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  • Zahaan Bhappu

The War of the Alliance

-Chapter One-


A mysterious email was sent to the government of Cedid, a planet with green fields, solar panels and lots of sun. An old, stressed employee, exhausted from work, lazily clicked on it. Inside the email it said:

Dear President,

In case you are wondering who we are, let me explain. We are a group of rebels who want to end this dictatorship right now.

We want you to:

  1. Resign from this job right now.

  2. End this dictatorship by sending an email from your computer to this address right now.

  3. We want one billion dollars and all the other money from the government to start a new order.

If you do not agree with these deals or do not send us the email back two days after this email was sent, we will take control ourselves.

If you try to take us down by force, it will not work. We have people everywhere and you cannot escape us.

The employee, now stunned from what he saw, shouted to his colleague, “Fred, I need you here right now.”

Fred groaned, “What?”

The employee shouted, “Look at this email.”

Fred scanned the computer with his eyes and sighed, “You expect the government to believe this?”

The employee screamed, “Yes!”

Fred sighed again, “You know this email address is public, right? It’s probably some kid trying to scare us or a group of ten people wanting a revolution.

The employee had to believe Fred, but something still felt wrong. He chose to send this email to the president.

The president, Jack, who was also exhausted from work, chose to click on the email and was shocked from what he saw. He chose to call a meeting from all around the planet Cedid to discuss this email.

“You're telling me you believe this, Jack!” screamed a man in his 50s to the president.

A woman said calmly, “There have been signs of rebellions these days.”

The man screamed, “We could defeat them.”

Jack sighed, “It’s better not to take the risk. Even small groups could put up a good fight and we’ll be distracted. Other planets could easily capture us then. You know they all want our energy.”

The man shouted, “Well, let’s do a vote. All in favor of surrendering.”

The majority of people raised their hands.

The man said, “Okay, we’ll give up.”

After the meeting Jack slumped onto his chair. Even though he didn’t want to resign he knew he had to. He didn’t want to risk chaos and destruction.

At the rebel headquarters people were waiting for an email. The deadline was almost up. Though suddenly a Ding went off somewhere. The people raced to the computer. A new email had popped up. It was an email telling them they had gotten a bank account with a billion dollars and all the government’s money in it.

-Chapter Two-

It had been three weeks since the former president, Jack resigned and the new government was ready for their biggest change yet. They were going to cancel their alliance with Sesis, a planet they had been allies with for years. An ambassador named Antony had been sent to tell the news.

Antony had been on the plane for a few hours when they landed at their destination. Antony climbed off the plane and was shocked at what Sesis looked like. Massive skyscrapers towered over the clouds and planes flew all around all the buildings. On Cedid the tallest building was about half the height of the shortest one here and most of Cedid was just plains.

After thirty minutes of walking and staring. Antony finally reached the building. His legs were praying to sit down so he was thankful it was over.

He speedwalked into the air conditioned building and strolled towards the elevator. He walked in and clicked the button for the 5th floor.

On the fifth floor there was a massive room with chairs everywhere. Four tables were spaced apart for different groups of people. Hundreds of circular dim lights were dotted across the ceiling. Though the room was for meetings the ambassador was not staying there. At the other side of the room stood an elevator with a sign saying:

Zachary Smith

Head of Negotiations

The ambassador walked towards the elevator and clicked the button named Office.

After exiting the elevator, the Ambassador saw a man in his 60s on a desk. That man was Zachary Smith. Zachary called, “Hello, Antony. What do you want to negotiate about?”

The ambassador said, “Our alliance with this planet.”

Zachary replied, “Your what?!”

The ambassador sighed, “Our alliance.”

Zachary screamed, “So you’re just going to walk into this room and say you want to stop an alliance with one of the most powerful planets ever?”

The ambassador groaned, “We’ve had a revolution. We want to change our ways and join the other team.”

Zachary shouted, “Not only do you want to stop an alliance but join the enemy team?”

Antony shouted, “YES! Can we negotiate terms now? This is getting absolutely nowhere.”

Zachary smirked, “Okay, one quadrillion dollars.”

The ambassador screamed, “That’s all of our money!”

Zach argued, “Exactly, you're lucky that we’re even negotiating deals. Most officials would say to be quiet. You’re our only energy source.”

The ambassador sighed, “500 trillion dollars.”

Zach replied, “500 trillion dollars and 50 square miles of land on your planet.”

The ambassador said, “Fine, deal.”

Zach replied, “Okay we will send you a paper in about three days with all the deals.”

The ambassador, relieved to finally finish his argument with Zach, walked out of the room. The deal was pretty costly though it would make a new era in his planet. The other group anyway promised to pay them 400 trillion dollars to join them.

After walking for 15 minutes of walking Antony suddenly had a thought. He thought of how it was easier than other people had said it was. He took out his phone and dialed the new president of Cedid.

The president, James, answered the call and said, “What is it?”

The ambassador replied, “I’m kind of suspicious about them. The meeting was much easier than other ambassadors told me it should be. I think we should send a spy.”

The president said, “Okay, sure we’ll send one.”

Antony was worried that the president was not telling the truth. He liked the new president though he was a lazy guy and might think a spy was a waste of time. The people from Sesis were not happy when people did not cooperate.

At the same time of that conversation was another one. Though this one was with Zachary Smith and John Jones, the president of Sesis .

Zachary told John, “I just had a meeting with the ambassador of the other planet. They want to stop the alliance.”

John replied, “What did you say?”

Zachary informed, “We agreed for $500 trillion dollars and 50 square miles of land.”

John shouted, “Why did you agree?”

Zachary claimed, “We could start an energy source of our own.”

John added, “The maintenance costs would be crazy and we don’t have the right environment. I’m sending someone to negotiate.”

The ambassador was walking towards his plane when he got a call from the president.

He said, “What is it?”

The president asked, “How much do we have to pay them?”

Antony replied, “500 trillion dollars plus 50 square miles of land.”

James blurted, “500 trillion! I thought we agreed on 400 trillion.”

“We tried.” lied the ambassador. The last thing he wanted was to go back to that office and negotiate again. He thought he had enough of Zachary Smith for a lifetime.

“Okay we’re anyway getting paid $400 trillion dollars.”

The call ended as the ambassador sat down in his seat. As soon as his head touched the headrest he fell asleep.

The ambassador woke up with a start when the plane landed. Even though his trip was very short, he was glad to be back home.

Meanwhile when the ambassador returned home John Jones was having a meeting with his general, Alexander.

John informed Alexander, “The other planet wants to stop their alliance with us. I want you to go to their planet and negotiate with them.

Alexander said, “Yes, sir.”

John said, “Okay good.”

-Chapter Three-

One day after that meeting George was going for his mission. He had to infiltrate the other planet and see what they were up to. He had gotten very little information on this but he knew that he had to make sure that they weren’t attacking.

Once George landed in the same airport as the ambassador had 1 day ago he ran through his plan. He was going to go into the base, get the information he needed and get out.

George was running towards the military base when he realized he had a problem. George had forgotten to get his fake military uniform. Though George immediately saw a solution. On his left was a man who looked just like him. George crept through the bushes and jumped on the man. George took off the man’s vest and put him on himself. George then saw a pair of camouflage clothes to his right. George took them and put them over his clothes.

George strolled in and saw a big sign saying, “Meet in the cafeteria at 12 o’clock.”

George checked the time and saw that it was 11:55. He also saw a line of people. George assumed those were people going to the cafeteria. He jumped into the line and followed the people.

Inside the cafeteria there was a horde of people standing in front of a stage with a tall muscular man on it. The man shouted, “If you are wondering why you are here it is for a reason. You may not know this but our allies have chosen to leave us. It leaves with no choice but to invade them. We will storm them and stop them.”

The crowd cheered, “Yeah!”

George rushed out of the cafeteria as quickly as possible. He picked up his transmitter and said into it, “They’re planning to invade us; get some defenses up.”

The transmitter said, “Go on the ship. In the battle you will have to go into a plane and fly into our ship.”

Right after that all the people in the cafeteria stormed out and rushed towards the ship. George followed them.

After five minutes of walking George found himself in front of a pair of massive doors. When George got close to the doors they burst open.

Inside of the room was one of the most magnificent things George had seen. A ship formed in a triangular shape with 10 meter cannons poking out. Though George saw something odd. The cannons weren’t loaded.

After most of the army was in the room lots of talking started to happen. George caught one person saying, “Why aren’t the cannons loaded?”

The general must have heard this also because soon after that he screamed, “If you are wondering why the cannons are not loaded, it’s for a simple reason. This is a secret mission. The president does not know about this. If we activate the cannons the president might know about this. He will stop us and we will lose our alliance.”

There was lots of muttering in the room about this. One person whispered to George, “When I heard this I thought the president knew. I don’t want to do this, I’ve been in the military for five years. I might get fired.”

George quickly grunted, “Yeah.”

Suddenly, George saw a stream of people walking toward the ship. George saw that the gates were opened and people were walking into the ship. There was no turning back now.

Soon after five minutes the ship was in the air, but George knew that on his home planet another ship was taking off.

George was half asleep when he saw a gray dot in the dot in front of them. George quickly realized that that was the other planet’s ship. Someone else must have seen that there was a ship that belonged to Cedid .

On the intercom George heard someone saying, “Pilots, get in your ships we will start the attack soon.”

George was panicking. He knew he had to get to the planes but he couldn’t find them. The ship was like the Labyrinth. Luckily, for George the answer was right in front of him. The general marched up to George and said to him, “Pilot, why are you not in the planes?”

George was silent on the outside but going crazy on the inside. He didn’t know what he was going to say. If he said that he didn’t know where they were the general would know he was a spy but if he said he did know then he would walk around confused and never find the planes. He didn’t know what the right answer was.

Though luckily for George the general was the answer. The general sighed, “It’s the third room to the left. George quickly ran faster than a cheetah towards the room and got in a plane.

Suddenly George heard a voice. It said, “Change of plans. We’re sending a plane towards you. You need to get in it. George realized that that voice came from his transmitter.

George switched the plane on and picked up the gas mask from the side. He put it on and switched on the plane. George moved the plane towards the exit and flew out.

After about one minute George saw a plane coming towards him. He knew what to do. He jumped.

In George’s career he had taken many dumb risks though this was the dumbest one ever. But George was a brave person. He didn’t have fears. After what seemed like an eternity George’s feet touched something solid. George realized that he was on the ship.

George climbed into the ship and started flying it towards the ship. George soon realized why he couldn’t fly into the ship. The landing spaces were broken. George realized that he would have to parachute. He picked up a parachute and strapped it on. And for the second time in two minutes, he jumped. Though this time it was easier. He had a parachute and safely landed on the ship.

Even though George was back on the ship he knew the battle was far from over. George suddenly saw a flash and realized that his ship had cannons that were loaded. Though there were lots of blasts left. After about two minutes George realized that he was standing on the roof of the ship. He quickly ran downstairs and sat near a window. George saw that his ship was closing in on the other ship and firing on them.

After about five minutes of waiting a sound came over the radio. It said, “They surrendered.” George looked up and saw that a white flag had been put up.

-Chapter Four-

After about three weeks after the battle, another meeting was happening, though this time Sesis was asking for something. John was negotiating for peace terms with Cedid. The agreement was that the losing planet had to pay 200 trillion dollars to the winning planet.

After the meeting John called Alexander and said, “You’re fired.”

Alexander replied, “Why?”

John sighed, “You attempted to invade Cedid without my permission and you cost us trillions of dollars.”

Soon after that, John would resign and the small planet would join the new alliance.

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