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Chapter One

The town of Driplin was a loud and bustling place. Especially on sundays. People walked up and down the streets, having lots of conversations, although not many people lived in this town, work and business was at its peak these days. Houses of different sizes and colours were scattered around the town, with different roofs, some with balconies and backyards, some without.

One particular house in the mix had something very important going on.

There was a room. Inside the room, different things were sprawled out everywhere, making the room look incredibly messy. The room was already quite tiny, so it made the room a bit cramped- It was just big enough to fit the boy who was standing in the middle of the room, looking puzzled. This boy was in a heap of trouble. 

“Fin! Come outside right now- It’s lunchtime!” his mom called out from the kitchen. 

Fin dragged himself out of his room. He was quite tired. And not happy at all. Fin and his parents were on the wood brown table. It had been squeaking for the last month. “Son, today we have to talk about the new school you’ll be joining tomorrow,” Fin's dad told him. “I told you, I don’t wanna join the school.” Fin said firmly. “Maybe you don’t want to, but you have to understand- this school is expensive. We won a ticket to join, and I'm not about to refuse the amazing offer.” his dad replied. “Well, what about my friends?” Fin asked. “Well, you’ll just have to make new ones. The education in Crestwood Academy is just too good to be true.” His dad finally stated.




Fin woke up and looked at his clock. 7:56 AM. He was told to wake up at 8:00 so he was relieved he would not be scolded. School was about to start. Eating his ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast, Fin felt somewhat disappointed because he would be going to this mysterious new school, but had an interesting feeling of excitement as well.

Soon Fin was walking to his new school, Crestwood Academy. It was a new building next to the mountains on the outskirts of the village. It was big. Very big. It was probably the most grand thing Fin had ever seen. He suddenly felt more reassured. He would definitely like this school better, right?

Upon entering the huge school doors, Fin was met with a big, loud noise, lots of chatting, and a background music played into his ears- not the best start to a new school. Fin eyed a computer on a desk, which said ‘directions’. He quickly walked over to the computer and read what it said. “Classroom 43A, 45C, 48B, ah, there, it’s 51D.”, Fin muttered to himself, looking at the sheet of paper his mom had given him to see his classroom number.

Following the directions, Fin soon got to a door labelled 51D. He could already hear some noise coming from the inside of the classroom, and noticed it was already 8:28. School would start at 8:30. Fin pushed open the door, greeted with no more than fifteen kids and only one teacher. Most of the students didn’t notice him, with his teacher gesturing him to sit down.

“Hello, kids,” the teacher started, “my name is Ms. Tyler, and welcome to class 51C. Now may you all introduce yourself?”. Kyle, Tyson, Abbie, Leo, and many more said their own names, until Ms. T asked Fin. “What is your name?” Ms. T said, pointing to Fin. “My name is, uh, Fin.” Fin replied. 

There were not many classes on the day, mostly people talking about each other, and the teacher explaining what would happen over the school year. 

Fin found a bit of trouble talking to anyone or trying to make a friend- he didn’t really ask, but in his old school, he didn’t have to. There were so many people around the school, and he even had trouble navigating the many classrooms, even with those computers to guide him.

Not before long, Fin had finished up all his classes, and was heading back home. He saw someone behind him. Then he fell over. He got up, feeling dazed and confused, looking up at that person. “I got a bone to pick with you, new kid.” he said. “Uh, why?” Fin asked. “Cause!” he shouted back, and walked away.

Fin didn’t understand why that kid pushed him over- must be a bully, he thought, but it was a new experience. “Hey, Fin! Wanna play Football?” a kid asked on the football pitch. Fin instantly recognized who it was- it was his friend Matthew, from his old school. “Sure!” Fin called out to Matthew.

Fin was good at Football, but not so good at everything else about fitness. He kicked the ball around with Matthew, Tom, and Greg, his friends, and scored a few goals. After half-an-hour, Tom had to go home, so everyone said goodbye. “Hey, how’s the new school, Fin?” Greg asked him. “It’s ok, I guess,” Fin replied. 

Soon, Fin got home, and with no homework and not much to do, just watched TV until dinner. At seven, Fin's parents got home.

“How was school?” Fin’s mom asked him at the dinner table. “It was ok, I guess,” Fin repeated the answer for the question Greg asked. “Well, that’s good, son.” Fin’s dad replied. Fin soon went to bed at nine thirty, and the night passed.

The next morning, Fin got up, and walked to school eager. It was test day, to determine which class he was in. He didn’t like tests, but he wanted to show this school how good he was. 

The day was hard. The tests were hard. He was tired by lunch, munching on his chicken wings. The tests were finally over. 

Walking through the hallway, Fin saw the kid who pushed him over with two other big kids, munching on their sandwiches. He decided to avoid them. They were only going to cause more trouble for him. “Avoiding Dylan and his group too, huh?” a boy asked from behind him. “Yeah, I guess. Who are you?” Fin replied. “I’m Kyle, from Class 50C.” Kyle said. “Ok, well, see you around!” Fin told him.

Fin walked home happy. He had made a friend, he thought. Kyle seemed nice enough. “What’s with that smile on your face, huh? Did well on tests?” A voice loomed over it. Fin recognized the voice- it was Dylan. Fin ran, leaving Dylan in the distance, surprised. 

Once Fin got home, he immediately opened his laptop and started to check for Kyle’s GMail account. He found it, and texted him. “Hi, wanna come to my house or yours next Tuesday?”.

When Fin’s parents got home, they had dinner together. Fin asked his mom “Can’t we eat Grill’s Steakhouse, mom? This market fish is getting tiring.”. “The steakhouse is expensive, Fin, and the market is affordable!” His mom replied. “Plus, we’re going there next Thursday for your birthday.”

Fin was excited. He finished his fish and rice, thinking about the steak he would have next week. He couldn’t believe he forgot! He then heard a ding! on his laptop, and he saw a message. “Sure, Fin, come to my house!” Fin was excited. He had really made a friend.

The next day, Fin arrived at school, and saw Kyle walking to the 50c classroom. He decided he would talk to him at snack time. He was careful to avoid Dylan entering his classroom.

The day passed normally, and the weekend passed by. Soon it was Tuesday, when Fin would go to Kyle’s house. He was excited, as he had fun with Kyle the few days before. They both liked Football, and they played the same games. It would be fun to finally have a friend at his new school.

The day felt like forever, and hours and hours seemed to pass by as the classes went by. But finally the last class, Science, was over. The bell rang, and Kyle and Fin ran out of the classroom. But there was one problem. “Ah, Kyle and Fin,” Dylan said, clenching his fists. Kyle and Fin only had one thought- Uh-Oh we’re in trouble. Fin ran, and ran, and ran, with Kyle following close behind. Good thing was that Dylan was slower than both of them. 

Soon, Kyle and Fin had reached Kyle’s house. Fin instantly realised Kyle’s house was way bigger and nicer than Fin’s house- he must have paid for Crestwood, not win a ticket there like he had. They started playing video games, like Cybercraft and Forest of Spirits. Soon it was almost dinner time, and Fin had to leave. “Want to play again another day?” Fin asked Kyle. “Sure,” Kyle replied.

“It’s great you made a friend only after a week of school!” Fin’s mom told him happily. He was excited to go to Grill’s Steakhouse on Thursday. This week was turning out to be a perfect one.

The next day, the day passed. This was the only day between him and the delicious steak, but it would be the worst day of his life.

Chapter Two

After the classes of the day, Fin heard crying from one of the toilet stalls. He walked closer, and he noticed that it was Kyle. “What happened?” he asked, knocking on the door. “It was Dylan, he got me…” Kyle muttered. “What can I do to help?” Fin asked. “Just leave me alone for now…” Kyle muttered back. So Fin did, and he walked home.

Later in the day, Fin was finishing his homework, and heard a ding! sound from his laptop. He figured it was a notification. He opened his laptop, and a wave of shock overcame him. It was a message from Kyle, saying “I can’t go to school anymore- my mom thinks it’s not good for me to get bullied- but I don’t agree. I’m really sorry!” Sadness washed over Fin. His only friend left Crestwood, and now he had no one to talk to in school. Suddenly, everything became a drag.

The next day, Fin opened and arrived at school, not noticing Kyle anywhere. He instantly remembered what happened yesterday, and it felt like he now had to carry a rock on his back. He had no point for school anymore, and it had no fun in it. He just wanted to get this over with so he could go to the steakhouse. This was his worst birthday, hands down.

Every class felt like a whole day, and when break time came, he had no one to chat to. But eventually, the day did pass. He went home, excited for the Steak. But he still felt sadness in him.

Soon, Fin was walking with his parents to Grill’s Steakhouse. He had gotten a new game, Smash Town 2, for his birthday, and could not wait to play it when he got back home. He seemed to forget about what had happened in school, and he enjoyed his steak immensely, until he remembered about school. But he also knew one thing- Mr. Grill, the steakhouse’s owner, was friends with his family, and Fin always looked to Mr. Grill for advice and insight when his parents couldn’t provide it- and he wouldn’t tell what happened at school to his parents anyways- the teacher didn’t seem to help, with Dylan staying the same, so Mr. Grill seemed to be the best choice.

Fin soon found himself in Mr. Grill’s house, just by the steakhouse. “So, what’s up, buddy?” Mr. Grill asked Fin. Fin told him everything. “Oh, Dylan, huh? I’ve heard about a lot of people being bullied by Dylan.” Mr. Grill said. “Well, what do you think I should do?” Fin asked. “You gotta stand up for yourself and stand up to those bullies. I suggest beating them in some sort of contest. I know there’s a Football tournament soon, and Dylan’s on the team. If you beat him in a Football match, you’d gain popularity and show Dylan up. And I know for a fact you're good at Football! ” Mr. Grill said. “Oh ok, i’ll definitely try that- thanks! Now I think I have to go- I have some Smash Town 2 to play!

Fin felt happy and ready as he smashed down enemies in Smash Town 2. He knew what he was going to do.

Fin signed up for the tournament- it was game on. He knew he would do everything to beat Dylan. He did have trouble finding a team, but in the end he joined 51 United, with one more open space. He then practised Football for another two hours, because getting ready for the tournament in two weeks would need a lot of practise. He would not lose.

The weeks passed by, with even more training. He had gotten to know his teammates better, like Ivan, Xavier, and James, and he had gotten somewhat some respect within the team- he was one of the best players there. The football tournament was tomorrow, and Fin was ready.

The cheering began as Fin entered the stadium for his first match. It wasn’t Dylan’s team, but he knew he would probably be facing his team in the finals. Dylan’s team had mowed down the opponent very quickly and skillfully. It would be a hard match.

Soon, three more matches had passed by, and it was time for the finals- against Dylan’s team, as Fin had predicted. This was it. This was the final showdown. Xavier started by dribbling the ball around some of the defenders, passing the ball to Ivan nearby. Ivan took his chance to score, but he missed. The goalie from Dylan’s team threw the ball to a striker, and the striker passed it to Dylan. And Dylan scored. Dylan scored again. And again. AND AGAIN. It was 0-4, and It seemed like it would be impossible to win. But was it? Xavier dribbled, passed to Ivan, who passed to James. James got real close to the goal and did a skillful kick into the goal! Everyone cheered- 1-4. Fin thought they might just have a chance.

James stole the ball from one of the opposition’s midfielders, kicking it to Fin ahead, who weaved past two defenders and passed the ball to Ivan, standing near the goal. Ivan just nudged it in the goal, and the score was now 2-4. Then motion was in. Fin knew his team was going to win. Next, Fin started with the ball, passing it to James, who quickly passed it to Ivan before getting swarmed by defenders. Ivan was close to the goal, so he passed it to Xavier, who got past the goalie and did a quick weave to get the ball into the goal. Goal after goal, everyone cheered. 3-4. This was it. The final stretch. Nate from the team did a wonderful goal to make it 4-4, and now it was the last goal. But there was only ten minutes left in the match- the last goal needed to be hasty. Nate passed the ball to Xavier, but Dylan stole the ball! Fin came rushing towards Dylan, feeling revenge in his heart. He did a skillful swift hop and took the ball from Dylan, who was already running at him. Fin crossed half court, passed two defenders, and kicked the ball into the goal! 5-4! With only five seconds left, the exciting game had come to a close. Five goals in a row! And 51 United had won the match. Everyone cheered. Fin was happy, and Dylan didn’t seem as fierce as he normally was. He knew Fin had won.

Back home, Fin was bubbling up with excitement and energy, even after his tiring football match, he was smashing his controller in Smash Town 2, almost beating the first boss. He felt adrenaline inside him, and he also knew that he had made some new friends. Mr. Grill’s strategies always worked, Fin thought, after finally defeating Gordogan, the first boss.

The next week, Fin had become Ivan, Xavier, Nate, and James’s friends! He would play with them and Greg, Matthew, and Tom. School was happy and fun for Fin, and Dylan never bullied Fin again.





Fin had just came back from school, and a ding! sound came from his laptop. Another notification, Fin thought, opening his laptop. It was from Kyle! Fin gasped. It read “I heard about how you won the Football tournament a few months ago! Forgot to tell you- and also, I’ll be coming back to school next year!”

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