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  • Francis Liu

The War in the Land of Myths

Chapter 1: The Chimera’s Cave

Daisy woke up. She was feeling ready to play, but her parents had to go to war. She promised her parents she would be safe. So she frolicked on the grassy field until she fell off the hill. She slid down the hill, only to be found in a jungle.

“What is this place?” She thought.

She could smell the amazing essence of the flowers, and could hear the chirps of jungle phoenixes soaring above. The ground was moist, and the trees were pink. It was beautiful!

When she reached the edge of the jungle, there was a cave. But this cave reminded her of the story her dad told her before the war between the land and sky animals began, but she forgot what it was.

When she came in, she recognized the stone carvings on the wall. Then suddenly, a loud snore came from the bottom of the cave. She immediately recognised this cave: It was the cave of the Chimera! She tried to run away, but she tripped on a stone, and woke it up! At the same time, she fell down through a hidden hole, and could not get out. The Chimera immediately saw her, and its goat head tried to headbutt her back. She knew that both heads could breathe fire, but she did not know how to prevent it.

But just as the fire began to stir, a shape appeared up ahead. “It’s a dragon,” Daisy thought, and it was a dragon! The dragon was diving towards the ground. She thought it would target her, but he was targeting the Chimera. There was fire and clawing until the Chimera ran away.

“Hi… nice to meet you. You are a land creature, right?” asked the dragon.

“Yes…” said Daisy. She was too scared to make a proper introduction, so she kept silent.

“Well, I don’t care, since I just think this war is pointless! Oops, where are my manners? My name is Crater. And yours?”

“My name is Daisy.”

“Aha. a classic Unicorn name.” Said Crater. Suddenly, he said, “Let’s get out of here before the Chimera gets back up!”

Daisy just got enough time to get on her hooves, when Crater suddenly carried her into the air.

Chapter 2: Ignorant soldiers

Daisy felt the freedom of flying away, but she was also scared of heights. She wouldn't want to fly again!

When they reached the hills, It was already night. They landed on a field of grass and flowers, especially daisies! Daisy wanted to smell the flowers, but Crater said they had to go to sleep and they found a cave to go in.

Only Crater could not sleep, since there was too much noise. The melody beetles were ‘singing’ (More like croaking), but Daisy had slept there before, and she was used to it.

So the next day, they woke up late, just to be greeted by the war starting. Luckily, they were far away from the battle, which was miles ahead. And, they were too tired.

So they slept for half an hour more, and then they woke up. Daisy told Crater about the plan to stop the war, and told him that she also thought that this war was pointless. The plan was to shout out that they shouldn’t fight. Crater agreed, and carried Daisy up a tall mountain, just above the place where the battle raged.

Then they shouted: “STOP FIGHTING!”, but no one listened. They just continued the fight. The two kept trying until they had to rest, but the other creatures did not listen, since their cries were muffled by the sounds of the fight between the two sides, the land and the sky creatures.

So they went back to their cave to plan again how they could stop the war.

Chapter 3: Goodbye, Food!

“Okay, so that plan did not work. Let me think,” said Crater. He knew that all the animals both on the land and in the sky would not be strong enough to fight if they didn't have food.

“Hmmm… Aha! Let’s take all the food away!” he shouted.

“Good idea!” Daisy said. ”But do you think it’s going to work?”

“Yes,” thought Crater. “No one will fight if they have no strength.”

So they secretly took away all the food in the area where the fight was happening. Daisy and Crater took more and more food away, until there was no more food left, either for the prey or for the other creatures themselves.

But then, in the early morning, the herbivores found out what Daisy and Crater had done. The herbivores secretly had some leftover seeds that Daisy and Crater didn’t know about, so they were able to plant more food to eat and the war continued. The carnivores, well, they grew food for their prey to eat and then ate their prey.

Soon this news passed on to Crater and Daisy. They did not know what to do. They were both getting tired of the war and now they had to come up with another new plan.

Chapter 4: Explanation

Finally they came up with a good plan. They thought hard about what they had done so far.

Crater said it first. “Maybe we just explain that they all need food to grow their populations, right? The land animals need the sky animals to provide the rain and sun for their crops. And the sky animals need the land animals for seeds and soil. They can’t exist without each other. Maybe telling them so would work in stopping the war.”

“Good idea!” said Daisy. “If they continue to fight each other then they will no longer be able to grow any food and the populations will be destroyed!”

They flew to the sound of fighting, but this time in the jungle, instead of in the air.

Crater and Daisy went to their separate leaders, and they each explained:

“This war is pointless. You must admit that the sky creatures do help the sun and rain fall on the crops, meanwhile the land creatures help the soil become fertilised, and grow seeds. Please tell your followers this, and do remember that peace is the most important thing.”

After they were finished, they left the leaders to do the explaining to the populations. Daisy and Crater went back to their cave, happy to have potentially stopped the war.

The next day, Daisy and Crater heard that their leaders had made a peace treaty, promising each other that they would not fight again. The land was soon restored in peace, and all the creatures were happy doing their part in working together.

And as for the Chimera? Well, it wasn’t in the war, so it didn’t care!


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