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  • Jonathan Wang

Warriors of Destiny


It was morning in the Medieval Kingdom and the night sky had faded into the brightness . The town was roaming with people murmuring about what to wear to the palace to present themselves to King Ramadam. Guards were standing at every entrance of the shiny, iridescent palace that was glimmering in the sun, checking everybody’s pockets and bags.

Today, Mowseer, the knight, was putting on an iron helmet and an enchanted suit of silver chains in the bathroom of his chamber. His neighbors, Kye, Dan, and Walter were all knights who met in the Royal Academy. Kye was putting on iron armor with a tunic helmet and Dan was wearing leather armor and a gold helmet. Walter was wearing diamond armor with a golden chestplate.They were getting ready to check in with their Commander at the Grand Hall.

At the same time, deeply hidden in the Medieval kingdom was a magical hut with a wizard named Enchanto and he was getting ready to meet King Ramadam as well. He was wearing a cape with potions attached inside and he put on his pointy hat with stars and grabbed his stick-like wand and rushed out.

On the outskirts of the Kingdom, where the protection walls and towers are located, there was also an archer named Archie, who was also getting ready. He was wearing iron armor and a cape, and he was holding his crossbow and arming his pockets with types of arrows. Once he was ready, he climbed down the ladder of the tower onto the Kingdom grounds, and took a chariot to the King’s Palace.

These six people did not know what adventure awaits them, or what powers are hidden within them. It is the year 1419, and these people did not know how much fear will be coming tomorrow…

Today’s ordinary warriors, tomorrow's super heroes. Who knows what they can do… nobody knows, not even themselves. Drizzle will rise when night falls and at dawn the fear will come.


BEEP BEEP BEEP! “what's happening?” Dan grunted.

The knights were on the way to the Grand Hall when Dan realized “woah!” It was the king’s alarm! A surge of panic flew through his body. They rushed to the King’s Throne Room, and saw a crowd of people murmuring, thunderstruck about what happened.


A gasp spread through the army……….

The King continued angrily, “I declare war against this puny, measly dragon. Keep alert for dragons at all costs. I am sending a group of soldiers to hunt for this dragon and to bring him back. I will ask some of my highest ranking warriors to put this dragon into an inescapable cage.”

Just as the king was going to continue, a messenger popped in from the side of the stage and whispered in a shakily voice, 'uh, we don't have any more arrows and rocks in the wall.’

The King looked alarmed, and quickly said, “There is nothing to worry about.”

After the king finished his speech, he sended out Sergeant Dan, Captain Mowseer, Officer Kye, Knight Walter, and the Wizard Enchanto to get supplies. They quickly ran to their houses, grabbed some food and weapons and set off.

“We can get supplies from a raid in an arena or scavenge through the forest!”, exclaimed Walter.

Mowseer said, “I think we should go to raid. It's more safe because the enemies are easy to defeat. "

Then Enchanto said, “The forest is dangerous and has many monsters.” They all nodded in agreement and Enchanto gave each of them an Ender Pearl. Together, they teleported to the raid.

There was a sign on the outside that said

1 battle = 30 arrows

5 battles = 20 stones and 30 arrows

15 battles = 50 arrows and 50 rocks

They fought through many gladiators and in exchange got some arrows. SLASH! BAM! WHIP!

First, they fought the lone swordsman, who was a bit strong. Then, they fought the Captive King of the gladiators, which they nearly met their end. The gladiator who was the Feared Archer took a couple of minutes to defeat. They used all their effort and power to take out the gladiators. They fought for hours tirelessly, when suddenly, a bell rang.

An old man came up and announced, “Well done! You have defeated 15 gladiators!” Then, he gave them 50 arrows and 50 rocks.

”That's not enough for the kingdom to attack Drizzle” Dan stated. There were far more knights and archers than the amount of arrows they just collected. They would have to go to the Cashino Wood.

Cashino Woods was scary. It was dense with trees and full of shadows and skulls of past travelers remaining on the ground. Danger could be lurking at any corner. Sometimes, there was even a red aura in the sky. It is known for its monster myths.

By the time the knights arrived, the sky was gray and gloomy, with fog running through. Dead trees were everywhere and fallen leaves surrounded them. As they continued their journey inside the woods, searching for arrow tips from the ground and axes from the trees, they saw a sign that read “GOBLIN TERRITORY”. They saw a bunch of arrows and axes in there, so they just had to enter. As they went through, they got spotted by a group of goblins.

“Stop right there!”said the scout goblin. “You're not going anywhere!” The group of little goblin soldiers held up their little daggers and yelled furiously. They attacked, stabbing the knights with their tiny daggers.The scout fled into the forest, trying to escape the battle. The Knights swiped at the goblins with their swords, and defeated one goblin, who dropped a staff onto the ground. Then, three other goblins attacked Dan and Walter. Dan and Walter slashed back at the goblin while Mowseer and Enchanto tried to figure out what the staff was.

From his pocket, Enchanto grabbed the book, “Ancient Weapons”, and began to read silently. On page 72, he came across a picture that looked the same as the staff he was holding. It said that if you used the staff on a creature, it would turn any foes into mates.

After the knights took out all of the goblins, they came across a shed inside the Goblin Territory. They opened a shed and found enough arrows and axes to protect 5 kingdoms. Suddenly, the knights got knocked out, but Enchanto managed to escape. Taking every single axe and arrow with him, he used magic to carry these weapons back to the kingdom and dropped the knights off in their beds.

The next day Dan woke up from a loud roar coming from outside. Confused as to how he got to his bed, he did not have time to think. The sound of steel swords clashing interrupted Dan's mind. Through his window, he saw axes flying everywhere .

He stormed outside, worried about what was happening, when he saw a dragon standing in the field of crops. The dragon had light blue scales and big black wings with shades of purple on its head. It was bigger than 5 sleeping chambers and when it stood up on its two feet, Dan saw the tremendously long claws as it scraped ten soldiers. It let out a groundbreaking roar and the buildings around it trembled.

Slash! The dragon knocked down one of the pillars and breathed fire everywhere. Buildings were stomped on to smitheries. The farmers working on the field were screaming as loud as a siren. Merchants roared like a lion as they tried to flee.

A tsunami of soldiers came rushing out from the palace entry, slashing and throwing their axes at the dragon. The dragon roared in pain and clawed the air. It stomped madly, going on a rampage to destroy anything in its path into pieces. It swung its tail and knocked over a tower and panic was spreading and spreading. There was so much commotion that Dan couldn’t focus on getting to the armory.

Dan grabbed his sword from his belt and zoomed into the battle. A soldier saw Dan and called out, “Thank goodness you’re here! Come help us defeat this giant dragon!”. Dan swiped his sword at the dragon’s leg, but got knocked back onto the floor. He climbed to the roof of his chamber, carrying a quiver of fire arrows. He then shot the barrage of arrows at the dragon, hoping it would land on the dragon. After a few shots, the dragon roared with pain and retreated. The army cheered with joy but Dan wondered if that was the last time he would see the dragon. He had a bad feeling about this.

Suddenly, the dragon came back with an army of centaurs. The dragon shouted, “I am Drizzle, the lord of the forest. You shall pay for what you have done!”

The battle began as Drizzle and his army charged at the kingdom. In the center, arrows fell over the soldiers. People fell and got hurt. It was a disaster as the knights rode their horses into the battle while archers fired arrows. It was bloody and horrible. Ping! People’s swords clashed with the swords of the centaurs. Bodies are dropping one by one. Arrows rained all over the place. It was a crazy sight and people were going maniac, stabbing their swords everywhere. Commanders were shouting orders over each other in the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Enchanto was unaware of the battle taking place and had been trying to deliver the supplies to the King. As he stormed toward the kingdom, he passed by where Drizzle’s home was, but instead of the palace he imagined for the royal dragon, he saw a damaged wooden house. There were holes everywhere, and arrows and axes surrounding it. Enchanto inspected the house and realized that the tips of the arrows and axes had their Kingdom’s emblem engraved on it.

Enchanto was devastated to realize his kingdom had been using Drizzle’s home to test and train soldiers. He wanted to rebuild Drizzle’s home and make it into a palace even grander. Enchanto uses magic to turn the wooden house into a golden, red, velvet palace.

Afterward, he continued his journey to the Kingdom when he saw the battle happening with Drizzle in the middle of the commotion. Enchanto rushed to the middle of the battle and casted a spell with the words, “Ramesin sadi!”. Everyone paused in midair and dropped their weapons except for Drizzle.

He stepped forward to the amazed, and confused looking Drizzle. He explained to Drizzle that he had fixed his house, and promised no one else would touch it ever again. However, Drizzle had to stop fighting and to promise he would never attack the Kingdom again. Drizzle really appreciated Enchanto for fixing his house, and agreed to stop attacking the Kingdom.

Enchanto stepped out of the battle and unpaused everybody with the same words, “Ramesin sadi!” Without any explanation, Drizzle commanded his army to retreat. All the soldiers looked at each other, confused. Enchanto then rushed forward to explain to King Ramadam what happened. King Ramadam really appreciated what Enchanto did, and promised to not tell anyone about what Enchanto did.

In the end, everything turned out alright. King Ramadam gave each soldier a promotion. Enchanto received a letter that said:

Dear Enchanto,

Thank you for fixing my house. If there is anything I can do in return, please tell me.

Yours Sincerely,


Enchanto thought it was awesome to be friends with a massive dragon.

The End

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