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  • Sameer Taher

Time, In Flux

"Clean up your bedroom now!" yelled Jacob's dad. Jacob flinched when he yelled because of how loud it was. It was really cold outside, and Jacob didn't want to go outside. Yet, at the same time, Jacob wanted to go to the arcade where he would have so much fun. Jacob felt mixed emotions, he just really wanted to go, but he thought about what would happen after he went and came back home. He didn't tell his parents that he wanted to go and just slipped out of the house trying to abscond. 

As Jacob walked down the streets, they were ghostly. "Brr, I wonder why it is so windy and cold," Jacob said. It wasn't that sunny and it looked as if it was going to rain. After walking for a few minutes he finally reached the arcade. He walked in normally as if nobody cared. Gary the receptionist did not smile at him. Jacob did not care. Gary never smiled at him or to anybody else. Although Jacob was thinking about why nobody was here - it would normally be full of noise. Jacob went to an old arcade. It was just sitting there in silence. It was completely broken. The wires were broken and nobody would have used this for years. "What happened to this thing here?" said Jacob. Nobody replied. Jacob shrugged and pressed a button.

As he pressed the button, he saw a light dashing toward him and felt like knives were stabbing him. Light started shining in his eyes and all of a sudden he was teleported to somewhere. His eyes opened widely as he dropped to the ground. He tried to find out, but at the moment he opened his eyes he knew which period he was in because there were very large palm trees with leaves that were as sharp as a knife. He also saw black mosquitoes. The air there was toxic and he didn't want to breathe it in. He did not want to stay here. He wanted to just go back home, he wanted to reach his home and bring it to him. Jacob was shocked and startled at what world he was in. Was he dreaming or was it happening? He ran and hid behind a tree. Everything was peaceful until he heard a ROAR. A loud one. Then he heard gigantic feet approaching. Then 2 claws appeared underneath the bushes and leaves. Then he looked up and saw a monster-looking head! He knew what it was, "Tyrannosaurus Rex!" His heart pounded and it sent a shiver down his spine. He ran as fast as he could. He didn't look back because of that horrendous face. As he ran he saw a pathway before him and turned directions immediately so the dino didn't see him. He hid behind a bush. He felt very hot but he did not have a thermometer.  "That was close," he breathed to himself. He ripped out a leaf and covered himself. He wondered what took him back in time. 

"Wait a minute!" he said to himself. It was too fast; how could he outrun this creature and defeat it? But earlier he had seen the arcade with him when he teleported. He scratched his ear and a hologram appeared in front of him. One section said "Inventory" he pressed it as he rested and he saw that the arcade was in the hologram. Then he looked at 2 other sections and one of them said "Challenges" he pressed that and he saw what he had to do so he could get back home but before going back to his time there were question marks before the picture of a house and the 2nd section said "Teleport" so he went to that one and saw that there were more places to unlock. This was just like a game. Instead, he was inside of it. He went back to challenges and he had to make some weapons and defeat the T-Rex. He needed to make weapons to defeat the dragon. He found some bones nearby, so he took them. He also took some leaves and stones. Using all these materials he used something like a net. He also carved some other stones and made spikes to throw at the bloody T-Rex. He had his plan ready. The only thing he had to do next was find the dino. But he also remembered another thing he needed to also be aware of what other dinosaurs would try and attack. He also needed to make a shelter. He took his time on making the shelter but he wished he had his brother - Jake - for once because of how smart he was. Jacob had countless things in his mind. He finally finished it. He slept on his leaf bed which was not comfortable at all.

He didn't want to do this, but this was what he needed to do so he could get back home. He was dragged to do it and he also felt so exhausted from running. He was breathing so fast and his throat felt so dry.

The next morning, Jacob woke up feeling very ill and tired. He had a pounding headache and an exhausted, dizzy feeling, but he still felt compelled to face the dinosaur. The thought of the impending fight weighed heavily on him, and he wanted nothing more than to alleviate this burdensome sense of pressure.

As Jacob made his way through the leaves, he was assaulted by a stinky, putrid smell. Turning around, he saw a small-sized dinosaur sniffing and licking him. To his surprise, the creature did not seem aggressive at all. Jacob decided to name the little dino "Aubi" and continued on his trek, nearly stumbling over a rock.

Reaching the top of the cliff, Jacob marveled at the majestic view of the dinosaur-filled landscape. Suddenly, he heard thunderous stomping and looked down to see the familiar T-Rex approaching. Jacob quickly grabbed his net and threw it over the gigantic creature, causing it to scream and thrash in pain. Without hesitation, Jacob swung his dagger-wielding arm at the dinosaur, which then collapsed to the ground, engulfing Jacob in a cloud of dust.

Amidst the chaos, Jacob noticed one of the T-Rex's teeth had fallen out. He picked it up and examined it closely, as if peering through a microscope. Touching his ear, Jacob's holographic interface appeared, and he navigated to the "Inventory" section, where he placed the shiny tooth into an arcade-like slot. A harsh, electronic voice exclaimed, "GOOD JOB!"

Jacob pressed the "Teleport" option on the hologram and was surprised to see a new location unlocked, labeled "Stone Age." Curious about this unfamiliar era, he selected it and, with a sudden "WOOSH," found himself transported to a bright, foreign landscape.

Disoriented, Jacob felt a sudden impact and lost consciousness. When he finally came to, he was lying on the ground, feeling numb and disconnected from his own body. He couldn't think clearly, and a deep sense of confusion and unease washed over him. Just as he was about to slip back into unconsciousness, he felt something tickle him, and his heavy eyelids closed, sending him into a deep sleep.

Jacob awoke, feeling groggy and disoriented. As his vision cleared, he saw a group of ape-like creatures surrounding him, their tattered robes and curious expressions suggesting they were his early human ancestors. He whispered a tentative "Hello," unsure if they could understand him.

Scratching his ear, Jacob's hologram appeared, and he was relieved to see it had identified this as the "Stone Age." According to the hologram, his challenge was to learn how to create a campfire. Unfortunately, he couldn't communicate with the apes effectively, and he needed a way to translate their language.

Searching through the arcade, Jacob found a handheld device labeled "Translator." Turning it on, he selected the "Old European Language" option and pressed a button, causing the apes to respond in clear English. "Yes, sure, but who are you?" they asked.

Jacob explained his journey through time, and the apes were shocked by his tale. They showed him the sign language they used and invited him to join them for a hunt, which he eagerly accepted. As they tracked their prey, a growling, saber-toothed tiger suddenly leaped out, threatening to devour them. Jacob, alongside his ancestors, fought the ferocious beast, finally felling it with a well-aimed arrow.

Jacob felt a sense of belonging and purpose as the apes cheered their victory. He may have been a stranger in this foreign time, but he was determined to learn from his ancestors and unlock the secrets of the Stone Age.

Here is the amended story with some edits for spelling, punctuation, and grammar:

After a big feast, Jacob finally had to say goodbye. He wished the apes good luck and went on to the new era. He pressed the hologram and went to Ancient Greece. He knew a lot about this period, so he was excited for this next part of his adventure.

Jacob slowly pressed the button on the hologram, and a sudden light appeared. With a THUMP, he found himself on the ground, disoriented. As he got up, he took in his new surroundings - a beautiful place full of temples and magnificent structures. 

Remembering the translator device, Jacob put on the earbuds and heard the people speaking in Ionic Greek. He also noticed that he was now wearing the clothing and style of ancient Greece. Deciding a proper Greek name would be fitting, he renamed himself Adonis.

"I've never seen you here before," said a person walking by. Jacob ignored the comment and continued exploring the majestic architecture. Another person made the same remark as he passed.

Jacob approached what appeared to be a palace, shining and magnificent. He went inside and saw countless riches and jewelry. Checking his hologram, he saw his challenge was to obtain some of the treasures. Why not take it all? he thought.

As Jacob moved towards the riches, two guards entered the room and spotted him. "Everybody!" they shouted, and the guards began chasing him. 

Jacob ran through the streets, feeling exhausted and slowing down. He finally collapsed to the ground, and the guards apprehended him. "What is your name?" they exclaimed.

"Adonis," Jacob replied weakly before falling into a deep sleep.

When he awoke, the guards were questioning him. "What is your job?" they asked.

"A soldier," Jacob responded, thinking quickly. His answer shocked the guards and took him to the battlefield to train. Jacob nervously went through the motions, punching, kicking, and throwing his spear, hoping not to give away his true identity as a foreigner.

Deciding it was time to steal the riches, Jacob waited until the other soldiers left, then sprinted to the palace. He grabbed some gold and diamonds and hurried back. Checking his hologram, he saw the challenge was complete.

Jacob placed the arcade machine and touched a button. Suddenly, a blinding light filled his eyes, and he struggled to see. When his vision cleared, he found himself back in the present, everything normal. 

Stunned and confused, Jacob reflected on his dangerous adventure through time. He promised himself he wouldn't tell anyone about what had happened, not even his brother, Jake. But the experience had left him eager for more. What other eras would he explore next?

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