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The Arrest

Arrest Report - P-1332-5-1-SN-1 Date: 17/5/2012
Name (First/Middle/Last): Kevin Stacey Herd
Current Address: Prater Road, Crystal Villa, residence 102
Relative Name: Matthew Raiden Herd
Arresting Officer: James Donald
Criminal Charge: Grand Theft (Gold)
Narrative: On May 13th, 2012, Kevin Stacey Herd was arrested for grand theft. He was reported to be in possession of a grand total of almost two million dollars, mostly in cash and gold. Prior to 14/5/2012, locals reported that he lived on almost no income.

5 Weeks Earlier

Kevin was rummaging through what was left of his money. He had almost no more in his savings. Since he brought in almost no income, he would have to find a better-paying job.

Kevin’s house was a small wooden cabin. It wasn’t at its best—not by far. There was dust everywhere, and even a few cobwebs. Matthew, his brother, was on cleaning duty, because Kevin was busy doing his small job he was doing on a farm. Matthew was never home, however, doing something Kevin never knew about. Even if Matthew had time to clean, though, not much would have been achieved, because they had very little water access, and they had to walk all the way to the river to get water. They wouldn't waste their clean water either. Kevin and Matthew couldn’t afford the luxury of a vacuum cleaner, so they only had an old, battered mop that looked like it had been abandoned, drowned, and hit by a tornado. It was so old it probably had been through those things before.

Outside of Kevin’s house was the forest. The house was already half consumed by the forest. The lush nature around them was what calmed Kevin from daily life.

After a hard day on the farm, Kevin saw what little money he had earned from that month. Just enough to buy food. After he entered the cabin, Matthew still wasn’t home. He’d been out two weeks in a row without a trace. It was starting to worry Kevin, so he went outside. He was again embraced by the nature outside him. It was quite a sight to see. Although Kevin had seen the trees so many times, it was still one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

After what seemed like hours of walking, Kevin had finally gotten to the city. Matthew was sure to be here somewhere. Kevin wasn’t used to this city- he usually was just around nature. Kevin was also too poor to buy most of the luxuries in town, so Kevin just walked about, sometimes entering different shops, dreaming of what he could buy there.

After what only seemed like an hour, night had already fallen. Kevin started the long walk back home, unsuccessful in finding Matthew.

Kevin, who was finally back home, opened the door.

“Who’s there?” a voice came from inside.

“It’s Kevin.”

“Oh, come in then,” the voice replied.

As Kevin walked inside the cabin, he asked, “Oh, Matthew! Where have you been?”

“Well, I've been out, just… doing things.”

Kevin didn’t really know what he was saying, and he thought something was going on. Kevin didn’t eat dinner, as he wasn’t hungry. He was really tired, but he needed to investigate. “Matthew, I'll go to bed early. I’m tired.,” he lied.

“Sure, good night,” Matthew replied.

Kevin went into his room and lay on the bed. He was thinking about how he might spy on Matthew. He didn’t even know if he would do anything! Kevin was just thinking about sleeping, before he heard the door close.

Kevin sleepily opened his bedroom door, entering the small living room. Matthew still hadn't cleaned. The room was like it hadn’t been touched for hundreds of years. Kevin was pretty sure Matthew hadn’t cleaned for a hundred years—but Matthew wasn’t a hundred years old.

Kevin looked around the room, spying for clues about Matthew’s whereabouts and what he was doing.

Opening a drawer, he saw a bunch of old newspapers. He didn’t have time to read them, but he flipped through them for clues, and found nothing. The second drawer had nothing in it, and after snooping around what seemed like a million drawers, he had still found nothing, and was planning to leave the cabin when he came across one last drawer.

His hand slid open the drawer, and his jaw dropped. He had found a golden pocket watch! Matthew had always wanted one of those, but even a regular pocket watch they couldn’t afford. Kevin thought this made things even more suspicious. He put the pocket watch into his pocket and walked out of the cabin.

Kevin had no clues, but he knew one thing—Matthew was probably doing his work in the city.

Kevin arrived at the city, but he had no clues whatsoever. He knew it was going to be hard.

Kevin snooped around the city, to no avail. The task was much harder than he thought. Next time, Kevin needed to somehow follow Matthew, not go out after he did.

Kevin walked around, already knowing that it was a long shot at finding Matthew. Kevin still enjoyed his time in the city, although he liked the forest better. It was quite a relaxing stroll, but Kevin decided he would take his stroll in the forest. He will continue tomorrow with a better plan.

Kevin looked at his surroundings. The trees were swinging in a light breeze. He was really relaxed on this occasion, almost forgetting about this business with Matthew. Kevin thought to himself Maybe I'm overthinking this. I mean, this could be a million different things. Maybe I’ll just go home, sleep, and return to normal life. It’s only a Pocket Watch. I mean, next time I see him, I’ll just ask about it. I mean, he’s my brother, right?

Kevin pulled the golden pocket watch out of his pocket. It was already near midnight, and he was getting tired.

Kevin neared his house, and opened the door. He couldn’t contain his excitement. His jaw dropped, and he almost fell to the floor. Gold! Piles of it! Stacked on the table! The only problem was, Kevin’s hypothesis was right. Matthew definitely had to be up to something.


Kevin sat down, in awe. Just when he was about to go to bed, the door busted open. A few police officers were there. “Kevin Stacey Herd, we’ve just received a report that you have gained almost seven billion dollars in gold,” the police officer reported, pointing at the pile of gold next to me. “We have confirmed that you have received a grand theft in gold, and therefore, you are under arrest!”

By the time Kevin found himself actually behind bars he was dead tired and scared. He quickly fell asleep, despite the conditions in prison.

Kevin woke up in the morning, not knowing what the time was. He was thinking about Matthew. He knew that Matthew had been the cause of all this—he just didn’t know how to explain it.

Some time later, Kevin found himself thinking even more about Matthew, starting to understand his absence and finally devising a plan to prove his innocence.

Kevin finally understood Matthew’s plan. As a guard came along, Kevin held his breath, and said “My brother did it.”


Matthew exited the house, sighing. He knew that Kevin wouldn’t like what he was about to do.

Entering the bank, Matthew smiled. After this day, Me & Kevin wouldn't have to be holed up in that small cabin anymore, he thought.

Matthew had spent months practicing how to rob a bank. In no time, he had got past any defenses in the matter of minutes.

Matthew stashed some gold bars that he found, as well as a whole bunch of cash. Matthew knew that the money here was probably gonna be over one million dollars, enough to make some loans and live like a normal person.

Matthew on the way out found a golden pocket watch he stole easily- a pocket watch was one of the dream items that he always wanted, let alone a golden one. Matthew ran out of the bank, escaping suspicion. Matthew did have one thing in mind though- Kevin, being a goody-two-shoes, wouldn’t let Matthew do things like this so easily.


Kevin knew that the police officers would find this story incredulous and unbelievable, but Kevin knew he could explain.

“Uh, how do you know?” the police questioned. Kevin said “Well, go and find him, and you’ll see.” The police officer looked suspicious, but thought Well, it won’t help him escape, so maybe he is onto something. The police officer then said, “We’ll see, but it’s not our top priority.” Kevin smiled.

Kevin sat in his cell, tired. He would fall asleep sooner or later. Kevin lay thinking about his life. He realized that some people didn’t even have homes, or food. Kevin wasn’t the luckiest, but certainly not the worst. Kevin knew that they actually could do and feel better then they were now, and if Kevin really put his mind to it, and think that he wasn’t the worst, he thought that he could actually live a better life.

The police officer nudged me on the shoulder. Kevin woke up, startled, seeing his brother being dragged along. His brother was shocked- and Kevin grinned at him, exiting the jail cell.

“Sorry!” I called out to Matthew.

Kevin started the long walk back home.

A few hours later, Kevin was settled in the cabin, knowing that this project would take days. The police had given me some money for the inconvenience, and Kevin bought a vacuum cleaner. He was finally going to try to clean the house.

After the first day, all the cobwebs were gone, and the floor and walls were surprisingly clean, and Kevin started to see the beauty of the small cabin. He persevered and continued cleaning.

The next day, Kevin finally finished cleaning the cabin. There were still dirty spots, but it was so much more clean and better then before, Kevin thought it was a entirely different place. He sat down on his small bed, marveling at his life. He collapsed, and fell asleep.

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