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Harry’s New Home

“Harry, your dad got a job in America,” calmly stated Harry’s mom.

Harry replied, “So we are moving there? ”

“Yes,” replied Harry’s mom.

Harry groaned. He had never moved in his entire life and knew no one in America. “Do we have to? ”

His mom soothingly replied, “I know you know no one in America but you can make new friends.”

Harry croaked, “Okay.“

Harry slowly trudged towards his new school. He sighed softly as he walked through the front doors and stepped inside. He saw loads of kids running around the hallway. This school was much bigger than his last one. It had staircases leading to multiple floors and hallways as long as roads. Suddenly a man stepped forward and blurted, “Hello, Harry. I am your principal Mr Roberts. I believe you are new here?”

Harry sighed, “Yes, Mr Roberts.”

Mr Roberts replied, “Okay, You are assigned to class A. It is the first one on the right.”

He quickly got there and slouched down in a random seat in the classroom. After five minutes of staring at kids walking in and talking to their friends the teacher finally came in.

The teacher announced, “Hello, class 7A. In case you didn't know I am your homeroom teacher Mr Martin. Today we are going to just review our goals for this year. First of all, In history we are studying World War two. We want to write an eight page essay on it.” After one hour of waiting Harry was dismissed to his favorite class in his last school, Math.

He quickly walked into the classroom and saw everyone else was there already. He quickly sat down and saw the teacher walk in the classroom. Everyone suddenly went silent. The teacher stood up and boomed, “Hello, class. I am your math teacher, Mr Sam. Today we are doing a test to see if anyone in this class needs to be promoted.”

Harry looked at the paper in front of him. He saw many questions about fractions and exponents. Harry thought this was going to be easy. After thirty minutes Harry had finished the questions. After tapping his foot for what seemed like forever, Harry finally got his results. He had gotten 100%! Mr Sam then whispered to Harry, “Well done, I think you need to be in the advanced group.” Loads of the kids stared at him in awe, but one tall boy whispered to his friend and pointed at Harry.

After two more lessons Harry was walking toward the cafeteria when the tall boy from math blocked his way to the cafeteria and growled in a menacing tone, “Listen, I’m Nathan. Now I’ve heard about your test in math. Now I have a deal for you. You do my math homework, and I will be nice to you.”

Harry replied, “Um, no thanks.”

Nathan then said, “Okay, but you lost your chance” and strolled away. Harry stood there confused.

The next Harry walked in school and saw Nathan in the front doors. Nathan walked up to Harry and whispered, “After today you might change your mind.”

After math Harry was going to put his homework in locker and Nathan walked up and took it from him and ripped it apart. Harry had to run back to class and get a new one. During lunch Harry got himself a Sprite and Nathan shoved it into his face so he had to drink it very quickly. Harry managed to drink it but spit out a bit. After lunch Harry then thought “Should I help Nathan?” but chose not to.

The next day Nathan tried to rip apart the homework Harry finished but luckily a teacher was watching. He then tried to scribble on Harry's Social Studies work but broke his pencil while trying to do it. After that he stopped trying for a bit. He tried to make Harry drop his food at lunch but failed. During lunch a friendly kid from Harry’s new math class walked up to Harry and said, “Hello, Harry. I am Daniel. I know about the thing with Nathan and I want to help you.”

Harry replied, “Sure.”

Daniel then beamed, “Okay. So there is just one thing you need to know about Nathan, it’s that he has a serious fear of being caught. So just stay near teachers and you will be safe. Simple as that.”

Harry replied, “Thanks Daniel.”

During recess Harry caught Nathan eyeing him like a hawk. Harry automatically chose to walk to the bench under the tree to be within Mr Sam’s eyesight. Nathan then looked at Harry near Mr Sam and chose to stay away. Every five minutes he would creep up near Harry and see if Mr Sam was still there. Soon after 20 minutes he crept up to Harry and saw that Mr Sam’s eyes were looking in the opposite direction. Nathan swiftly threw his hand towards Harry’s homework but tapped Mr Sam instead. Mr Sam swung his head around and saw Nathan holding Harry’s homework in his hand while trying to run. Nathan quickly blurted, “I was just trying to help him.”

Mr Sam then sighed, “I’m not stupid, Nathan. We all know he’s good at math.”

Mr Sam gave him a detention for the month and got a letter sent home. Harry went to Daniel to say thanks for the advice.

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