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The Diary of a Detective Dog


November 1, 2018

Dear Diary,

The day was now, as Ming had said. Qing and Ming are my humans. They are 11 years old and twin boys! Sometimes they are a bit silly, like me! For instance, I will always remember the time when they pretended to be me, standing on two legs, holding their paws up and barking! Woof, woof!

Today was the day of their field trip! I wasn’t so enthusiastic because museums do not usually allow dogs to go. So I waited at home for them to come back to the house. While I was waiting, I was being ‘a bit of’ a couch potato. I mostly just sat in my large, cosy dog bed.

When they came back, Both Qing and Ming had bad news. There was some kind of statue that was stolen from the museum! I wasn’t so sure of what it was. If it had been a cat sculpture, I would definitely not have agreed to help them find it. But to my relief, it was a dragon sculpture that was stolen by a robber! They said it was made of the most precious blocks of emerald and was worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

They wanted to find the dragon to help the museum. They knew that they had me to help them, while the other humans at their school did NOT have a top detective dog!

They came to me with a leash, and I accepted them to put it on nicely. When I came out, I smelled barbecue pork buns on the side of the road. I was tempted to eat one, but I held myself back.

Once we went back to the museum, there were guards there, and Qing and Ming asked them about the robber. Then they came back to me and told me about the robber. He was a young man that had a love for Japanese culture.

Even though I couldn’t talk to them, I knew where to start: Japan.



November 4, 2018

Dear Diary,

Now we were already in Japan, and it was FREEZING cold! I was lucky I had a warm fur coat, and we were in Sapporo, which snows from November until April! It felt like dry ice under my paws!

The residents of Sapporo ate very nice food though, including VERY tasty looking veggies! If I wanted to go somewhere, It would be Japan. Also, It was my breed’s country of origin, since I was an Akita Inu.

Even with my superb sense of smell, I could not find the thief in the streets. We looked in every place that a person could go in, but we had no luck. Sneaky little thief!



November 10, 2018

Dear Diary,

We decided that we needed help. Ming had an idea that we should go to a device shop. The device shop was a small but fancy shop and the devices were placed neatly in rows. There were pocket sized GPS devices!

Can you believe it! Qing found a thief detector in that device shop. The detector was a small one. It was yellow, and disguised as a GPS. We typed the thief’s name “JING” onto the screen, from what the guards had said. I thought it would work, and it did. It was only then that we realised that the thief was in Mongolia.



November 11, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today we headed straight there!

If I was smart enough, then I would have a very good clue of where in Mongolia the robber was. But I had NO clue where he was, and I did not know the parts of Mongolia very well. Thank goodness there was a resident that told us the famous places of Mongolia! He gave us a tour around parts of the country. The only place we didn’t go to was the Gobi Desert. We did go to some museums though, and art galleries too.

After the trip, we checked the device again and then we had a better clue where the thief might be. He was in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park!

When we got there, the park was full of deer, but I held back my ancestors’ instincts and kept looking. There were so many people talking foreign languages, I wasn’t sure who was and who wasn’t the thief. So Ming tried the detector device again, and it worked - he was in the grassy part! So we searched every bush, hill and tree.

After an hour, we still couldn’t find him. We were about to give up when the detector made a quiet beeping sound. It was only then that we realized we were close!

More updates coming soon!



November 12, 2018

Dear Diary,

We found the thief at last, with the detector device and my superb sense of smell ( I am not bragging, but I just think it is good.) He was sleeping under a HUGE tree, with the sculpture in a bag. We hid in a bush, and just when he was about to wake up, I sensed him and sprang out from underneath! We wrestled with each other, with just enough time for my owners to take the bag and run away with it.

I dragged him to the governor's area (I don’t know what it’s called!) and the police asked the thief about his information.

Then the thief was ‘escorted’ back to Beijing, and then he was put in jail for stealing the dragon.

Then we came back to the museum and got our prize! The prize was a ring made of jade, one of the most precious ores.

We went home after that and felt proud, and the museum people were thankful that we saved the day! When we got home, we had a bath, and then dinner, and we got some sleep at last.

But then the detector beeped and there was another alert, but that is for the next story!



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