leftovers and hides,

The jars full of life,

The boxes full of dreams

and the hope

Drops them in deep dark places

Where people don’t see

Then smile, dull eyes and chapped lips

Ready to be mature

To be grown,

To be acceptable



shock, ice pricking skin

gasping, flailing arms


under, down deep

feet touching ground

gritty crevice between smooth tile

cold, washed down throat

pain chest full, fire broiling lung blacks frolic in squinting eyes useless kicks numb

soundless pleas release

air into blue

small, reflecting, pretty things.

watching blurry

the pretty things.

they find escape

but not…



Gray fine lines

Tracing expression and thought

Stokes to create

a curve is given

Letters build above as word grows


Monsters Hide

Methods, Rinse

Heed In Storms

Missed Throne

Dents Heroism

Shed me: sin, rot

Heed Its Norms

Or Nth Demises.


light seeping


songs, in rhyme and rest within voice of lines and lines

Of old and new

A beauty and life

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