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  • Julie Mok

Super Puppy vs. Nacho Cheese

Crunch, crunch, crunch! I was eating my favorite dish. Nom Nom kibble!

I eat Nom Nom kibble every day because, well, it's the yummiest!

Then my super hearing ears heard something.

It sounded like somebody was opening.... the bank’s safe where they keep all the gold!

Oh no!

I rushed to the bank.

All the guards were on the floor and covered in… nacho cheese?

Nacho cheese… oh! NACHO CHEESE! I licked some nacho cheese off the guard. Mmm. Yummy!

I wanna eat more.

Oh, right! My mission.

I ran to the safe just in time. I was nervous but confident I could beat him. Though I had never met the man who calls himself Nacho Cheese before.

Suddenly, KSSSSS! Nacho Cheese sprayed me with an explosive stream of steaming hot, gooey cheese.

“Ahhh!” I yelled as I ducked.

Phew! It just missed me.

“Hahaha!“ I heard someone shout. It was Nacho Cheese. He looked down at me.

“Nacho Cheese!” I exclaimed. “Put down the money NOW!”

“Never!” Nacho Cheese shouted. He ran.

What do I do now? I wondered.

I stood up. I concentrated. Fly, fly, fly, puppy, fly!

I floated off the ground. I used my super-target eyes to aim at Nacho Cheese.

You can't get away, Nacho cheese man! I was running after him when my super-target eyes picked up something else.

ANOTHER Nacho Cheese?! Are my eyes deceiving me?

I realized that the cheesy villain was able to make regular people look like him with his morphing magic.

Luckily, my super sniff nose picked up his smell. Nacho Cheese! It was coming from the left one.

I flew as fast as I could. Nacho Cheese was within my reach!

I reached out to grab my ⚡Freezer2000⚡, but I realized it wasn’t there!

I need to keep Nacho Cheese where he was AND be able to get my ⚡Freezer2000⚡ at the same time. I decided to contact my best friend and partner, Captain Koala.

“Captain Koala! Come in, Captain Koala!” I said into my watch while chasing after Nacho Cheese.

My watch is a Hologram Watch 2000, so you can see the other person as a hologram. I saw Captain Koala’s face appear on the screen.

“What is it, Super Puppy?” Captain Koala asked.

I was about to answer when I saw Nacho Cheese finding a window to escape through.

I yelled, ”Code Red! Code Red!”

“OK,” Captain Koala replied. “I’ll be there in a jiffy, mate.”

“Thanks!” I kept gaining on Nacho Cheese. A minute later, Captain Koala was flying beside me.

“The target’s Nacho Cheese,” I told him, pointing to the flying yellow glob.

“Got it.” Captain Koala jumped onto a tree. He started gathering twigs and leaves. I didn’t know what he was doing, but I trusted him.

I flew after Nacho Cheese. “Don’t forget to grab my ⚡Freezer 2000!⚡”

“Will do!” Captain Koala hollered.

Suddenly, Nacho Cheese flew into an alley.

“I know that's a dead end. I just know it! I hope Captain Koala hurries up," I said to myself.

“Heads up!” My ⚡Freezer 2000⚡ came hurtling towards me.

It was Bryan, the owner of the pet supplies store where I lived.

“Thanks, Bryan!” I said.

“You're welcome," he said.

I adjusted the ⚡Freezer 2000⚡ and aimed it at Nacho Cheese. I fired a blast of icy cold air, but he ducked. Ugh! I missed!

Where are you, Captain Koala! This would be a good time to come help!

Then, as if he had read my mind, Captain Koala turned up, with something slung over his back.

I looked closely. It was a net...

I looked even more closely. It was made out of… twigs and leaves!

Oh! So that was what he was making!

He threw the net at Nacho Cheese, who unwittingly got caught in it.

I blasted my ⚡Freezer 2000⚡ at him, and he fell to the ground, half frozen and teeth chattering.

His hands were in front of him and his eyes were closed.

“High five!” I turned to Captain Koala and met his paw as we jumped. Then we did our secret handshake.

NEE-NAW! NEE-NAW! The police arrived.

They handcuffed Nacho Cheese and put him in the car.

Another mission accomplished for Super Puppy and friends!

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