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I was at home in Miami watching a TV show about science experiments, when Dad said, “I want to check the news about the disaster that happened a few days ago. I want to see how many people were injured!” He snatched the remote and quickly changed it to the news.

I stomped loudly. Then I opened my mouth wide and screamed, “Ahhh!”. The news report was not about the previous disaster, but was an emergency weather forecast! “A tornado is on the way,” the forecaster reported on TV.

“Ahhh!” I screamed again, the tornado was heading towards Miami! The tornado was now only 500 km away, and was going as fast as a cheetah! I was so scared that I switched the TV back to the show about science and Dad stomped away angrily.

The next day, after school, I heard my older brother, Tom, suggesting to my parents that we might need to prepare for the tornado or otherwise we might have to go to the hospital because the tornado was so dangerous. That caused a huge conflict on what to do with Mom and Dad.

Mom said politely to dad, “Kim, please prepare for the tornado or otherwise we could die.” But then, dad yelled, “No! Stop!” Then they started an argument. Dad then shouted, “We don’t have enough things to avoid the tornado!”

Then bring what you’ve got! Oh no!” replied Mom. They came up with random ideas of how to get away, such as renting a helicopter and staying inside the house. They disagreed with every idea the other came up with. I just watched TV.

A day after, Dad’s friends said, “Prepare for the tornado!!!” when they were at work. Meanwhile, at home, the TV, which Mo watched, reported that the tornado was going somewhere else instead. Well, that just caused the conflict to get even worse. Dad came up with very childish ideas like flying away while Mom came up with normal ones.

Another Saturday came and Dad watched the news and the forecaster reported, “The tornado is now destroying some parts of Miami.” The news people reported, “Many houses were sucked and destroyed like the one in SW 1st Ave.” Then they showed the pictures.

Suddenly, we saw the gigantic tornado racing towards us, but we hadn’t prepared yet because of all the conflicts! Tom spotted it first. We all decided just to go to our super-fast car. Then there was another problem. The strong wind broke the engine!!! Mom told Tom to fix it, but he said no.

”Oh no! Uh oh,” Dad said, going back to get our bicycles. We went together. However, the tornado headed straight towards us! It was surrounded by dark clouds that were about to rain. We ran away quickly, but it went so fast we got sucked up! My body was stretching, especially my legs.

We got sucked up one kilometer into the air. I couldn’t open my eyes. I thought that I was going to die. I fell so quick that I cried and screamed. Mom screamed, “Are you okay?” and I replied, “ I’m okay, it’s just my legs are bleeding.” It was just my left leg hurting, but Tom screamed, “Aaaah! My hands, arms, legs, and feet are bleeding!” He was so worried that he shouted, “Police! Police! Ambulance! Ambulance!” Mom was not hurt, but dad’s legs were bleeding. Mom went to check our house, and luckily found her phone unbroken.

She called the ambulance, “Aaaah! My family got hurt by the huge tornado, and we need your help! SW 92nd Ave, Miami.” then saw some ambulances coming.They picked up every hurt person, including me, and went to the hospital. They also told Mom, “Go to 8900 N Kendal Dr, and that’s where the hospital is.”

Mom rode the bicycle towards there, and saw us in the emergency room. Tom and Dad both needed big surgery, while I just enjoy a rest with some scary shots. When I got that few shots, I cried so loud that the nurse forgot where to inject it. Meanwhile, Tom and Dad really were scared but I don’t know why they didn’t cry.

Mom thought about how to get a new house because the old house was completely collapsed. She saw a house that was fancy and a high apartment flat. She didn’t know which one to choose unless Dad decided. So, she decided to wait until Dad got better.

When I got better, Dad still had not fully recovered. Tom was recovering well. Me, Tom, and Mom waited for Dad to recover.

I expected the new house to be near the beach.

Another Friday came and Dad finally recovered. He had two surgeries, while Tom just had one. I had none of course!

We went to buy the house.

“The house is extremely fancy, but the apartment flat is new,” said Dad.

Mom replied, “We should buy the house because we then would have much space.” So, Mom tried to buy the house. But, the bank was broken down and she didn't have enough money! So she bought the apartment flat instead. She found out that she needed to buy furniture! She couldn’t buy the furniture because the shop had been broken down.

So, we slept on the hard concrete floor. I was hurting because it was as hard as the Earth’s crust. We slept peacefully in the flat.


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