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The Fall of Blackfeathers

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Chapter 1


I raced out the door, tears blurring my vision.

“Frosty! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!” my mom yowled from inside the house.

My dad opened the door and looked around outside, his eyes blazing. He didn’t see me as my fur was as white as snow. I kept on running, my paws hitting the snowy ground, refusing to turn back. I couldn’t believe it. Mom and dad still kept things from me. Why, why didn’t they tell me that they were the protector of the most powerful object in the world, The Shining Ring? Many powerful Stars’ magic were stored in the ring. Because they failed to protect the ring, Blackfeathers, the crow ruler of the Cave of the Neverending Night, was rising!

Blackfeather has been in search of the power of the ring for revenge ever since his sister was killed by Queen Starry, the ruler of the Kingdom of the Stars. No one knew why Blackfeather’s sister was killed by Queen Starry. Now, he wanted to take revenge on Queen Starry and rule the land as his own. With the ring in Blackfeather’s possession, he easily could.

I skidded to a halt. Snow kicked up all around me and my vision finally cleared. I’ve reached Devil’s Gorge. The gorge, with its freezing, rushing water, spans for miles across the Island of Eternal Snowflakes. It would have been two islands if the gorge hadn’t spared a small strip of land across it. I paused, uncertain of my next step. I was stranded. There was nowhere left to run. If I stay here, mom and dad will find me in a twitch of a whisker. Suddenly, snow started to fly around me. That could only mean two things. Either Mom and Dad were right on my tail, or a snowstorm was starting! I turned around and gasped in horror. It was a tornado, and it wasn’t too far away! The Island of Eternal Snowflakes never has tornados!

I shivered in fear. This was the doing of a Star, the wizard and witches of the Kingdom. And it wasn’t a normal Star; it was the most feared among the Stars. Only they can destroy the weather, the defenses.

“Talk about them in hushed voices even alone,” my mother had once warned me. “They are no ordinary Stars. They have obtained power no Star has ever held before. They could have been good, healing, and bringing joy. But that can only be so much power. Only when you turn evil, only then can you push the limits.”

I had asked her who they were and my mom whispered so softly I nearly missed what she said. “Cassandra and Kai.”

I now focused on the tornado, weighing my chances. I could either try to escape or just get sucked in. The chances of escaping were pretty slim so I stayed where I was. If I get sucked in, I could still survive. Strangely, the tornado hasn’t sucked up anything, so no trees or stones would hit me. But if I tried to run, I would likely fall into the gorge. I closed my eyes as the tornado approached. A sharp pain shot through my body. Everything turned black.


Frosty will not escape this time. I paced through my personal library; it had always calmed me down. I will capture her and Ice and Snow, Frosty’s parents, the old protectors of the ring, and they will all be in my power! My sister’s powers were in the ring. I avenged her death already. Now it is time to use her own powers and finish what she started! I recruited the most powerful Stars in the kingdom but Cassandra is so irritable and proud. Kai is the same. Who did they think they were? They were known as one of the most powerful Stars but that didn't mean they were more skilled, more able, and greater than me. But changing the weather itself was not easy and to change it while there were so many defenses! I can’t afford to anger them. If I lost them, they would likely try and seek revenge against me.

I looked down simply to see the ring glinting on my sharp, bronze talons. It was beautiful, with a beautiful rose engraved on it. The rose was very special. It was a Starry Rose. It had star-shaped petals and a sweet, sweet scent. The ring was made from crystals, sprinkled with stardust, and washed with fairy tears. It was the most powerful and yet most dangerous weapon. It felt nice and cool on my talons.

A knock on the door annoyed me. I opened it and Kai came in.

“I had specific instructions not to be disturbed,” was my irritated greeting.

“I apologize,” Kai replied coolly, “but I felt that this was a matter that could not wait.”

“What is it?” I asked immediately. There could only be three important things that couldn’t wait for another hour. Either Frosty’s escaped the vortex, Cassandra was sick, or Kai and Cassandra decided to leave me.

“The vortex had gone out of control,” Kai reported. “It ha-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed, interrupting him. “You were supposed to watch it! Don’t tell me Frosty escaped again!”

“If you would let me continue, I would explain,” Kai drawled.

I was completely annoyed but let him continue.

“I had asked you to take care of it. I was creating South, a monster of fire. Frosty didn’t escape the vortex but the vortex went out of control. You should know that vortexes went out of control if you didn’t supervise them. The vortex has taken her to planet earth. There, Cassandra has friends; a couple named Drake and Donnara tech-wizzes. They are happy to track Frosty for us.”

Riiiiiiight. He had asked me to take care of it but I had been too busy thinking about what to do about Frosty than to take care of it.

“Okay. Finish up South and get Cassandra. I would like to learn more about Drake and Donnara.”

Chapter 2


When I woke up, I saw two big, intelligent blue eyes staring at me.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!” I screeched, jumping a mile.

“Woah! I won’t hurt you!” I looked and saw a cat facing me. It felt strange here… it felt…hot!

“Err, who exactly are you?” I asked the cat.

“I’m Fiona! But everyone calls me Fifi.” She smiled at me and I smiled back. After Blackfeathers, I didn’t trust anyone or anything, but she made me feel safe.

“I’m Frosty.” I purred.

A sound that sounded like a million paws stomping at the same time startled me. I made a mad dash to a green thing that looked like an extremely small tree.

“Stop!” Fifi yowled. “That’s my twoleg!”

“Too what?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“That one,” she pointed with her nose.

I spun around and found a huge thing. It was pale but not white. It had no fur except for some on top of their heads. Their ears were at the side of their heads and had jewels on them. Their front paws were a lot shorter than their back legs. But one thing stood out. THEY WALKED ON TWO LEGS!

“That’s why they are called twoleg!” I muttered to no one in particular.

The twoleg cooed and picked me up! Ouch, that hurt. I have never been picked up before. The twoleg’s arm dug into my sides. The twoleg purred to Fifi and Fifi followed. She carried me towards the house.

It was pretty. It had flowers on the windowsills and around the house, fences enclosed the area. The fence had a small opening that could be pushed open. It had a path to another bigger opening that opened when you pushed. Around the path and house were beautiful flowers. Butterflies and birds flew around the flowers. A maple tree was next to the enclosure, leaning a little into the space and providing a nice, shady area. As the twoleg walked, I saw Fifi follow. So I should be safe, as she knew this place and trusted this twoleg.

Inside was beautiful too. I didn’t get to see the place properly as the twoleg rushed me to another room. This room had a huge white rectangular bucket, a few bottles of stuff, a weird thing that Fifi told me was a “Toolet.” It was a litter box for humans. The twoleg put me into the white rectangular bucket and turned a small silver knob.

“Nooooooooooo!!!!” I screeched. Water! I tried to run but the twoleg kept a firm hold on me. I was starting to panic. The devil’s gorge was only so devious because of the rushing water. That twoleg must be pea-brained. Cats hate water. The twoleg were pouring something in that made the water all bubbly. I choked on a bubble and fainted.


Drake and Donnara were happy to kidnap Frosty. They would shoot weird magic-of-sort-of-sorcerers-and-sorceresses obstacles if Frosty's friend chased after Frosty. She would not escape this time! Frosty would be my threat to Snow and Ice. They wouldn’t want me to do anything bad to their only daughter! I grinned menacingly, his eyes glinting with barely contained triumph. The Island of Eternal Snowflake is going to be mine.

Chapter 3


When I woke up, I found that I was in the grassy place that Fifi insisted was called a “garden”. I felt an unfamiliar taste in my mouth from the water and the stuff that made it all bubbly. I was terrified that the twoleg would put me in there again. Fifi insisted that we play. This is way better than life back home. Blackfeathers can’t catch me here, and neither can my parents!

We played ‘Chase the Tail’ and ‘Pointed Ears’. I was nearly about to catch Fifi’s tail when a terrifying screech sounded from outside the garden.

I dove for cover under the big maple tree.

“It’s okay! it‘s just a car,” Fifi yowled from outside.

I slowly came out. My ears pricked and my eyes darted about, wary. Two twolegs came out of a florid car. I had seen the design before! But where? Aunt Julie, Fifi’s twoleg, came out and greeted them. She then took them into the house.

“Who was that?” I asked Fifi as soon as they were through the door.

“I don’t know… strangers.” She licked her paw and drew it across her ear. “Come on, Let’s play. And for heavens’ sake ignore, or at least try to, not be so sensitive to sound.”

I started chasing Fifi around the garden again, jumping over flowers, leaping over small green trees (Fifi called them bushes), and finally, climbing the tall maple tree.

“Hey! No fair!” Fifi called from below. “You know that I’m afraid of heights!”

Fifi had once fallen off a tree and broke her tail. That made her terrified of high things. She landed hard on her tail on a root while doing a dare. She cares about pride more than her life.

Suddenly, one of the twolegs that had entered the house with Aunt Julie came out of the house. She grabbed Fifi and ran to the car. The second twoleg followed a second later. The car roared and took off. That’s when I realized. The car’s design was Blackfeathers’! They thought Fifi was me!

Aunt Julie came out to see what all the noise was. When she finally realized that Fifi was gone, she began screeching and shaking the pellet box. When she turned around the corner, I charged. I opened the enclosure door (Fifi called the enclosure a fence and the door of the fence, a gate) without trouble and leaped onto the hard, stinky gray stone floor that Fifi called a road.

“Fifi!” I yowled, desperately. Suddenly, another car roared by and another. I knew the only way to catch Fifi was to get a car and drive it myself. But how? I wondered. A car stopped by the road suddenly. I turned tail and ran towards it, leaping on. The car roof was completely open and the windows were down so I could easily leap in. The twolegs screeched in surprise but somehow, I understood their screeching!

I turned around and that’s when I realized; they were Jessine and Livine! They were cats and my mother’s sisters! Now how did they get here?

“Aunt Livine! Aunt Jessine!” I squealed.

“Hey, Frosters. Chasing your friend?” Aunt Livine asked me.

“How did you know?” I asked, surprised. As usual, both of them ignored my question.

“It’s Fifi, right? Aunt Julie’s cat?” Aunt Jessine asked me.

“Yes! And a bunch of twolegs took her!” I cried desperately. I was shocked when both of them turned serious.

“What did they look like?” Aunt Jessine asked me. “Was one of them pale, with witchy gray eyes and blond hair? Like y’know, fur on top of their heads?”

“No…” I shook my head.

“Was one of them pale, with owlish eyes and super curly fur? Did she also have slim and long fingers?” Aunt Livine asked.

“That’s one of them!” I muttered. Livine and Jessine exchanged a terrified look.

“What, what is it?” I asked them urgently.

“It’s Donnara… Drake, and Donnara,” Aunt Livine whispered.

“Whoever it is, we’re going after them!” I hissed. I jumped down and kicked a thing under the panel and winced as pain shot through my paw. But it worked; the car went forward. I kept pressing my paw on the button just in case the car stopped moving.

”Oi! That’s my foot!” Aunt Livine screeched.

Soon, Jessine reported, “I see the car! Keep pushing, Frosty!”

“You would change your tune if a paw kept on pushing your foot!” Aunt Livine muttered.

I pushed harder and the car went faster. Suddenly, a clear, purple barrier flew out of nowhere. Livine swerved to the left and managed to dodge it.

“I’ll push the pedal! You control it! Swerve with the circle!” Livine called.

I jumped up and took control.

A volley of fireballs flew out. I closed my eyes and twisted and turned the wheel. I managed to dodge it. I was surprised when the fireballs hit the ground but did not burst into flames.

“It’s an illusion!” Aunt Livine called.

Finally, a wall formed on the path, blocking the way. I thought that it was an illusion but was wrong.

I slammed into the wall and flew off my seat. When I hit the ground, I saw something under the bushes. It was a pink letter!

I rushed over to it and opened the rose-smelling envelope. I immediately recognized the handwriting, it was Fifi’s! I read the letter.


I might be dead when you are reading this but I want you to know that I believe in you. Follow the golden egg. It will lead you to me. Good luck, you will need plenty of it.


I had told her what was going on. That’s how she knew. Tears sprung to my eyes. That’s when I saw the egg under the bushes. It had a crack! Would it still work? Suddenly, a chick came out and started running! It had black splotches on it’s white skin. It disappeared, running like the wind.

“No!” I howled.

“It’s okay,” Livine said, comfortingly. “ I can teleport us!”

“How do you know where the egg was going?” I asked her, amazed.

Both of them ignored my question. A huge torrent of gold light surrounded me. Then everything turned black. I woke up to see a stone temple in front of me. There was an ancient-looking coffin in front of it. I ran to the coffin, dread curling my fur. It was Fifi.

“I’m so sor-” Jessine began but was cut off.

A purple portal appeared on top of the coffin. I leaped in without thinking. Aunt Jessine and Aunt Livine followed me. A tunnel of purple light blinded me. When I opened my eyes, I saw my parents, my friends and all of the resistance! I was standing on the bloody field. The battlefield of many ancient dreadful battles. We were going to fight Blackfeathers.

Somehow, maybe it was how they all looked at me and shouted “The general had returned!” that I knew I was to be general.


Drake and Donnara are useless! They kidnapped some other cat! Now I will have to fight because of their mistakes! They died anyway; stupid people, who drive insects?

“Gather the army!” I screeched, “Prepare for battle!”

I looked down the balcony to see thousands of dark creatures, lined up to fight. There were possessed stars, Cassandra’s spirits, Kai’s monsters, weather elements, werewolves, Transylvanian rats, bats, and wolves, my fellow birds, Vampires, Toxic the scorpion (he sucked the venom out of 1000000000000000 other scorpions), SharpClaw, Bite, Mud and Slime, and their (huge) family, ogres, trolls, giants, and most importantly… Shadows. They were parasites that, once they entered the hosts’ nervous systems, turned them into one of them. Possessed. I looked at the sun, setting on the horizon, and breathed. With my ring,

I cannot lose. Suddenly, Cassandra and Kai materialized next to me. “Good” I snarled, “One last thing and we’re ready.” And with that, I turned myself into a phoenix. I wasn’t the pretty, fiery type though: I had black flames, a shrill voice, and a heart as cold as the coldest, blackest night.

Chapter 4


I looked at the darkening horizon. Dust was kicking up. They were coming. I only had fourteen words to say. I addressed the whole army. “Win, and we will live forever without Blackfeathers. Lose, and we will all fall.” The army looked up, and just by their eyes, I could tell that they were ready. “Take revenge for my death Frosty.” A sweet voice meowed. Fifi! I saw her outline, in the midst of warriors.

“Only you can defeat him. Destroy the ring, don’t keep it. The ring was nearly the cause of all wars. I believe in you,” she whispered.

“I will,” I meowed solemnly.

“Good,” Fifi smiled and disappeared.

The ground began to shake and I turned around. They were here. It was time.

Suddenly 20 possessed cats jumped on me. The leader of the possessed cats yowled a battle cry. I jumped on the nearest cat and clawed at its ears. I felt the flesh tear satisfyingly as blood splattered my muzzle. Another cat pounced on me and held me down, back arched. It left its body vulnerable to attack. I used my hind legs and kicked and clawed at his belly. With a yowl, he leapt off. For a moment, I saw the others. They were a whirling storm of teeth and claws. I was about to howl when more cats pounced on me. Their claws made a huge gash on my flank. My eyes rolled with terror. I was outnumbered! This can’t end now! I haven’t avenged Fifi’s death yet!

A flash of ginger fur caught my eye. It was Ginger! We were never friends. In fact, you can call us rivals. But now, we fought, back to back, like best friends. That was Ginger’s best technique, back-to-back fighting. It prevents the enemy from attacking behind you. I looked and caught a glimpse of my parents, fighting the parasites! They were always loyal. They always loved me. Ginger screamed and I heard a heavy thud. Blood pooled around her. “No!” I yowled. Ginger was the best fighter in Teeth and Claw fighting school. She can’t be dead! Suddenly, a hard thing hit me on the head and everything turned black.

When I woke up, WhiteLeaf stood over me with concern. “Are you ok?” She asked me anxiously.

“Is the battle over?” I demanded, ignoring her question.

“We defeated the others!” WhiteLeaf mewed excitedly. “But...” Her face immediately fell.

“Blackfeather wants to challenge you! You can’t go!”

“I have to,” I hissed, jumping out of the soft bed.

“But wh-”

I interrupted WhiteLeaf, “To avenge a good friend’s death.”

I leaped out. It was time to face him once and for all. I walked out of the small makeshift tent. Blackfeathers was waiting outside. I wonder why. As soon as he saw me, he hissed.

“You will lose, along with your little friends.”

“Friendship is powerful!” I snarled.

“Friendship is only an obstacle to success,” he growled.

“What do you want from me?” I meowed.

“With you, the ring will not be mine! It’s allegiance is to you! By destroying you, I can dominate the full power of the ring!” He cawed.

“Then let’s end this. You will pay for Fifi.” I leaped onto him. I was surprised when he didn't use the ring.

“I must do it physically, magic won't help me.” He cawed.

I pulled out the pearl Fifi had given me and concentrated hard. Hail hammered onto Blackfeathers but he protected himself with a simple shield.

“That’s all you can do?” Blackfeathers challenged. He cawed and parasites flew to me. I sent arctic animals, snowstorms, blizzards, more hail and all the magic I could manage but it was no use. The parasites flew to me and swallowed me whole, starting to control my body as I lay trembling on the ground.

Later, my mother told me that after a few seconds, just as Blackfeathers was about to declare himself triumphant, I had slowly risen up. “Fifi’s spirit was protecting you!” she had said. When I slowly stopped, hovering in midair, a flash of light blinded all of them. My eyes suddenly turned full on sparkling blue and in a flash, I was back on my paws. Blackfeathers, enraged, flew to me, leaving the ring open for attack. I snatched the ring and slammed it onto the eight foot, thick, snowy ground and smashed it. Blackfeathers looked at me, eyes wide.

“You were wrong, Blackfeathers. Friendship is as powerful as the ring, even more powerful. Fifi was a great friend. She died as she lived, protecting me.”

“Maybe you are right,” Blackfeathers said as he narrowed his eyes. “So according to you and reality, I still have another friend. That means I still have one more way.” he hissed. “ Your stupid friend got what she deserved. She won’t be back. But I will be back.”

And he vanished.

The End

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