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  • Kaito Smidt-Olsen

The Revolution

Chapter 1

In the country’s palace, the people walked around wearing expensive wool and intricate patterns on their clothes. They wore gold watches on their wrists. Most of them were fat and had all the food they wanted. They were happy with their lives and wanted things to stay the same.

But in a different part of this country, people were not so happy.

On a farm in the corner of the country, there were many people dressed in rags thin as paper. Sweat dropped from their faces and huge purple bags hung under their eyes.

Lingering around the farm, a man stood seeing the poor conditions for the workers, and looked sad and disapproving. He walked behind a building, disappearing. No one had noticed him except for a boy named Cleo who took a glance at him. He wore a grey suit and black trousers just like the guards.

Chapter 2

Cleo’s house was very small with barely any space to squeeze a TV, sofa or any of those luxuries. Even if they had owned them.

As Cleo entered his home, a thought struck him. Who was that man? He had seen him many times before around the farm. His curiosity filled him and he walked to the window only to see a few people putting the harvest on a wheelbarrow. Where had he gone? thought Cleo confused as ever. He slumped back to his desk, disappointed. He pulled out a book titled “Famous Revolutionaries and Activists” from under his knitted blanket. He had found the book one day on the ground when working in the fields. He opened it with interest and excitement and started reading.

A few hours later, his parents came back from working in the fields tired and exhausted and Cleo whipped the book back to its hiding place.

Cleo’s parents were very nice and kind to everyone on the farm except for the guards to whom they had no respect for. They had immigrated to these lands from a country that experienced the same type of class struggles.

Chapter 3

One day on the farm, the sound of horses thundered.

“We’ll take yours life if you ain’t gonna give us your food!” shouted four men dressed in dark robes wearing bandannas covering their faces heading for the granary.

“They’re coming!”

“Run for your lives!”

They headed straight for the granary, which was months of the farmer's hard work. They stormed in and ransacked every single bag of food, leaving grains everywhere,

Cleo was hiding under the table in his house during the raid when a guard busted through the old, scratched door like a boulder crushing a house.

“Why aren’t you working? You need to work like how every other child is working!”

“I don’t want to work, I will study instead!” insisted Cleo.

The guard angrily picked up Cleo and dragged him outside of the house. Cleo was screaming “Help!” “Help!” The guard didn’t notice that a group of people were watching him ready to protect Cleo. The guard turned around because he felt a shiver go down his spine.

“Who are you people?” The guard screamed.

The group gave the guard an icy stare. The guard knew he was no match for these people so he cautiously ran away. The group asked “How would you like to participate in a group devoted to a rebellion named The Green Fighters?” Cleo was amazed at this opportunity but thought about it.

“It sounds the right thing for me but my parents wouldn’t approve. It sounds very dangerous and I feel like I am too young.” replied Cleo with a sad tone.

Cleo sulked when he walked back to his house, dreaming he could join.

The Green Fighters were disappointed at the rejection of the offer but they had to keep on working.

Chapter 4

Cleo waited for his parents at his house when he noticed some yelling outside. He peered out the window to see a lot of people gathering around something. He dashed outside hoping for the best. At the gathering, two people lay on the floor. He immediately recognized these faces and his face filled with despair. But soon his face changed. His face changed to a furious expression and he knew what he had to do.

Cleo looked around for the rebellious group but could not spot them. He started running around the farm desperately looking for one of the members. He ran faster and faster until he couldn’t move at all. Cleo realised he was in the middle of a field full of farmers when a person approached him from behind. Cleo quickly realised and whizzed around immediately.

“Hello” said the man in a serious tone.

Cleo recognized the man from the rebellious group though he had a farmer’s hat, farmer’s robes and had a fake beard. He took it off discreetly and asked “What do you want?”

“Please, let me join, please let me join!” Cleo begged

The man quickly agreed but told him the dangers and the “No going back now!”. Cleo agrees, fueled with anger.

Chapter 5

He brought Cleo toward a tall, grey building and tied a blindfold around Cleo’s head. Cleo had never realised that there was a building there. After some shuffling and moving, the man untied the blindfold revealing a large room with people, maps, weapons, food and disguises. On the sides of the wall are paintings, but no windows. He looked carefully at the wall, and saw that the window had been painted. Outside, he could see the farm and people walking around outside. He looked for the exit and saw a door in the corner and assumed it was the exit. He turned to look at the man who let him in.

“My name is John and this is Jane, George, Harry and Abdul. We hope to recruit more members soon. There is a room at the back that you can settle in. ”

They all greeted Cleo happily. Cleo thanked John and headed to his room. In his room, he unpacked all his books, put them on shelves and went to sleep.

Chapter 6

Outside, a man had just snuck out of the hideout. He dashed through the fields, like the wind and could not be seen by the farmers. He wore a beige coat so he could blend in the fields. He also wore a hat and a mask to cover his face. He eventually got to his destination, a large building with a chimney with smoke coming out of it. The man looked up at the chimney, which was blowing smoke up high into the air. He then entered the building through the back door. Inside, a fat man with a moustache greeted the man who entered. They talked discreetly and shook hands afterward. Then, the man disappeared without a trace. Inside the hideout where the man had just come from, a plan was being formed.

“All right, next Monday I think is a good time to attack. We will have enough time to gear up by then. We can get weapons from the armoury. The tricky thing is, we’re going to have to steal it off the guards. We can do that by climbing the building and getting in from the top, or we can break in through the window.” John said.

The others agreed and started to prepare for the break in at the armoury. That night, the group sneaked through the shadows with camouflage and got to the armoury. They looked at the tall building.

“No way we’re climbing that,” said Harry grimly.

As they looked at the height of the building they agreed with Harry.

“All right, I guess we will have to break in.” whispered John.

They all headed for the window and slowly moved the window as quietly as possible. Once it was fully open, they lifted Cleo up into the building. Once he was in, he had no idea on what to do. Then, George (who was the second smallest) got lifted in as well. He stumbled in and crashed into a shelf which made a loud Bang! Immediately guards rushed in from downstairs to find George but didn’t find Cleo.

“Who are you? If you don’t tell us we are going to shoot you!” the guards shouted.

George was lying on the ground whimpering and moaning while the guards threatened him.

“3, 2, 1…” Boom! The guards were thrown off the building and onto the floor with surprised looks on John, Jane and Abdul’s faces. Cleo was outside the building when the explosion happened. He told them what just happened.

“I ran downstairs as soon as the guards came up and they didn’t notice me but I tripped on a box that contained a lighter. It set alight and I ran for my life to a safe distance.” Cleo put on a proud look until he realised that George might’ve been hurt too.

They ran upstairs, only to find George all well except for a few bruises.

“Are you okay?” John gasped.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” George replied.

Everyone sighed and headed downstairs. They started by looking around searching for the right weapons. Cleo started by looking around a room next to the weapon. Cleo looked around the room, only to see a box. He looked inside and found a gleaming blade. He took the handle to find out that it was a shortsword. He carefully hid it, and walked outside. Outside, John, George, Jane, Harry and Abdul started putting boxes of ammunition and explosives into different crates. Cleo was shocked at the sight.

“What are you trying to do with all those weapons?”

“Just in Case” replied John.

Cleo was still suspicious of them with the weapons but didn’t ask any more questions. They headed out the door after they got everything. John went first, only to find a line of guards, each holding a gun pointing at John. John stopped dead in the tracks looking shocked. He whispered to the others, “I’ll distract them, you head back to headquarters without me. ”



So they all headed to the exit with their weapons and crates while John pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it at the guards. The rest started running back to headquarters.

At the headquarters, they were all dead silent—quiet like a funeral was happening.

Chapter 7

The next few weeks at the headquarters went by quickly, with nothing major happening.

One day, Jane told Cleo, “We are going out today, we made a deal with another rebellious group.”

They all packed their things and got into a truck. George and Harry had to put on disguises to pass as truck deliverers. After they passed the gate, they drove to the corner of the country. Cleo was amazed at the sight because he had never left the farm before. Once they had got to the destination, they met a fat, plump man. He had asked for some weapons in exchange for some money.

“Pleased to meet you, my name is Justin Case,” he said.

“Hello, we are here to drop off the stuff,” said George.

“Ah yes! Let’s meet over there,” said Justin as he pointed to a well-guarded bunker.

Harry and George carried a box full of weapons and ammunition. Cleo felt a bit suspicious of this Justin Case. George went inside the bunker with the box and stayed there for a while. Cleo and the rest waited and waited. Suddenly a bunch of government soldiers burst in through the gate, walls and above. Justin came out of the bunker confused and scared. Justin realised what was happening and pulled out a remote with a big red button on it. He pressed the button and the bombs were activated. Explosions rang around the base scaring all the soldiers away. Cleo was happy until an explosion happened right next to the vehicle—but nothing happened. Justin laughed uncontrollably and said “Those were fakes you fools!” and kept laughing. But, George still didn’t come out after all the noise and racket the explosions made. Harry also felt suspicious and snuck into the bunker when George wasn’t looking. Harry walked down the steps to find a huge room, full of different weapons, lights and a jail.

He walked closer to the cages to find George and to his surprise John. He saw them both unconscious and tried to wake them up. He started by tossing things at them but that didn’t work. Suddenly, he felt sleepy and groggy, unable to do anything then passed out.

Chapter 8

Cleo, Jane, and Abdul were still waiting for Harry and George to come out of the bunker when Cleo decided to go in.

He snuck down the stairs to find John, George, and Harry in cages on the other side of the room. He pulled out a pocket knife and started fiddling with the locks. He jabbed the knife into the lock and turned with all his might. He heard a click! and the lock splintered like lightning hitting a tree. He tried pulling the iron door open, but it was too old and rusted. Then he put the knife in a gap on the side of the door. He tried to wedge it open, but his knife shattered into a million pieces making a loud Clang! He was scared immediately and hid behind a nearby counter with interesting things such as a spinning globe, a green crystal and a toy gun.

Cleo hears footsteps becoming louder and louder until a person appears before Cleo’s eyes. He thought this was the end but then he realised he recognised the face. He never thought he would be so happy to see Abdul and Jane’s faces. They helped him up, and opened the door for him. Inside, they found John, Harry and George, all sleeping. Abdul pulled out a jar of various herbs and opened the jar. A funny scent wafted through the air, and all of them woke up. They were all dizzy and confused, but fine. Cleo, John and Jane helped the others up back into the truck. Outside, Justin and his people were holding guns pointed straight at Cleo and his friends. Behind them, government soldiers were also pointing weapons at them.

Chapter 9

John, who awoke at the sound of his team gasping, quickly reached into his pocket to pull out a smoke bomb and drop it on the ground. Cleo, quickly realising this opportunity to escape yelled at the others and they made it for the truck. They ran for their lives, ducking at the sound of bullets being fired.

They hopped in the truck, with George on the wheel and John screaming, “DRIVE!” George stepped on the pedal as hard as he could and the truck accelerated like a sports car. They drove all the way back to the fields, not stopping once. By the time they arrived, their truck was covered in bullet holes. The team had so many questions for each other when they got back, but they were so tired they went straight to sleep.

The next morning, John was downstairs planning on how to get the help of the farmers. Cleo came up with the idea of getting rid of the bandits in exchange for the farmer’s help. The others tasked him with the job of giving the deal to the farmers. Firstly, he knocked on the small huts of the farmers and asked them if they would accept the deal. Door, after door, many people agreed as they couldn’t take the bandits and the government anymore.

So one day, when the bandits came around to steal the grains, they stopped them. When they came, they drew their weapons and scared the bandits. The bandits tried to run away, but the exit to the granary was locked. They stood, looking at the group, until Cleo asked them “Do you want to join in on the fight against the dictators?” The bandits looked at each other with happiness. One of them decided to tell them that they would be overjoyed to bring the government down. Soon, the countdown started for amassing all the weapons they needed to start a revolution. The group started taking down the guard posts one by one and stealing the weapons needed. The guards were shocked to see the huge crowd of people, and decided they were no match for them. They decided to join them, to save themselves. Day after day, weapons and people were being gathered. John had set a date for the grand attack on the palace. “Three weeks from now, we will have taken over the palace and will be establishing the new government we all wanted!” he announced in front of the crowds. One week to the attack, Cleo asked John “How are we going to transport this huge crowd to the palace?” John dropped what he was holding immediately and looked shocked. John told the other group members and they set a plan to get enough transportation. The next day, when the truck came to collect the grains and crops, the group hijacked it. They jumped on the truck, and asked the driver to leave the truck. The driver hesitantly said yes, as he was scared of the sword John carried. Soon, they had enough trucks, people and weapons for the raid on the palace. Cleo was looking forward to the next day, which was when the raid was going to begin.

Chapter 10

On the day, John and his group loaded people into the trucks with the weapons needed, and set off for the raid. The ride to the palace went smoothly and no interruptions were made. At the gate, two squadrons of guards came and confronted them. John came out with a stack of dollar bills, and signalled to them to be quiet. The guards silently agreed, and returned to their posts. The gate opened with a loud creak and the trucks drove in.

When Cleo first saw the palace, he was amazed at its size, the luxury of the materials and the way it looked. It has multiple windows on different stories at the front and huge oak double doors at the entrance to the palace.

Once in the palace area, all the people hopped off the many trucks and stormed inside. Almost all the rooms inside the palace had a red velvet carpet on the floor, with fancy paintings in the hallways. The inside of the palace was made of hard marble, which was all polished and cut to the king’s liking. In the large pantry of the palace, there were bags and bags of grains, crops, meat, flour, and everything else you could think of. At the top of the dining room, there was a chandelier that sparkled its diamonds and gems. The table had seats plated with gold and the plates pure silver. Cleo was in the dining room examining the seats, silverware and the chandelier with interest when he heard a loud shout from one of the members. He rushed to where the person was and saw a painting on the wall, with a tunnel behind it. He quickly ran around the palace, calling everyone he could find. He gathered a large crowd including John to go through the tunnel. Then, one by one they stepped into the tunnel and crawled through. Inside the tunnel, the air was damp and humid and it was pitch black. Cleo could feel that the tunnel was made of metal, and built poorly. One of the members had accidentally punctured a hole when he was crawling through the tunnel. Soon, Cleo could see a shining light up ahead.

They all entered quietly and stealthily, and exited the other side. On the other side, was a room full of guards, paintings, gold and one fat man in the middle, wearing a crown and carrying a gun. The room was surprisingly big, with weapon mounts on the walls. Cleo thought that this room might be the emergency bunker for the king. Bullets flew everywhere, so everyone took cover around the large room. The soldiers kept firing, until their guns made loud Click noises. John, Cleo and the others, immediately took the opportunity to attack, so they leaped out of their cover to take down the soldiers. The soldiers took one glance at the attackers and surrendered due to the sheer force the attackers had. The king, who looked scared, pulled out his knife, and threatened the attackers to stay away. Cleo, who used his stealth snuck behind the king without him noticing, knocked him out in one blow with his fists. They quickly tied the king up, and carried him to the dining table at the palace. Cleo woke him up with a splash of cold water, and asked him to give up his throne. Cleo gave the king a decree to sign. The king was reluctant at first.

John shouted at him “Sign the decree or we’ll lock you up in the dungeon with all the other criminals you’ve imprisoned all these years.”

The king looked at John with a mortified expression on his face. He snatched it with his shaking hands and started signing it, with sighs and tears. After he signed the decree, a loud cheer swept across the room. There was a feast in the dining room with food, desserts and drinks, people were swimming in the pool, and outside a loud Bang occurred with fireworks. Everyone was happy and celebrating.

Chapter 11

News of the change of power swept across the land. John had been appointed the governor of these regions, with George, Harry, Abdul and Jane being different government officials. They enacted many different laws to ensure fairness among people. They also used the wealth they had acquired for many different buildings to be built for the public. Many people were happy with them as the government.

Cleo however, didn’t want to be a government official so he spent his days at the farm where others would take care of him. The new government passed many laws to remove poverty and wealth inequalities, but still a large number of people still worked on farms and fields. The wealth the king had acquired was donated to different groups that help support people. Cleo at the farm was working hard and studying with his new friends.

Years passed and John and his group are long gone, and a new government has taken place. In a small cottage on the side of the country, Cleo sat down on a chair, with his knife in a case on the table, beside him was a newspaper with the headline “New Government Party Conducts Multiple Raids on People’s Homes”.

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