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  • Nikita Soklakov


You wake up with a bright, blinding light flashing in your eyes.

You look around and soon come to understand that you are in a small, grey cell.

You see a metal door that is closed, a table and a toilet.

Dizzy and confused, you attempt to get up from your itchy, hard bed when you notice the mold in the crevices. You gag at the sight of them.

Then, despite an excruciating pain on your back, you manage to get to your feet after a couple of attempts. You notice a piece of paper on the table. Words. You pick up the note to examine it:

Hello D-0263. You are probably wondering why you are here. You are here for a very important mission, which unfortunately, we cannot disclose at this time. Your job will be to test and experiment on anomalous entities. They are completely safe, and you have nothing to worry about. After one month you will be released, if you do everything that is asked of you. Whatever the guards tell you to do, please do it. Follow the rules and you will get out of this facility safely.

Suddenly you hear footsteps outside. Two men in conversation about a 'new subject'. You want to hide, but there is no place to do so.

As you get to your feet, the door opens and you see two guards standing in front of you, decked out in body armor and weaponry. “Get out and follow us,” one of them said authoritatively.

Not knowing what to do, you get up and follow. As you walk, you notice cold hallways of grey and white. You shudder, your anxiety rising with every step. On every corner, guards glance at you menacingly as you pass by.

You finally reach your destination.

The guards stop in front of a white door with a sign that reads ANOMALY-2653/CLASSIFICATION: EUCLID/SENTIENT AND HOSTILE.

The bigger of the two says, “We’ve reached the containment chamber. Do what you’re told.”

He opens the door. The moment you step in, he shuts it with a loud bang! You turn back and try to open it, but it’s too late. You’re locked in!

You turn to see a large metal door standing menacingly in front of people that seem to be wearing the same shirts as you. They stand in a line, and in perfect precision you walk to join them. You can hear one of them shaking and shivering uncontrollably.

Then you hear a voice coming from the speaker above you. “D-Class, please enter the containment chamber.”

A metal door opens, slowly creaking as if it had not been oiled in ages. In the room stands a creepy and oddly colored person facing the wall. It turns slightly, revealing a face with gruesome patterns, inducing fear in you and the other D-Class.

Suddenly the intercom blared again. ”Enter the containment chamber now!” You look behind you to see the guards on a balcony raise their guns at you. You and the D-Class rush in to the chamber in fear.

The door then closes, smashing behind you as you feel the dust hit you. You can hear slow, labored breathing. It's that monster with the gruesome face!

Chapter 2: All Hell Breaks Loose

Suddenly, as you and your companions cower in fear, the lights flicker and what seems like massive doors opening and closing. The man next to you starts to start panic and sweat. Suddenly all the lights go out, and instinctively, you run back to the exit and wait there, praying in your head.

After a few minutes, the lights come back on and you see two of the orange-shirted D-Class who were in the testing chamber with you lying on the ground, emotionless, dead. You start to scream, but place a hand over your mouth, trying not to draw attention to yourself.

What did that thing do to them? you wonder. You managed to get through your panic and come to your senses.

You decide to get out of this facility once and for all.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, and you hear this message blaring through the intercoms: "Euclid and keter level containment breaches have been detected... full site lock down initiated."

You are confused about the lock down part since nothing seems to be locked down at all. You hear a loud metal clang right in front of you, which makes you jump. As you look closer you see that it's a level 3 key card.

You take it, hoping it would be the key to get you out of this place. You try to unlock the door, and it works! You proceed to walk through very confusing hallways.

Eventually you stumble upon a weirdly shaped door that says HEAVY CONTAINMENT FACILITY. You use the keycard and the door opens with a loud metallic creak. You hope this is the way to freedom.

Chapter 3: The Old Man Wants A Visit

As you open the weirdly shaped door, you step in and see a never-ending row of hallways. “Here we go again,” you mutter. You start sluggishly going into hallways that lead nowhere, while also trying to remember where you are.

Suddenly, you hear breathing behind you. As you turn around you see a black slimy spot on the ground and a humanoid figure rising from the spot. It groans and looks at you with a grin on its face. It has a muddy, ripped British WW1 uniform on, and you could see its black slimy face with wrinkles, oozing black liquid. It starts walking towards you slowly, with his left hand stretched out to you. In a panic, you run through the same corridors as it chases after you, calling out, "Wait, wait!"

You run as fast as you can, and as the calls get quieter and quieter. Finally, complete silence. You bend over, huffing and puffing from all that running you just did. As you look up, you see a flashing red light on a door, saying, “SAFE CONTAINMENT.”

You try to use your key card here but the door just sounds a low “BEEP” and nothing happens. In the corner of your eye, you see a man in a suit laying motionless in the corner. He also looks like he's dead. You check to see what he has in his pockets... a level 5 keycard!

You grabbed it and test it on the door. The lock turns green and the door opens! You walk into a room with orange and white walls.

Chapter 4: Freedom!


This of course frightens you as you have no idea what “Nine Tailed Fox” is, but you have a distinct memory of it. More memories flash back... you standing in a lab... talking to the head of the facility. You are surprised about how much memory you are regaining.

You once again go through hallways until you stumble upon something that makes you the most excited you've ever been in your life-- at least as far as you can remember. You see a door called GATE A.

Somehow you know that this is the exit, the way out of this horror house.

So you put your key card in and the metallic gate opens. It opens into an elevator and you step in. You try to go down but it would not let you, so you went up. The elevator door opens and as you turn a corner, you see a fires and a large lizard destroying the infrastructure. Armed guards in orange are shooting the lizard, but it is crazily flinging them against the walls.

The lizard makes a a giant hole in a wall and starts to run as fast as it could. You could hear helicopters hovering in the distance.

You walk through the debris, trying to find a way out of this place. You were not about to follow the lizard into the hole in the wall. There was a small door in the side of the room, unaffected by the fires. You use your key to open it. All at once, you feel a soft breeze and warm sunlight on your face. You instantly remember everything.

You keep walking, and as you walk you look back and see the facility crumbling into dust. You walk further and further away.


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