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  • Francis Liu

Tidallius and Gabriel

Hi! My name is Tidallius the sea monster. I am a Boiler Sea Dragon that has blue skin and yellow eyes with green webs on my feet and wings. I want to tell you about one of the best days of my life. So here we go!

One day, I was peacefully sleeping on the seabed. I was as quiet as a clam, until I heard loud music coming from someplace fun above me! So I dared to check it out, and also thought, maybe I can find another friend, since I chose to stay in this home, the Indian ocean, around the isle of Phuket, Thailand, instead of moving to the Pacific Ocean with my old friends.

But when I put my scaly, webbed hand above the waves for a test, it felt so hot that I thought my scales would melt like ice cream! Not to mention the humans above me, screaming like crazy! (Only a few humans were not scared.) But I just wanted to find a nice, playful, and kind human friend! But when I went onto the surface, the (previously) scared humans were just about to throw sand at my eyes, and I didn’t know what to do!

But one person knew the right thing to do. It was a human boy whose name was Gabriel. He wore sunglasses and had brown skin under his Adidas shirt, and he has SUMS (Speak / Understand Monsters Syndrome), so he could understand me. But I knew that before he told me that. Why? Because I have a sensor in my eyes so I can know the abilities of another person or animal, or whatever it is. Gabriel shouted at the people, saying, “Don’t be mean to the sea dragon! He just wants a friend!”

The other humans were confused at first but then they realized that was the reason I came on to the beach. And they ran away. I nudged Gabriel in the side and he playfully shouted, “Hey!” And we played until dusk came.

The next day, after Gabriel came back from his school, he came to the beach to meet me. No other humans were there, since they were still scared of me. He called me with a loud dragon cry. I answered back by flying up in the air and landing on the surface and finished saying hellow with a loud roar.

We chatted and played some sea dragon games like ‘Swimming Tag’ and ‘Escape-the-Hot-Water-Spray.’ And we did all that until dusk, again. We left at 6 pm. Gabriel taught me how to count on an object called a clock so we could meet again and again. We became best friends.

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