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  • Aaron Shim

The Survival

Survival DAY 1

I screwed up.

My name is Seth Sanchez. Well, the thing is I am probably gonna die in a few hours if I don’t do anything. Well, you might have guessed it by now. Yes, I am on the moon. On the moon…

If I get out of my suit, I die. If my suit malfunctions, I die. If I stay in this thing for too much, I die. For a bonus, I am badly injured. I think my helmet’s cracked.

You might be wondering how I am talking to whoever is listening to this in the future. The FOSE all let us keep a sort of a log of what we are doing.

Oh my god, I am so scared… Well, I am only 13, so I can be scared on a planet with no one else, but me. AHHHH, what am I gonna do!!!

I will need to get to the SFFC. But how? I don’t even know where I am! I have a 41 oxygen percentage. I have to do something. I am gonna die! I am gonna die!

Okay, let’s try to think of what my dad told me to do in this case. There is a radar on my right… Yes! Exactly!!! I can use the radar to navigate my way to the SFFC.

Okay, I need to go NOW. I have 36 percent oxygen already! Okay, I can do this. I am over here and the SFFC is over there and…. If I go this way…. OH MY GOD!!! I can actually see the SFFC!!!! It is easy to see because it is colored white and it has marks saying “SFFC property of FOSE”

Well, FOSE didn’t waste their time decorating the SFFC. “Why spend money on things that aren’t important? This whole mission thing is already so expensive!”

Why am I even talking about this? I am about to die! 14 percent oxygen... 13 percent… 12 percent… 11 percent… The crack is getting bigger!

I am almost there!!! 5 percent CRITICAL LEVEL, please get to safety… Critical level, please get to safety… 3 percent….

YES!!! I am inside the airlock.

I am gonna take off my suit…. Oh my god…. I am actually inside the SFFC!!! I am so tired…

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! WHY!!! How am I actually living in this PLACE!!!

Survival DAY 2

I slept badly. I was so scared…. Okay… I will tell you how I got into this horrible situation. MY dad is an amazing astronaut. He wanted to take me to space for my summer vacation because my mom was going to France for this whole vacation and I had nothing to do.

I am over 12, so I was able to go to space. I heard space travel was hard like 20 years ago. Well, it certainly isn’t now! Ordinary people usually go on a space tour. It isn’t that expensive. Most people like to space travel because they think “YAY! No gravity!” Well, I was like that too. The only difference between me and them is that I am on the moon and they are nowhere. Their ship doesn’t land anywhere. They float around the large open space. Well, that might be cool, but I want “some” gravity.

Believe me, I never knew I would end up in this situation. Actually, before all that, in case people don’t know who I am that well, I will “properly introduce myself that I am “safe?” inside the SFFC. I am American Spanish. My dad is American and my mom is Spanish. I am 13 years old. Okay, so my dad brought me to FOSE which stands for “Future of Space Exploration”. It is basically an organization that sends astronauts to do science experiments and other boring stuff. Still, at first, I thought it was gonna be fun. Really fun. No gravity! Yay! It was sort of the opposite. The training was intense. I almost thought about giving up, but my dad told me that it was gonna be an amazing experience. The spacecraft I was gonna ride in was Pegasus 4. Pegasus 1 and 2 were unmanned spacecraft. They both exploded. Pegasus 3, after a long time, was a manned mission. It was successful. And Pegasus 4 is the spacecraft me, my dad, and 3 other men used to come to the moon...

Oh, wait, sorry. I was eating my breakfast. Anyways, we landed on the moon and checked out SFFC. Oh yeah, SFFC stands for Space Facility For Camping. It is basically a giant inflatable dome. It has some rooms inside. It looks like a giant sphere cut in half. It is pressurized inside so that we can take off our suits. So after the “adults” checked the SFFC, we checked the vehicles.

Firstly, there are rovers. There are two of them. Secondly, there is SOLG. It is basically a giant skateboard for low gravity. It was in good shape. Then, we finally decided to go inside the SFFC. That is when I turned into a bad boy. Believe me, I was pretty annoyed. I wanted to do something, but I basically didn’t get to do anything. So, I told all the adults that I wanted to ride the SOLG. They said no at first, but eventually, they gave up. The only condition was that Alfie, one of the Grown-Ups decided to ride the rover and follow me just in case.

When I first rode the SOLG, I just rode at a normal pace. Then, I started to feel the urge to go faster. Although I wasn’t allowed to, I rode at maximum speed. Alfie quickly lost me, although I didn’t notice. I was so focused on going fast that I didn’t recognize who was saying what. Then, a gust of wind caught me off guard and I was of course flying. The SOLG wasn’t made to “fly” therefore, it used its boosters to go back down, but I was so off course and way too high that it just pushed me further and higher.

Then, I woke up yesterday with a cracked helmet outside the SFFC. Awesome! I am being sarcastic. I am guessing my dad and other adults tried to find me, but the gust was so strong that they needed to abort the mission. I don’t blame them. I was the one who messed it up. I miss everyone…. Oh wait! The Radio!!! I can still communicate with people on Earth! The only problem is, I don’t know how to do that. I should have paid attention when my dad talked about the radio. I regret everything I did…………..

I can’t just stay inside the SFFC and wait forever. I need more food, and I need to find out a way to communicate with Earth. Oh my gosh! Did you hear that! That was the radio! I need to go! Right now!!! OK, I need to go through this airlock, go through there, and yes! Come on, say something……

11:30 am


Hello Seth Sanchez. This is FOSE in California. I am Robert Hughs the director of this whole thing. We saw you come back to the SFFC. And I am warning you, NEVER do that again. Your crew was unable to find you because you were covered in the moon dust. Therefore, they aborted the mission. They had no choice. Anyways, how are you? Report everything.

12:00 pm



12:30 pm


Seth! Answer!!!

1:00 pm



AHH! They have been contacting me for a straight hour and a half. I don’t know how to radio them back! They don’t know that I can’t. Okay, let’s see. The radio goes through Pegasus then to Earth…. YES!!! Satellites can take pictures of the moon! If I can write something on the ground….. Ahhh!!! I am not that smart, ok? I am gonna eat lunch first. I will think of something.

I got a risky plan. I can drive the rover to get the SOLG. Wherever it is….. It can contact Earth. Rover can’t. Rover is supposed to contact the SFFC, not Earth. I NEED to get SOLG. The SOLG is probably where I left it. I am going to get it…

Oh my god, I almost killed myself. I forgot. My helmet is cracked. Damn IT!! I have three spare suits, but they are all in the rover… Probably. If my dad didn’t take them out. But how am I gonna get to the rover?

Oh right!!! There is a remote control! In case someone gets stuck inside a rover and is injured, his crewmates go inside the SFFC and control the rover remotely. I know that, because the rover is basically an oversized RC Car and I like RC Cars. Hey! I am a kid! Don’t blame me for liking childish stuff! Anyways, where is the remote?

It is… of course, in the materials airlock. It is where they keep all the controllers and you know, small devices. I need to go through a vacuum with a cracked helmet. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Why did FOSE not connect two spaces?

I need to eat dinner. It took me seven hours to figure out a “plan”.

Survival DAY 3

I miss Daddy. I miss all my crews….

Survival DAY 4

Believe me, food that FOSE supplies taste like poop. It is supposed to be spaghetti and it is like an oversized rice cake with a red sauce that doesn’t even taste like tomato sauce.

Survival DAY 5

I have a plan. YES!!! A plan!!! DOSE hadn’t contacted me in a while. They probably think I am dead now…

Anyway, the plan is related to food. The wrapper(Ziplock) is airtight. If I cut them up and put all the used wrappers together, I will get an airtight “suit”, right? If I go outside the SFFC without a suit, I will die. There is no oxygen outside. Humans aren’t designed to live without water. I am gonna cut up the wrappers now. I am tired. I miss daddy….

Survival DAY 6

I am gonna wear a wrapper suit now. I can’t log stuff I will be doing because OBVIOUSLY, a wrapper doesn’t have a camera and a microphone…

I am back. I lived, obviously, and I got the remote control for the rover. Nothing much happened. Except that when I went outside, my suit inflated like a giant ball. I don’t know why. Ask Alphie about that. He was the brainiac in this mission. Literally. Even on no gravity, he explains why no gravity equals to whatever. Anyways, I had a hard time controlling the “suit”. Believe me, I can’t control the suit. If I try to walk, I will be like a hamster running in the hamster wheel. Not going forward or backward. Staying in one spot. BUT, I am Seth Sanchez, Hugo Sanchez’s son. I figured something out.

I “slammed” my body against the place I wanted to go. Physically exhausting, but I still did it. Now, I have the rover controller. I am gonna control the rover tomorrow

I am tired. I miss my daddy.

Survival DAY 7

Moment of truth, I guess. If the rover doesn’t respond, then, I wasted a lot of time yesterday.

CONNECT!!!!! Oh yes….. It is responding. Ok, Seth, you have done it a lot of times. Just control the rover and attach it to the airlock.

Then, go in and grab the suits. Simple…. Come on, closer, closer, open rover airlock, attach airlock, and THERE!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! It took me 11 minutes. For dad, it would have only taken 2 minutes. But, whatever. He is a trained pilot/astronaut. I am a kid. I am going in.

WHOAH. I have only been in the model of the rover. The real rover actually feels cozy. I am gonna wear one of the three suits. I am gonna keep one and for the other one, I am gonna put it in the SFFC. I am gonna go search for the SOLG now. Okay, so, unfortunately, SOLG’s GPS signal isn’t that great. But, I prepared for that. I have an EVA suit that I can use, so I can go around anywhere for 5 hours. The rover and the EVA suit’s signals are really strong, so I can find my way back.

I am gonna go out and search for the SOLG now. I hope it isn’t broken. Wait…… What? What is this? What is this? This is the warning I got when there was a huge gust of wind. Oh, no. I forgot to check the weather. No way…

Come on! WHY!!! Ok, I am still right beside the SFFC. I can get inside, but the rover? I don’t think so. I need to drive it to the safe vehicle airlock. Well, that is the problem. I have about 4 minutes left. And it will take me well over 4 minutes to drive that rover. I am basically saying that one rover is gonna be gone unless I do something. I wish my dad was here. He could probably drive the rover into the vehicle airlock in like a minute or so. OH NO. I only have 3 minutes left. I think the wind is coming from the North East…

Okay, I have a plan. VERY, VERY RISKY. I am gonna open the vehicle airlock. I am NOT CRAZY!!! The wind is coming from North East which will probably blow the rover South West which is where the vehicle airlock is. That is my only hope. If the rover misses, I probably die. If the gust is too strong, the airlock breaks, I die. If the rover is going way too far, I can change the direction. ONLY a little bit. Well, this whole plan is based on luck.

So far, I was pretty lucky. I have survived seven days on the moon with no one. IF I die, well…

Let’s not think about that. I need to go into the airlock myself first.

Two minutes remaining. Oh no. I forgot. It takes time to go in the airlock and clean my suit and do all those stuff. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I can’t skip the procedure…

What I CAN do is just stay inside the airlock and not go inside the SFFC!!! Well, it is pretty dangerous. If the rover doesn’t fly South West and just flies West, I will die. The airlock which is in the west will get damaged. Well, I might die anyway, so who cares. This is gonna be tough. I don’t think it will work. Okay, I have 2 rovers, so even if one is gone, I will be fine. NO! I WILL NOT BE FINE. I am pretty sure if I want to get rescued, I will need more than one rover. If there is a sand storm, my one rover will be gone. That won’t be ideal. Oh no, the storm is right in front of me. I don’t have much time. Ugh….. Okay, let’s try. Here goes nothing!!!!

Survival Day 8

Well, my idea turned out to have many flaws. The rover flew southwest UNTIL it hit a pole. I never even knew it was there. Well, the pole got hit and blasted backward. The garage got hit and the airlock blew up. I wasn’t really influenced by the shock, but the airlock blew up.

Now, I need to do some EVA. I need to repair the airlock and get the rovers. Ugh. At least I am not hurt. If I was hurt, I would die. Well, at least I am not dead. How am I gonna repair the airlock? Also, how am I gonna find the rovers! AAAAAGH!!!

I am hungry. I am gonna eat now….

Survival Day 9

I am gonna eat lunch now. Then, I am gonna prepare my hamster suit. Then, I will need to go out and fetch the rovers first. Tomorrow, I will repair the airlock.

I miss Daddy. He will think of a better time. I wish he was here to help me out. The day after tomorrow, I will try something with the radio. I will be able to make something out. I hope…….

I am finished with lunch. I need to make another hamster suit. Last time, I bounced around so much that I almost missed the target. Therefore, I am gonna do something different. I am going to use two heavy metal plates and stick it on my feet. That way, it will be easier for me to walk around, I hope….

I am done. Well, this time, I added more layers on the side for balance, and two metal plates at the bottom to not bounce around like last time. Again, I will not be able to keep a log of me doing this because there is no camera and microphone in a giant ball made out of zip locks.

See ya later!

Survival Day 10

Oh my god, eating food feels so nice.

Well, I didn’t die, but I did spend a day outside in a Ziploc ball. Okay, I will tell you what happened. Everything went wrong. Firstly, the weather. I was so nervous that I forgot to check the weather. Well, I didn’t notice that there was a sandstorm coming directly AT ME.

After a few minutes, I found out. But, it was too late. Although I could see the rover, I wasn’t close enough. Also, just a reminder, I was wearing a giant inflated Ziploc. It is even hard to stand.

Luckily, the sandstorm wasn’t that big. Still, I flew about a kilometer. SO, I basically had to sleep in a giant Ziploc bag with no food for a day. It was annoying.

Secondly, in the morning, I found that the air was leaking. The metal plate had moved and poked a hole. It wasn’t that big, but I only had a few minutes if lucky. I panicked. ALTHOUGH I am an astronaut, I am still a KID. I get scared of things. Try to stay in space with a leaking suit. Pretty scary.

What I did was a bit gross, but I needed to do it. I tore a part of my shirt and licked it. Then, I put it in the hole. Water and cloth sort of slowed down the leak. It didn’t seal perfectly, but what can I do more? I was surprised by myself that I even came up with this idea. Anyways, I started walking. It was hard because I needed to go fast, but I needed to be careful.

Remember how there are two rovers? I knew where the first one was. It was near the garage airlock. I didn’t know where the second one was. While I was walking, I stepped on a sharp edge. My Ziploc started leaking air fast. I thought I was dead, then I found a mark that said “FOSE” on the rock. It wasn’t a rock!!! It was another rover!!!! I only had one or two minutes left. I started digging, not even caring about my suit. After 30 seconds, I felt tired. I was halfway done and I was almost out of breath. I still kept going.

When I was done, I was half dead. My body shouted at me for more oxygen. I frantically entered the rover airlock. My suit barely interfered because it was almost deflated. You might be thinking, it says SFFC behind you. I thought you were at the rover 2? Well, I had no time for logging the events. I was so scared and just confused that I drove the rover to the first rover. I didn’t even eat. My instincts took over. I wanted to be safe. You might be thinking, well, that “mission” didn’t end up that great… Well, that is WRONG. Yes, WRONG. It ended so awesomely that I almost cried when I first got here.

In front of the SFFC was the SOLG. I do not know how it got there. Probably the sandstorm. When I first saw it, I was SO HAPPY that I almost just smashed the controls for the rover. Anyways, I went through the airlock procedure and wore my EVA suit and ran outside. I didn’t even care about food or logging my activity. So now, I am safe inside with SOLG, logging my activity live. I am done with my food, so I am gonna work on communicating with FOSE.

10:30 am



11 am


No way, is this Seth?

11:30 am


Yeah? Obviously. I got an SOLG and two rovers. Don’t ask about what happened. I am feeling good, I am not dead. Just tell me, what is gonna happen to me?

12 pm


Well, we do have a rescue plan. James Adams is gonna help you through this.

Hello, Seth, this is James. Well, I am a scientist. I think I have a way to save you. This is dangerous. Well, you might be able to find two leftover rocket boost engines in the back of SFFC. Get it, now.

12:30 pm


Yep got ’em.

1 pm


You know, you have been on the moon for 10 days, right? You will need to last another three days. We have informed the other Pegasus crew about how you are still alive and well. They are gonna rescue you.

Okay, so my basic plan is you are gonna put all the boosters possible into rover 1 and make it as light as possible. You will use the other rover as a launchpad. You can’t just fly the rover up into space. Therefore, Pegasus will pick you up. You might not be able to go up to space, but you will be able to at least get to the moon’s atmosphere.

When you get there, Pegasus will launch a seat. Yes, it is a seat from the Pegasus. You will jump out of the rover then. Luckily, you will be able to catch the seat before gravity pulls you down. Oh, and you will bring a spare EVA suit.

1:30 pm


You kidding me, right? With only four meal packs left, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE 3 DAYS? Also, what if I miss it.

2 pm


For your first question, it is simple. Pegasus will drop a pack with extra meal packs. About 20 will drop near you tomorrow. You will pick it up. For your second question, I don’t know. We will need to hope you don’t miss it.

2:30 pm


I have one last thing to say. There are a bunch of nerds in FOSE, right? Ask them to let me communicate with you on FaceTime or something. At least connect the SOLG communication thingy to SFFC or something…. Also, can I message Daddy?

3 pm


Well, our “nerds” already found out how to let you communicate with us in the face. HOWEVER, you do realize that there is a 30-minute delay, right? SO, it really won’t be that effective. However, we can connect the communication device in the SOLG to SFFC. We will send instructions in 3 hours. Also, you will be able to face-time with your daddy. Pegasus is right above the moon. There will be almost no delay. Just rest for now.



Well, the only thing I can do in this place is basically staring at walls. Oh yeah, by the way, I am keeping a video blog of this whole thing. You can look at it when I am back on Earth.

6 pm


You nerds ready yet?

6:30 pm


Language, Sanchez. Robert has the file. However, SOLG won’t have enough space to download it all. Therefore, we are gonna send the first half. When you are done with it, delete that file. Then, we will send the other half.

7 pm


That’s it? Thought you nerds will come up with something cooler. Well, okay. Just send the file.

7:30 pm


Sent it. Also, watch your language again, Sanchez.

Why do they keep telling me to watch my language? Try to live on a giant inflated tent with limited supplies. It is pretty annoying. Okay, let’s see.

  1. Take out the battery from SOLG(It might electrocute you)

  2. Smash the inner battery cover

Wow, smash? That is not the normal FOSE way. They usually say “We can’t waste supplies. Can’t waste money”.

  1. Smash the inner barrier that covers the central panel.

Are you kidding me? I barely smashed the first one. What is this? So old fashioned. Aren’t there powerful drills or something like that in SFFC? They can build a rocket that can go THROUGH the atmosphere! And, they don’t even have a drill at SFFC! Unfair….

  1. Get the central panel out. You will see that there is a blue line surrounding a part. Take the surrounded part out. It is meant to be like that, so don’t try to force it.

That sounds more like the FOSE that I know. I still don’t understand. They made me smash everything and now, they are not telling me to smash THE MOST useless part. At least the barriers can be used in something else. The central panel without the part I am taking out is USELESS. What was it called? I forgot. Oh yeah!!! CORE. That’s it. When we were training back on Earth, my dad told me different parts of the SOLG. The CORE controls everything.

  1. Put it somewhere safe. Then, destroy this file.

What is wrong with the FOSE today. SMASH stuff, DESTROY stuff, I have no idea why they need to be so brutal.

8:30 pm


Done. Can I sleep?

9 pm


Nope. I just sent the second file. It is easier. Notify when finished.

Man, what is wrong with the FOSE! They aren’t even letting me sleep. You can clearly see that I am tired. When the Fose sees my video blog, they will regret that they made me do this.

  1. Insert the part into the SFFC control panel. There is a slim hole where you can insert it.

Ummmmmm… Well, I can’t find it. What hole? There is nothing except keyboards. I really want to sleep.


2. Click allow incoming voices and videos

Okay, well this is simple. Click this, that, and there!

11:30 pm


You are kidding me, right? You guys are bad at describing.

12 pm


Sleep. You have a long day ahead.

Well, I am gonna go to sleep now.

Survival Day 11

10:30 am


Pegasus dropped the food pack 500 meters South from SFFC. The weather is clear. Go and pick them up. Now

11 am


Okay, okay.

Ok, so I need to go 500 meters south from the SFFC and pick the food pack. I will drive there with a rover. Then, I will use my EVA suit and pick it up. Pretty simple.

Okay, I need to get to the rover. Where did my EVA suit go? Oh no.

I was in such a hurry yesterday that I left my EVA suit in my airlock. I AM AN IDIOT!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Okay, I need to think of an idea. What would my dad do? Oh, wait. The airlock! It’s damaged! I was supposed to fix it today, but I got a more “important” mission! If the rover airlock isn’t working properly, I might just be able to smash the airlock with the rover. It might not work and completely wreck the rover, but do I have any other choice?

Okay, where was the remote control? Not in the kitchen, not on the sofa, OH NO. WHERE DID IT GO!!!! Oh, wait, oh. It was in my pocket. Oh my god, that scared me.


Can you see me, Seth?


Wait, what! DADDY!!!! How I can see you like wha…




Alfie!!! It is so nice to actually see a person! I…. I…. am….sor….ry.


Seth, no time for this. Did you get the package yet?


Was about to go.


Hey Seth, how’s it going?


TERENCE!!!! Hey! It is going pretty well so far. I am not dead. FOSE came up with a “brilliant” plan….


Hey, we are gonna get you, little buddy. I can promise you that. Never gonna lose you again.


Hey Peter. I know. I trust all of you guys. I am just… sor...ry… I got all of you guys in trouble…


Hey, not your fault, Seth. I, as your father, forgive you. Now, go and get the package. Call when back. Good luck.


Yes, sir!

Okay, well that was REALLY crazy. Okay, well you guys might not know, but I was stuck in a giant inflated balloon for 11 days without anyone. It was really good to see my crew again. Okay, I gotta get started. Okay, power on the rover. See rover inside cam… It is a fair distance away, so if I can go at full speed and smash the door, it might break.

Okay, 3, 2, 1, FULL SPEED!!!!!!!!!

Whoah, what the… What happened? The airlock blew up, but the rover…. It is completely broken. No…The boosters… AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Why does everything have to go wrong ALL THE TIME!!!!

OKAY, calm down. The airlock is down, and you have another rover left. I will get the rover and pick up the food package first…

Okay, rover attached to the airlock, depressurizing, and there! Now, I can enter the airlock. Getting the suit, entering the rover, and I am in. Setting autopilot to 500 meters south. Now, I need to wear my EVA suit…

Okay, I am there…. Where is the package? Wait, is that it? Woah, that looks burning hot. Ok, going out, picking….. AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

What the… Damaged EVA suit. 15 seconds until possible danger… Please enter an airtight space… 10 seconds…. 5 seconds….Okay, I am in. What happened? That silver box melted my EVA suit. THE EVA SUIT!!!! It must be REALLY hot. YOU COULD HAVE MENTIONED THIS, PETER!!!!! Ok, how am I gonna get that! Ugh…. Nothing goes according to plan. ALWAYS!!!! I just want to kick that useless crap! Oh, wait, kick? Kick….

I bet the rover can withstand the heat. What if I don’t pick it up? What if I keep rolling it towards SFFC controlling the rover? Will that work? I wish Dad could just appear on the blank screen of the rover. It would be really helpful.

I am an astronaut, but I am not really brilliant at science. Oh well, here’s a trick question. Will the rover be able to withstand the heat? If it doesn’t, I die. If it does withstand, I have more chances of living…

Okay, I am gonna try. Reverse gear, move left, right and perfect angle. I just need to keep the silver package in a straight line. Here goes everything….

Owwww... Okay, the silver package was stuck deeper than I thought… I just smashed my head on the ceiling. At least it didn’t do anything to the rover. That means I can keep rolling the package…

I am back in SFFC safe, with the package in the freezer. I didn’t log activities because I might have looked like a kid with problems. It was really frustrating Oh, wondering what happened? It was REALLY ANNOYING to actually keep rolling the package. Sometimes, it went off course and I needed to change the whole direction. It was basically playing soccer with robots. Anyways, I still made it to the SFFC. Now there’s the tricky part. I didn’t know how to get the burning hot package into SFFC...


Seth, we told you to call us right when you are back. Why didn’t you listen!


Jeez, Dad, chill. I was just logging what happened. I will tell you.


Umm, Seth, wasn’t the package hot?


Ummm, well, no. It was BURNING HOT. It actually melted my EVA suit. I will tell you what happened.

Ok, so well, I had a bit of a problem. Well, my EVA suit was somewhere unsafe, so I couldn’t get to the garage. Well, the garage airlock was already dead, so…


Wait, what? How? When? How just how did the airlock...How?


Relax. You will found out everything when you pick me up. Anyways, so I used the first rover to slam the airlock away. I used the remote control. The first rover AND the airlock blew up. I lost a rover, but I still had one more. I basically used it to get there. When I tried to pick up the package, the hear melted my EVA suit. I almost died. THANKS, PETER.


You are welcome.


So, well, I basically played soccer. I kicked around the package back to SFFC. Now, here’s the tricky part. I couldn’t really hold up the package with bare hands when it is actually burning hot. So, I patched up the EVA suit using “tools” in the rover. Then, I went out and searched for a decent ramp. I put the package over that ramp and using full speed, smashed the package towards the airlock. On Earth, it would have broken everything. On the moon, it basically slowly flew towards the airlock. See DAD, I AM A GENIUS.


What next, Seth. Where is the package now?


In the fridge. I literally had to carry the fridge near the airlock and use a long metal rod from a solar panel and poke the package inside. Dad, you need to agree. I AM A GENIUS.


SETH!!!!! GO to sleep. You will need to modify your rover, make a ramp, and do some physical labor. Alfie will get you going with that tomorrow. Bye!


G-Night Daddy. G-Night everyone, meet you in person the day after tomorrow!

Survival Day 12

I need to go now. Right now. Damn. They are rushing this whole thing. I am getting on the suit now. Oh, they sent me a message at like 6:30 am. They told me to get on the suit and leave at least 8 am. I will briefly explain what they told me. The simplified version is:

“Get up and start working”

“What do I do?”

“Get to the rover and take out the engine from rover 1”

“Well, the thing is rover 1 is completely destroyed. Accidentally blew it up”

“You are kidding me, right?”


“Does Pegasus crew know?”


“In that case, get to rover 2 and face time Pegasus NOW!!!!”


So, I need to get to the rover. Well, I hope nothing goes wrong this time. Okay, going out. Walking…. Walking…. Walking…. Walking…..And, there!

Got the rover. Opening rover airlock. The driving mode is a manual drive. Heading back. Attaching the rover airlock with SFFC airlock.

And yay! Nothing went wrong! Gotta FaceTime Daddy now. Oh wait, how do I do FaceTime? Well, last time, my dad called me, so…..


How do I FaceTime?


Get to the SOLG and press “Call”. It will ask you if you want to call us, or Pegasus. Choose Pegasus and get to the SFFC monitor. There should be a button that says “FaceTime” in the bottom right corner. Click that and BOOM.



Okay, connecting to Pegasus.


Seth? Did you get the rover 2? We sort of have a plan.


Terence, where is everyone? Where are Alfie and Daddy? Why can I only see you and Peter? Also, I did get the rover 2.


Chill out, little man. They are doing some EVA. They are checking where to use the rope.


The rope? What rope?


Well, obviously, you aren’t gonna make it to Pegasus. Therefore, your dad and Alfie will be near the moon and get you. You still need to get out of the moon, though. Anyways, get SOLG’s motor. Attach it right below the rover engine. Just use duct tape. It should hold. Do that first.


Okay, so I already have the SOLG’s motor. Okay, so put it over here and put duct tape over it. There.


Done! What next? Oh also, is my dad back?


Your dad will be back in like 10 minutes. The next thing you need to do is gonna be somewhat difficult. Do you know where the SFFC storage room is?


Isn’t it the one behind the bunkers?


Yep, it’s that one. There should be two large boosters inside. With moon gravity, you should be able to get it out. BUT FIRST, remove everything from the “living room”. LEAVE NOTHING. Move it somewhere else. Then, bring in the rover to the living room. Then, get the two boosters out carefully. CAREFULLY.


Well, okay. This is gonna be hard. I will need to move the sofa somewhere. I will put it in the bunker room and sleep on it…………DONE.

Okay, so I need to move the table. EASY. I can move it to the kitchen…… And there! I am done.




Good job, Seth.




Although I want to talk with you more, we have no time to waste. This might be dangerous. Take the top plate off the rover. Then, take the bottom off too. You will put the bottom one on top. Then, put duct-tape around the 2 big boosters to tie them together. This is THE MOST important part. You CANNOT mess this up. Ok? Do this first.


Yes, sir……

Oh no. More smashing. Okay, I need to completely destroy the top plate.

Smash, rest, smash, rest.

Okay, done. Now, for the bottom part, I can’t smash it, so I will use the top part to sort of use it as a lever. Oh, my weight isn’t enough. I will use the table. And, THERE! The bottom part out! Okay, now for the boosters, I will need to attach them together. Duck-taping, yay……..

Okay, I am done.


Dad, I am done….


Great job. Let me see it. Oh, you did an amazing job. Now, you will attach the two boosters at the bottom. Again, use duct tape. The duct tape will melt after about 2 minutes. 2 minutes should be enough though.


Will do.

Okay, MORE DUCT-TAPING. I don’t know if you guys know, but duct-taping is really annoying. Ugh.

DONE. The rover looks bad. But, look doesn’t matter if it can save my life. It is already dinner now. I should eat dinner. Then, I will call my dad…




You are done for the day. Tomorrow, you will build a ramp. The reason we are doing that tomorrow is that there is a sandstorm warning in an hour. Did you eat dinner?




You look really tired, Seth. You gotta go to sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be tough. Better rest.


Okay, Dad. See ya in person tomorrow….

Survival Day 13

I am up already. I am so nervous. I examine the rover one last time. I feel sad. I don’t know why. I am supposed to be happy. I am leaving this planet once and for all. I am also supposed to be really sleepy.

It is 5:00 am in the morning. I want to sleep, but my body won’t let me. I decide to eat breakfast. I have enough food packs now, so I can eat a lot at each meal. You know, maybe when technology develops, we might actually be able to eat real food. I think I haven’t mentioned this, but moon food packs are really bad. For example, let’s say that you pick the spaghetti package. What you will be actually eating is basically a small cube that tastes like spaghetti. I don’t know what that cube is made out of. So, it doesn’t taste that great.

Anyways, I need to spend my time doing something. I can’t just stare at nothing. I am gonna pack my stuff. My bag, my clothes, and everything. Okay, so my clothes can go here, that can go there.

Oh wow, I just realized how awesome the rover looks. With all the modifications, it sort of looks like a mini rocket.

Oh, wait, what is this?


Hello Sanchez. You are gonna launch in four hours. Are you packing your stuff?




After that, you will need to create a 73-degree slope. There should be a tool to measure in the storage room.


Cool. One question, what if I fail?


We have seen your video logs. You seem to have some luck around you.


You call almost melting myself and killing myself lucky? Your definition of lucky is different from mine.


You survived everything.


Wait, is this Robert, or James?


Sort of both. The “explaining what to do part was James”. Now, it is me, Robert.


Cool. Bye.

Okay, I think I have seen the thing that measures angles. What was it called? Oh yeah, protractor.

Okay, it is not on the top shelf, not in the bottom one. Oh, it is there! In the bin! Well, that wasn’t THAT hard to find. Okay, now that I got the protractor, I need to go on an EVA.

Okay, going through airlock procedures, and there., I need to find some flat rocks. Well, this is gonna be easy. The moon is basically made out of rocks.

Actually, I need to plan out the ramp. I will put some rocks in the bottom. Then, I will stack the flat ones on top. See, I am a genius teenager who survived 13 days on the moon by himself. I can be arrogant. I have the right to brag about myself.

Okay, back to business. This piece fits there, that one there, and that one doesn’t fit. Another rock.

Man, that was exhausting. You don’t understand. Try to wear an EVA suit and load rocks. It is REALLY hard. Anyways, I built a 73-degree angled ramp. Yay! I need to go back and report status. That whole thing took me longer than 3 hours. I don’t have much time left.




You need to hurry. Get the rover outside. Wait, before you do that, connect your SFFC communication system with the EVA suit system. You know how to do that, right? You basically plug in your EVA suit to the SFFC main control panel.


Will do. See you on Earth.

Connection complete. I am scared. Everything is going way too well. I guess today’s the lucky day. My dad informed me that I will launch in 5 minutes. So, yeah. I need to get in the rover.

All complete. Ready to go, DAD.




AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It hurts! It hurts!!!!


You are gonna be fine, Seth. You are my son.

I need to stay conscious. I need to sta…………

Ugh, where am I? I am not dead, so that is a good sign. All I see through the rover is…. Wait, no. The rover window is gone. Oh no. Broken glass pieces. Oh, thank God. No pieces ripped through my suit. I am gonna get up.

Oh yeah, my bag. Wait, I think I can see Pegasus. No way….






You are done with the hard part. Just stay conscious. Can you see me?


Umm, well, there are two people staring at me, but I can’t see their faces, so…


I will raise my hand.


Yes, I see you. Should I jump?


No, don’t do that. You do know that you are falling, right? You managed to get sort of out of the moon’s orbit. You are still affected by its gravity. Okay, we are gonna shoot a rope. Try to catch it. We will pull on it. Okay? Oh, get your bag too.


Will do sir. Okay, I just need to step here, and boom. I got the rope, Dad!


Good job. Hold on tight!


It is pulling me…… Oh no. DAD! Pull faster! A piece of glass ripped through my EVA. NO!!!!!


Hang on.

Dad!!!! I am getting dizzy…. Dad…..


Seth? SETH!!!!

Ugh, where am I? Am I dead? Wait, who are those people? I can’t see anything clearly. Oh wait, that’s my daddy. That is Alfie… What!!!!

“Hey, Seth!”

“Dad…. Alfie…..Peter…...Terence… What happened?”

“Oh well, you passed out. We got you in a nick of a time, little man…”

“Guys!!!! Dad, Alfie, Terence, Peter! I am so glad to see you! How! Are we heading back to Earth?”

“Oh no. We are about to crash into the moon’s orbit….”

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