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Sol and the Sun Stone

“The possession ring- it’s gone!” Felix exclaimed, rushing out of the vault, shocked. Stolen? Already? The Possession Ring was a powerful artefact, made by a group of people from the past, and it could control up to seven people at a time. If it got into the wrong hands, the whole world could plunge into chaos. The vault was heavily guarded, so how could anyone get to it? And the rest of the items in the vault- like the Sealing Katana, which could seal up to 108 People inside the blade, or the Book of Forbidden Spells, that could teach the user incredibly strong spells, but why only the ring? He, Sol, and Ivan worked hard to get it- it had to be retrieved- now, before it was used for utter destruction!

“The ring? Gone?” Sol asked Felix, also surprised. “Yup, when I went in- gone! Just not there in that glass box, but the glass box wasn’t even broken!” Felix told Sol, as they were having noodles for lunch while waiting for their next orders on retrieving the Possession Ring. Ivan didn’t really like noodles as much as Sol and Felix, so he was eating over at the beef rice place near them- they were eating at a food court, which was only for Crimson Organization members. It had all the food you could ever want.

“Cyan Bandits…” Ivan read, as he, Sol, and Felix had received another mission- retrieve the Possession Ring from the Cyan Bandits. They were apparently a group of skilled bandits that have been known to steal precious artefacts. The overarching question was how did they get in? How did they steal it? However, Sol, Felix, and Ivan focused on the mission, and headed towards Waypoint Cave, not too far from where they were right now- just past the forest outside of the city, in fact.

“So, this is Elwood Forest,” Ivan said, after they arrived at the forest. It had incredibly tall trees, named Elwood Trees, hence the name of the forest, which almost only appeared here. “There have been rumours that a tree-like monster named ‘Treetolis’ appears here- it has evolved to look just like Elwood Trees, and when their prey least expects it- they attack!” Felix told the group. Ivan and Sol both became wary of this danger, but not the distant growling, and the bandits that were soon to come. 

“I haven’t seen any Treetolis around here,” Sol pointed out, “But there are lots of mosquitos.”.  The forest was getting denser, with trees blocking most of the sunlight. They couldn’t see too much.  “GRRWLLL…” “What’s that noise?” Ivan asked, however, no one else knew. “Some sort of animal, perhaps?” Felix said.

“Looks like a group of Crimson Organization people are here. Probably looking for the Possession Ring,” A person wearing a Cyan outfit said. They were riding on a group of Cyan Tigers, a type of tiger that was found deep inside Celdan Cave, quite near Elwood Forest. “Azure, shall we ambush them?” Another person wearing a cyan outfit asked a boy named Azure. “Sure.” Azure replied, staring off into the distance. 

“No sign of any Treetolis, or Cyan Bandits, or Wolves, just more MOSQUITOES!” Sol complained, as they walked around the forest. “GRRLWDLLWORLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!” A huge growl echoed throughout the forest. Sol, Ivan, and Felix got into their battle positions, as three of the Cyan Bandits jumped out of the class. “Blizzaro!” Felix commanded, as ice crystals shot out of his hand. Sol’s Sun Blade didn’t work as there was now no sunlight at all, but he did learn handy skills with magic, sword, and gun. “Blizzard!” Sol cried, unleashing a smaller version of Felix’s Blizzaro. “Blizzard as well!” Ivan commanded, using the same attack. However, the bandits were unfazed. “Blue, go left! Azure, right!” a bandit commanded. “Barrier!” Felix unleashed another spell, creating a barrier around the party.  Sol pulled out his new Crimson Goggles, which scanned his opponent for weaknesses. The bandits resisted ice, but were weak to fire. “Let’s try my new spell- Incinerate!” Sol used this powerful fire spell, creating a pillar of flame that blew away the bandits. Ivan and Felix followed with their own fire spells. Once the smoke cleared, the Cyan Bandits were defeated. 

The group tied up the Cyan Bandits and got the Possession Ring back. They then took the bandits with them.  One interesting thing was that one of the bandits, Azure, was a former Crimson Organization member. One of the most skilled, but went missing only seven months into the war. Azure said he was captured by the bandits, and wanted to rejoin the organisation. Matthew said this was ok, but asked him to complete missions with Sol, Felix, and Ivan so they could keep an eye on him.

Some time later, the war had settled down a bit, so the group had a little break. However, the conflict was not resolved, so this was only temporary. 

“Sol! Look at what I found!” Felix came rushing out of the library, holding a thick book titled “Olden Clans of the Elements”. “I found something that could be related to your past! See, in this book, most of the clans are gone, but a few still remain! For example, the Sun Clan! They have sun powers like you, and most have sun-related names like Sol!” Felix exclaimed, and Sol was shocked as well. “Solar Plains was the last reported home of the Sun Clan.” Azure said, “We should go there!” Ivan suggested. “Alright, to Solar Plains it is!” Sol exclaimed, excited.

“Solar Plains is probably the place with the most sunshine- it resonates with the sun. Eternia has places that resonated with certain elements- Solar plains being the sun. It would make sense the Sun Clan would settle here.” Felix explained to the group. They were getting close to the Solar Plains by now. Sol had learnt more about his Sun Power as well, but still couldn’t control it. However, he could sort of merge the power with an elemental attack. He had learnt how to do it with fire already. 

“The Sun Clan used to make up 20% of Eternia’s population- the biggest clan- but 177 years ago, most of them died out from the Elemental Wars, and now they only reside in the Solar Plains with only a few hundred people left.” Azure told the group, reading from the book. 

They group soon found themselves in the Solar Plains, a vast and expansive plains with a breathtaking view. All sorts of animals lived here- deers, bison, and more. They saw a few orange-and-red coloured huts. They presumed these were the Sun Clan’s. They approached, but suddenly, five blurry figures zoomed out of the huts and attacked. They were from the Sun Clan. Sol, Felix, Azure, and Ivan were knocked backwards. Sol knew it was time to try out his elemental sun-magic. “Solfire!” The spell was a combination of the sun element and the fire element. The Sun Clan members instantly knew the caster was one from the Sun Clan, so they backed away. “Who are you?” one of the members asked. “Sol,” Sol replied.  

The members of the Sun Clan led them to one of their huts. “So, what are you guys doing here?” A member of the Sun Clan asked. “Well, it’s a long story.” For the next hour, Sol told the Sun Clan how he had woken up, not remembering anything, joining the Crimson Organization, and embarking on missions like freeing prisoners, getting the Possession Ring, and retrieving the Possession Ring from the Cyan Bandits.

“That’s odd,” A Sun Clan member commented. “Not many members of the Sun Clan have left the plains for the last seven years because of the war- and certainly no one lost their memory.” Another said. “Well, judging from what you said, you probably haven’t undergone the Sun Stone Trial yet, as you struggle to control your powers. We’ll sort that out for you.” A third member told Sol. “Wait- what’s a Sun Stone Trial?” Sol asked.

“The Sun Stone Trial is a trial undergone by all Sun Clan members. The Sun Stone is a stone that strengthens a Sun Clan member’s sun power, and allows the user to fully control their power. The Sun Stone can only be found in a place called the Sun Caves, very close to here. Be wary, though. The cave is guarded by puzzles and monsters- that is what makes it a trial.” the Sun Clan member said. Sol grinned. “So this Sun Clan Trial is what I will be doing now.”

Only Sol and a guide, a Sun Clan member named Ray, were allowed to go for his trial. He made his way to the Sun Caves. They were dark, but illuminated with orange light. “Those are Sun Rocks, not to be confused with Sun Stones,” Ray said, pointing to the rocks producing the orange light. “Sun Stones give off a more yellowish light, and are smoother.” 

“Hey, what are those?” Sol pointed to a few creatures below the rock face they were on. “Sun Spiders,” Ray said. “You’ll have to get past those to progress to the next cavern. Sol climbed down, and drew the Sun Blade. It wasn’t too bright, so the sword barely activated. He dashed forward, knocking down one spider. It countered with its stingers, but Sol jumped out of the way, then slashed with his sword. Two more spiders appeared, and shot needles. Sol dodged most of them, but got hit. He then tried using Blizzard, and that was quite effective against these spiders. He concentrated, and unleashed the Sun-Ice spell, Solfreeze. The whole battlefield froze, with sun blasts finishing off all the spiders. 

“Phew…” Sol sighed, tired. “Where’s the door to the next cavern?” Sol asked. “I can’t tell you that,” Ray said. Then, Sol noticed a rock formation blocking what looked like a door. Those rocks wouldn’t budge, and using swords or magic didn’t work. The thought came to him. What about Sun power? That was what he needed to learn, anyway. He concentrated, and a new sun spell formed. “Solthunder!” thundering sun power pierced through the rocks, leaving a clear path to the door. “Good job! You cleared the first cavern.” Ray told Sol, while Sol pushed the door open.

The second room looked a bit like a maze. There were different paths that led to the end of the maze, with blocks and creatures blocking the path. Sol started on the maze, and he found out the blocks couldn’t be moved, even by sun power, but defeating the creatures cleared a path forward. Sol found dead ends, and chose different paths. After quite some time, Sol had tried every path he could see, but none of them led to the door at the end. They all connected to a small space in the middle. 

“Think… Think…” Sol muttered, trying to get past the cavern. By now, he had tried every path a few times, and he was getting really tired and frustrated. Sol looked around this middle room he had been in so many times, and noticed there were Sun Rocks and sun symbols and drawings everywhere. He thought, what if this room was the answer, and that door was just to confuse him? What if he was supposed to go down, not forward? He blasted a couple of Sun magic attacks, and to his surprise and relief, a hole formed in the middle of the room, which he thought he was supposed to go down. “Congrats! You finished the second cavern! Good thinking there.” Ray told Sol. Sol carefully climbed into the hole, but instead of finding something like a ladder, he just fell through it.

“Ahh!!” Sol exclaimed, finally landing. He didn’t feel anything though. The cavern was bright, and it felt sort of magical. “You have made it to the final cavern. This is the final test before you get your Sun Stone and become an official member of the Sun Clan. Good luck!” Ray said, then he disappeared.

Sol felt rumbling throughout the cavern. A huge, towering rock golem appeared through a gate. It swung its huge arms at Sol, and Sol narrowly dodged it. Sword attacks weren’t working on it, so he decided to use his Crimson Goggles to find out the golem’s weakness. “Wind attacks,” Sol read, then proceeded to unleash a ‘Aero’ spell, which was  a wind magic attack. Sol was surprised nothing happened. What was he going to do now? Sol was getting tired, and the golem continued to attack without stopping. “What should I do?” he thought to himself, narrowly dodging a rock blast from the golem. Suddenly, he thought of an idea. What about a sun spell? Mixed with wind? That had to work, right? So he tried the spell. “Solbreeze!” Sol exclaimed, unleashing a blast similar to a heatwave. The golem was pushed back, seemingly weakened. Sol continued pelting Solbreeze attacks at the golem, and the golem looked weakened, but not defeated. He felt like this wasn’t the way to defeat it either.

“Magic and long-ranged attacks don’t work as well as physical and close-ranged attacks,” Sol read from the Crimson Goggles menu. He felt a glow on his back, and remembered he could use the Sunblade. He also remembered that the Sunblade wouldn’t work, as it had no wind power in it. Sol suddenly had a thought. What if he mixed that Solbreeze spell into the blade and used it as a close range attack instead? He decided to try to do this by firing a Solbreeze spell at the sword, except he didn’t notice the golem’s huge rocky arm swinging at him. 

A direct hit! Sol blew back, and the Sunblade went flying across the battlefield. Sol could barely get up, and the golem was rushing towards Sol with another arm swing. Sol quickly thought of a plan, but wasn’t sure if it’d work or not. This was his last chance! Instead of running away, Sol closed in on the golem and climbed up its arm! The golem tried to swing Sol off, but Sol quickly got to its shoulders, which rendered the golem unable to attack. He slid down the golem’s other arm, to find himself right at the Sunblade, which was charged with wind energy! He rushed towards the golem with his sword ready to slash, thinking of the new ability, Aeroblade! The sword cut the golem clean in half, and the golem quickly became a pile of rocks. Sol had succeeded!

“Great job! You cleared all the trials! You’re an official sun clan member now.” Ray announced. They excited the cavern. Sol was extremely tired, and for the whole day, he just rested. The next day would be when he got his Sun Stone.

It was a sunny morning. Birds were chirping, and the wind was breezing along. Sol was ready to receive his Sun Stone.  He walked outside his cabin, making his way to the ‘Temple of the Sun’, a sacred temple that Ray said he would get his Sun Stone in. Once he got there, a few Sun Clan members greeted him, and Sol walked forward, to see Ray and a few Sun Clan members. The temple was not too big, but not too small either. It had colours like white, gold, yellow, and orange. Cultural markings were also dotted across the structure.  “Welcome to the Temple of the Sun. These are the other six people that lead the Sun Clan, named the Council of the Sun. That’s Beam, and there’s Day, Light, Bask, Flare, and Shine. We make decisions about what happens around here.” Ray told Sol. Sol eyed the Sun Stone. It was shining yellow, perfectly smooth in an orb-like shape. It was rather small, and was placed inside a bracelet. It was placed in the middle of a table which was placed in the middle of the temple. He felt a strange connection to it. “You can get the Sun Stone now, and you will wear it on your arm. It will not only help you control your Sun power, it will also signify your allegiance and membership to the Sun Clan.” One of the Council members, Light, told Sol. Sol reached forward and grabbed the bracelet, and put it on his left arm. He felt power rush through him. It felt good.

A few hours later, Sol was testing his new Sun powers in the Solar Forest. He was with Felix, Ivan, Azure, Ray, and two new friends he’d made, Star and Solar. He tried blasting pure sun energy onto a target. It wasn’t very strong, and only made a small dent in the wood. It was a step in the right direction, though. At least he could control his powers properly! He noticed this energy was similar to that of the Sun Blade. Where did the Crimson Organization get that, anyways? He tried a few more different attacks, like a close range punch with Sun power. 

“Not bad for a newbie,” Ray commented after the training was done. The group was at a restaurant. Sol was surprised how quiet the home of the Sun Clan was, compared to the big cities. Sol, Ivan, Felix, and Azure were ready to return to the Crimson Organization base, as their break was over. They were just waiting for another mission. “Hey, before you leave, there's a final test I want you to do. Battle against Star and Solar, who actually are one or our newest members. They are too inexperienced with Sun power, and you have more combat experience. Of course, it will be with fake weapons and armour to protect you against real damage from Sun power. The only magic is Sun power, by the way. The first side to pin one of their opponents down for ten seconds or until the opponent says ‘I give up’ will win, or if one side’s people have all been knocked out.” Ray told Sol, Star, and Solar. “Ok,” they all agreed.

After lunch, the group went to a battlefield. They were all equipped with Sun resisting armour, and wooden swords as well as shields. “Three, two, one, battle begin!” Ray announced. Star jumped to the left and Solar to the right, both firing Sun blasts. Sol swiftly jumped up, dodging both attacks, sending a Sun Blast of his own at Star. Star struggled to dodge it, but managed to and fired another Sun Blast. Sol was going to dodge, but did not notice Solar pinning him down from behind. He knew what to do- he blasted a Sun Blast right at Solar’s face, stunning him. Sol then swiftly turned and pinned Solar down with his sword. He tried to knock out Solar with another Sun Blast, but was disrupted by a Sun Blast from Star, who was nearing, and while Sol was blocking with his shield, Solar managed to roll away, getting back on his feet. Sol was getting tired. This did not look good. Sol tried to blast a Sun Blast from both hands, but failed, only making puffs of energy. Star and Solar neared, swords drawn. Sol ran to the other side of the battlefield, thinking of a plan. He had one, but it was really reliant on luck. He fired a Sun Blast to his left, where Solar was running, then one on the right, where Star was. They both blocked with their shields. Just what Sol wanted. He leaped up high, bouncing on Solar’s shield, and Sol plunged his sword into Solar’s armour, then rapidly firing as many Sun blasts as he could. Star was running towards Sol quickly, and if he got here, it would be over. As Solar fell down, unconscious, Sol took a chance, and tried to leap onto Star’s shield. He slipped! Star managed to fire another Sun Blast, pushing Sol backwards. Sol knew he had only one chance to attack Star. He remembered what he did in the fight against the golem, and he charged Sun power into his sword. He then ran right towards Star, shield raised, as Star struggled to fire another Sun Blast, bouncing harmlessly off Sol’s shield. Sol got close enough, and slashed at Star with his sword. Star tried to counter with a slash of his own, but the power from Sol’s sword, now imbued with Sun energy, pushed away Star’s sword, and landed a direct hit. After Sol fired off a final Sun Blast, Star fell down, unconscious as well. “Team Sol wins!” Ray announced. Felix, Ivan, and Azure all clapped.

“You have truly proven yourself, Sol, now go back to this Crimson Organization and save the world!” Ray told Sol, placing his hand on Sol’s shoulder. “See ya!” Star and Solar exclaimed, as the group walked away.

A few days later, Azure officially rejoined the Crimson Organization, and the group eagerly waited for their next mission. Oddly, Azure always seemed missing and barely attended training lessons.  One day, Azure appeared at Sol’s room. “I’ve finally found enough evidence.” Azure said. “What do you mean?” Sol asked, confused. “Seven years ago, I never really ‘Went missing’. I left. There were other rumours that the Cyan Bandits kidnapped me for my battle talent and wits, but that isn’t true either. The truth is that I overheard a conversation between Matthew and Lygar, the shadowy leader of the Crimson Organization. They said that they wanted to take over Elvia and Lygar was to become the leader of both continents. So I left. Now I’m back to continue investigating, and while I was in the Cyan Bandits, I looked at the actions of the Crimson Organization. Think about it. The prisoners you freed a few months back. They were all members of the Crimson Organization, captured by Elvians. All these dangerous artefacts like the Sun Blade, which was supposed to be stolen by the Cyan Bandits. Actually, those were Crimson Organization members. My last piece of proof is that these few weeks, I think you’ve noticed I've been gone. I’ve overheard a conversation between Lygar and Matthew again. Our latest mission. Defeating this ‘evil’ tribe in Elvia. That tribe is far from evil. The Moonfall Tribe is a normal elvian tribe, but a strong one, which could pose a threat against the Crimson Organization’s plans. Here, I even have a recording on my iPad.” Azure told Sol, showing a clip on his iPad:

“So, what should the next mission be?” Matthew asked Lygar. They were in an unknown room Sol didn’t recognize. “We need to weaken Elvia before we can do a takeover. Our forces aren’t strong enough, even with Sol, Felix, and Azure. We need to take down all the strongest tribes, leaving Elvia in shambles.” Lygar said. “What about the Moonfall Tribe? It’s one of the strongest tribes in Elvia, and Sol should be a good match against them with his sun power and their moon power.” Matthew told Lygar. “Sure. Send them the mission request, making Moonfall Tribe look like an  ‘evil tribe’ soon. You may leave.” Lygar said.

“Woah… I don’t know what to say…” Sol said, aghast. “Well, we need to get Felix and Ivan, and leave. At once. Before they notice all of this. Then we can make an action plan.” Azure said. They quickly left for Felix’s room, which was close by. They told the story to Felix, and he quickly joined. Finally, they went to Ivan, who also agreed. They quickly left, saying they were going on a recon mission to find out more about the Moonfall Tribe. 

“So, where should the base be?” Sol asked. “I recommend a faraway island. Like… Mist Island, at the very north of Elvia.” Felix recommended. “Good choice,” Azure commented, looking at a map of both continents. They couldn’t use Crimson Organization transport, so it was hard to get out of Eternia without getting caught in the crossfire of the war. Luckily, Azure knew about a secret ferry service that went to Elvia; they took that and ended up in Edgepoint port, near Edgepoint, the tallest mountain in Elvia, and also up north of Elvia. It was nearing sunset when the group got off the ferry. “Well, Mist Island is really close, right in the middle of the Orthian Sea, which is right in front of us.” Felix said. “There’s nothing there, it’s just really misty,” Sol said. “That’s the reason I picked this island. There is no way to get into it until the mist clears up. That only happens a week every single year. That week just happens to be starting tomorrow, which is why I picked this island. Even so, the island is still misty and barely visible, so only people who know of the exact location of the island can enter it.” Felix said. “Well, we can stay in the Orthian Hotel for the night, right?” Sol pointed at a hotel near them. “Sure- I heard there’s a good seafood restaurant there too- it’s not too expensive, but it still is a little expensive, so luckily I brought some money.” Felix said, fishing out a stack of Elvian money from his pocket. “The Organization gave me a bunch of these before we left.” Felix said. They entered the hotel, and checked in for the night.

“This is really good,” Sol said, munching on some salmon. They were in the seafood restaurant at the hotel. Felix looked at the cost. “Well, the night at the hotel is 3200 Elvdollars, and dinner was 900 Elvdollars. That means we still have 5900 Elvdollars left. Good enough.” 

The next morning, the place where Mist Island was still very misty. However, if Sol looked really closely, he could see the outline of what looked like an island. “Let’s go.” Felix said, after they all packed their stuff into huge waterproof bags and wore swimsuits they bought from the gift store. Felix also muttered, “Another 2200 Elvdollars gone… Pretty expensive, 250 per bag and 300 per swimsuit.”. They started swimming, and as they got closer, the island got more visible in an hour, they stopped at a couple of big rocks for a break. The island was now completely visible, and they were getting close. They neared the shore in another thirty minutes, as Felix walked on shore. They found a good space- a spacious cave. They put their stuff down and Ivan made a door. Soon, they were all cleaned up and the base was ready. The group put a few sheets of paper and pencils on a makeshift rock table. “I’m gonna go explore the island,” Ivan said. By the time Ivan came back, night had fallen. He also brought back a few fish he had caught. They roasted them over a campfire as Azure explained their next plan of action.

“We don’t have enough power. With our Crimson Teleporter, we can teleport here anytime we want. I’ve already disconnected this with the Crimson Organization; they can’t keep track with our teleportations. For the next few weeks, Ivan and Felix will stay at the base, stocking up on more supplies and training your skills. Me and Sol will try to find new members to join our group, which we have named Crimson Fire.” Azure explained.

The group all agreed, and the next day, Sol and Azure set off to find new members to join Crimson Fire. Sol and Azure got back to Orthian Hotel, and they learnt of a hero crew that could be useful to have on their side. They were currently going to the top of Edgepoint to defeat a giant snake that was causing a nuisance to the town there. “Well, looks like the next stop is Edgepoint,” Sol told Azure.

Edgepoint was incredibly tall. From down there, the peak was covered by the clouds. Sol and Azure started the hike to Edgepeak, the highest point in Elvia- the top of Edgepoint. It was a perilous climb, but luckily they brought lots of water to drink on larger rock formations. They were almost halfway and were on a huge rock formation that they could sit down and rest, with a few trees on the side. Suddenly, three Mountain Wolves jumped out from the trees and attacked. Reacting quickly, Sol drew the Sun Blade and leaped forward, attacking. Azure readied his knives for a long-ranged attack. These wolves were not very strong, and soon they were scared off and ran into the distance. Azure heard a shooting noise, and Sol fell down, unconscious. He was hit! Azure looked backwards. A few Crimson Organization members. He dodged a few bullets and threw one of his knives. Direct hit! One member toppled down. Azure used a few magic blasts to knock out the others, and then he ran over to Sol. He was knocked out, and injured. Azure healed him up as much as he could, but Sol stayed unconscious. Night had fallen, so Azure decided to set up camp here for the night.

The next day, Sol woke up and the group continued climbing. By sunset, the group reached the peak and Edgepeak Village. They asked around about the snake and the heroes. They apparently were staying in Edgepeak Inn. They found the three heroes in one of the rooms. “My name is Sabrina,” one said.  “Mine is Brock.” another stated. “And mine is Surge!” the one wearing sunglasses said. “We’ve heard you guys are awesome heroes. Do you want to join our group to try to defeat the evil organization called the Crimson Organization?” Sol asked. “First, you have to prove yourselves. Your task is this. Aid us in defeating the Giant Snake of Edgepeak, and if you prove yourselves, we will join you.” Brock said.

The next morning, they went to a cavern, which Brock said was the home of the snake. The snake was sleeping, curled up inside. “This should be easy,” Sol whispered, and jumped forward, Sun Blade drawn. The snake’s eyes snapped open and its tail lashed towards Sol, knocking him backwards. Azure tried to use his knives, but they bounced harmlessly off the Snake, who was starting to uncoil. Sabrina and Surge’s magic and Brock’s sword slashes did a similar job. It then spun, knocking everyone back. How were they going to defeat the snake now? 

Sol’s Crimson Goggles were back at base, but he noticed ice attacks were more potent against it. “Everyone, use Ice magic!” Sol yelled over all the attacks. Everyone unleashed ice attacks, and the snake fell on the ground, not moving. “Let’s finish it off! Everyone uses their strongest attack!” Sol exclaimed, readying his most powerful sun spell, Solstrom. After all the attacks, the snake lay dead on the ground. “Yes! We have defeated the Giant Snake of Edgepeak!” Brock exclaimed. 

The group, including the three heroes, had a celebratory dinner that night at the village. The hero group agreed to join Crimson Fire. The next day, the party was ready to return to the base, teleporting back to Mist Island. “Felix?” Azure said, looking for Felix. “Ivan?” Sol said. The two were both gone. Suddenly, a platoon of Crimson Organization members entered, led by Ivan.

“What are you doing with the organization, Ivan?” Sol asked, sword drawn. “I was undercover for the Organization. There’s no way the Crimson Organization would do something like that. You have no loyalty. I have already captured Felix and put him in Crimson Prison.” Ivan said, and battle ensued. Sol dashed forward, battling a few Crimson Organization members, but there were too many. Azure helped from behind, throwing knives. By the time both of them were cornered, there were still six Crimson Organization members and Ivan left. “We’ve got you now…” Ivan said, sneering. Suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared at the door of the hideout, rushing in quickly. Soon, the six Crimson Organization members fell down, unconscious. Ivan was gone. They hauled the members into a small prison they had made.

The group, including the shadowy figure, who looked like a half-eternian and half-elvian girl, had lunch of roasted fish. “So, thanks a lot. Who are you?” Sol asked. “My name is Raven. I used to be a member of the Crimson Organization, until three years ago, when I figured out what, well you figured out. Crimson Organization is evil. So I went rogue and left. Since then I've been slowly weakening the Crimson Organization. I know what to do now. Would you let me join your group? I’d be a big help, and with everyone, we could finally take down Crimson Organization once and for all!” Raven suggested. “Sure. The first plan of action is obviously to rescue Felix from the prison down in the Crimson Organization hideout.” Sol said. Sol, Azure, Sabrina, Brock, Surge, and Raven looked up to the night sky. Sol grinned. “We have a huge battle ahead of us.” 


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