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  • Sameer Taher

The Dragon's Curse

Once upon a time there was a boy named George. George always loved adventures and books.

One day George was reading some fiction book but he thought it was real. Months and months ticked by until George had an idea.

His idea was about going on a new adventure and trying to find this dragon. He knew a lot about this dragon and knew it was in an abandoned kingdom under the water. The book said that this dragon was asleep for a lot of centuries.

Then George thought one day that he might go to the ocean. Now a lot of years have passed by for George. Till he found a boat on the harbor and asked the grumpy sailor if he could take his boat for a few weeks.

The sailor barked, “Yes, but you have to pay a lot of money. One question: which destination are you going to?”

George said, “I might have to sail a long way.” The sailor shouted at him to pay the money, and George hopped on the boat and went to sail.

Meanwhile in the deep ocean the dragon was sleeping until he heard a loud noise. It was a honking noise. Dragon was really annoyed that the noise coming from the boat had disturbed him. The dragon looked up and he saw a little boy dive in the water.

The gray weather was stormy and when he heard waves hitting the ocean he could also feel fear.

George wanted to take a closer look at the dragon, so he dived into the rough water. He shivered because it was a little cold. He saw a giant face after he was in the dark water. George knew straight away the face was that dragon from the book he read! George was so terrified to see such a scary dragon!

George swam back to the boat as fast as a seal. The dragon had gotten really mad at George so the dragon glided to the surface and hit the boat with his hard, purple, and scaly back. As the boat sailed the waves kept on getting bigger every second. George had a feeling of fear in his body because the dragon was following his boat. He turned back to the city, but there was no land to be seen.

He kept sailing and sailing until he heard people shouting “GEORGE! GEORGE! GEORGE!” The dragon kept on swimming and swimming and George kept on sailing and sailing until the dragon found some land.

The dragon jumped out of the water and there was a big SPLASH on the city. The sailor was surprised at seeing such a sight, and everybody was shocked and fearful. George jumped back on land while the dragon started flapping his wings and started to fly in the air! Then the dragon started swiping people with his sharp claws.

After that George saw the worst thing ever in the world. The dragon was magically turning people into sand! As people were fading away from George, he felt burning tears forming in his eyes. George needed a way to fix his friends and family back to normal, but no thought came to his mind. He was the last person standing in the city.

Suddenly an idea struck George’s mind. He was ready to face the dragon and fix his family. He ran to his home as fast as he could, and scanned the piles of books he had. He found a book named How to Defeat a Dragon. He read and he knew what to do.

He went to his room and found his chemistry stuff. He put a lot of cool stuff in the bottle. After a few minutes he ran straight out of the door. The dragon stared at George. George ran to the dragon and stood in the place he was.

After a while the dragon roared loudly and before the dragon could close his mouth George poured the thing he had in his bottle. The dragon’s eyes swirled and from the ground sand rose and formed a shape of humans. Colors came to the sand, and there were his friends. The dragon fell to the ground with a big THUD!

The dragon decided to never curse someone again. Dragon woke up moments later. Dragon wanted George to forgive him and the dragon thought “I was hurting that boy’s feelings. He felt so miserable when I cursed his friends.”

The dragon got up firmly, and George understood what the dragon was saying with his body. George was staring at the dragon. George’s friends looked up in surprise at the dragon.

George was starting to feel bad for the dragon. George had a lot of kindness in him and decided to forgive the dragon. The dragon felt very grateful because he had been forgiven.The dragon merrily flew away from the city.

George and his friends cheered happily and walked back to their houses and thought, “We were turned to sand and that dragon was scratching people with his claws and George had used just a book to undo the curse.”

On his way back home, George felt proud of himself because he did something very awesome and brave with just a book.

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