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  • Jack Zhang

The Earthquake at The White House

The day started just as normal. Everybody woke up to the sound of the bustling city, Washington D.C., and ate breakfast. Then, the people of Washington got the news of an approaching earthquake.

But what about Donald Trump? He overslept. No president had ever done this before. When he woke up, he checked his watch and it was 9:50am. He switched on his news, and it talked about the earthquake that was currently affecting Washington D.C.

“There is currently an earthquake affecting our dear city. We are currently trying to evacuate people, but one person is missing,” The journalist reported. “If you are the one, please call the US government.”

Trump knew he was the one. But he was a part of the government. “Calling myself would be stupid,” he thought. Then, almost without thinking, Donald Trump called for breakfast. His tummy was rumbling grumpily. “My bacon and eggs breakfast, please?” he called. Nobody replied, and the room was ghost-quiet.

Whoosh. The air conditioner blew. No sound. Whoosh again. But still no sound. Minutes passed, but only a whoosh. By then he started to shout, “Where’s my breakfast???” After about a thousand times, he finally looked out the door. Nobody was there. Except for the sound of himself, the White House was totally eerie.

At 10 o’clock the earthquake came. The floor rumbled as loud as a TNT thrown onto the floor. The table shook and almost exploded. The coffee mug teetered and fell. All that coffee had spilled onto Trump’s papers. “Arrgh! What!? Biden! This is a bad prank!” Trump shouted loudly.

Then his computer slipped on some coffee and fell to the floor. A 180 degree turn made the computer crash and break in half. Trump screamed and shouted. Then he looked out the window.

Bam! A house collapsed very violently. Pieces fell so quickly Trump could only see a blur. The bricks fell apart and went everywhere. One hit the White House’s window and broke it. The brick flew into the room and smashed the computer.

Someone screamed through the broken house’s window. The seemingly scared woman, who looked like something that was almost crushed, had almost no breathing. She stretched her arm out to the White House. Out of that pile of rubble, Trump could only see a finger. But he was still determined to find and save her.

A piece of wood from the roof fell onto the bricks. It covered the finger, but let out the woman’s face. Then suddenly more wood fell. At first it was one by one, then later in pairs, triples, quartets, and even some quintets of wood. The whole woman's face was covered.

Just then the shaking stopped. Trump thought the whole thing had ended. So, he dashed through the hallway of the White House. He jumped on top of fallen objects. He crawled under tables. Then he tripped himself on a piece of wood.

He quickly stood back up and ran even faster, at a speed of about 8 km/h. He didn’t notice a bump on the floor. So he got tripped again, this time shouting in pain, “I will save you!” His mouth turned upside-down. At last, he got up and wasn’t tripping himself anymore.

And then he finally reached the exit. Trump kicked the door hard. He knew the whole plan worked. Except, the door wouldn’t budge. He kicked it even harder. Then he repeated this process until he realized, “Oh. I’m supposed to turn the doorknob. Whoopsie.”

But when he ran out, he knew he was too late. The ground started to rumble again. When he saw the house it was not a house anymore. It was a mountain of broken objects, including giant sofas, digital TVs, and more.

He turned his head around to see the whole White House fall to the ground. The American flag fell and crashed to the floor, hitting Trump in the back like the smash of a person jumping from the top of a skyscraper. He took a break and sighed since his back was numb. He then ran faster and shot through the road. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the cracks in between the floors and fell on one of the cracks.

“AAAHHH!” Trump gasped. At that point, he really couldn’t breathe well. Then the cracks sped through the middle of the White House and put the remaining part of the White House into halves. Then one of the halves crashed to the ground and fell into the cracks. Bam! A giant ripple flew through them.

A wave of water sped to the riverbank, and it flowed quietly and slowly at first. But that water didn’t stay so calm. As it hit the underground water flowing through the cracks, bigger and bigger waves formed, so that the enormous broken pieces flowed faster and faster, eventually nearing Trump himself.

Trump shivered. He felt like butterflies were in his tummy, ready to burst out at one point and popping his tummy. He turned his head and looked. The water had carved a perfectly smooth wall that never had any bumps. He gasped. “What am I going to do???” Trump screamed.

Luckily, Trump was very perceptive, and he found and grabbed hold of a small uneven bump on the rocks. He tried to pull himself up. But since he was too short, he couldn’t grab the floor and safely return. He then lost balance and fell in the water again. He thought, “I wasn’t afraid of China. I wasn’t afraid of Russia and all other predators. I wouldn’t be afraid of a small earthquake. But this is a giant rumble, not a small, tiny unfelt thing. I don’t think I can do it. Arrgh!”

And then he saw a huge wave of water coming right at him, heading from the deep Potomac River. Trump shivered again. He really wanted to give up. The wave of water swept the land and filled the cracks. Then it seemed to run very smoothly on the islands and cover it with water, just like what happened to Tuvalu. That was a tsunami. The golf course on the island was filled with water. Trump shook his head. “This can’t be happening!” he screamed.

The earthquake struck again at noon. New cracks formed in Virginia and Maryland. Then the cracks combined to be one. If you looked from an airplane, you would’ve seen something like a maze. New cracks formed everywhere every second. By then, all the pieces of the White House had separated through the massive jungle of cracks, leaving only one piece following Trump.

Trump saw a piece of junk fall off the roads, and tried to grasp the edges of it as he was sinking more and more. But the junk slipped off onto Trump’s head, and he shouted, “Ugh!” Trump was also wiping his face. Soon after he cleaned his face, he realized that the pile of junk had turned into a small stack of clothes. Trump had missed the chance to grab, and eventually, escape.

Suddenly something spiky poked Trump’s back, tearing his clothes into chunks. Trump had tightened his eyebrows as more and more bundles of tension flew into him. “Psssst!” he screamed. After a few minutes, Trump finally gained his courage to turn his head around. He could not believe what he had seen.

What Trump saw was not a great white shark that was going to gobble him up. It was not a saltwater crocodile either. It was the biggest leftover piece of the White House, measuring 1 km (0.62 mi) in height. Trump feared dying. But he knew that the piece would press or sink him to death. Trump huddled himself tightly, trying to avoid the rock. However it still crashed on him and ripped him to death.

The next day everybody was searching for Trump, hoping he was still alive. People shouted, “Trump! Where are you? Please!!!” A week later, scientists found a skeleton in the Potomac River, and they realized a few days later that it was a dead Trump. By then everybody in the U.S.A. was crying. Even babies that didn’t know what was happening cried as well.

The rest of the government announced that Biden will automatically be the 46th US President. Well, some people in China were laughing about the news and were also really happy. As it is that Trump had destroyed the economy of China, a different person would not redo it from Trump's point of view. As a result, Biden practically fixed any bad communication problems with China. The world was thankful for this change.


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