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The Wizard's Treasure

“Hey Bop, did you remember to chase all the squirrels in the barn yesterday?” Chary asked. “Aunt May is coming today.”

“I did,” replied Bop. “I ran so fast I almost got lost in the corn field. Luckily, a bird picked me up and brought me back here. I fed him some seeds and left. Aunt May was his aunt and she couldn’t see well, so she could have tripped over the squirrels.


“What was that?” said Bop. They turned around and saw The Wizard, the oldest known animal in Hampsville. He had a long white beard and wore glittering golden robes. (But he also used to obey a dragon that used to kill people but vanished mysteriously.)

When Bop and Chary looked again, lightning struck and he disappeared in green flames. He left a note it said:

To my friends,

as you know there is a desert on the other side of The Blazing River. there is a temple there with treasure.

here is the map...

Knowing that there was treasure, Chary and Bop got excited. Chary said he could go get it himself, but Bop insisted that he go with him.

They headed north to The Blazing River. When they reached The Blazing River, the water felt cool but they couldn't really hear each other because the waves crashed into the rocks. They jumped in and swam towards the desert. It took half an hour to get to the desert. They kept walking. There were dry cactus and it felt like the sun was frying them on the sand. They looked around at the endless piles of sand and felt like there was nowhere to go. They both fainted in the heat and exhaustion.

By the time they managed to get at least as far as a foot it was already night. Chary pulled out a torch and continued walking. While they were walking, Bop kept chanting, “Keep going! Keep going!”

They walked for an hour and finally they saw ita huge, old temple made of giant rocks. They went inside and at the centre of the space they saw a large chest.

They opened the chest and saw more treasure than they imagined, but as soon as they touched the treasure, a door opened, and an old, scary mummy started chasing them.

“Run!” Chary shouted as soon as he got the mummy’s attention. It didn’t take long before the mummy got a hold of him.

Bop ran and kept running. He dodged the mummy’s hand, but the mummy captured him too. They both fainted with fear, but when they opened their eyes, they were back in their barn in Hampsville.

They got up, and told each other that it was all a dream... but was it?

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