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This story is linked to another LEAP story, which can be found here:

Chapter 1: The Science Fair

“The science fair results are going to come in fifteen minutes, and the prize is a special science camp and $575,000 to spend on it!” said the teacher. Her name was Teecha Wu. Ethan, Anna and Bonkers were participating in the Science fair in Supreme Science Academy, wanting to win $575,000. The money was to be spent on science. They had made a S.A.T-64 Gun using a scientific contraption to use bullets. S.A.T. standed for Scientific Awesome Toy. It used three different bullets: A Standard bullet, a Hypnos Bullet, which had chemicals which made the target get drowsy when it got shot. The last was the Gigaton Bullet, which had a harder tip which meant more damage, but it also had less accuracy.

“Fifteen minutes have passed, and we are now announcing the groups: Group 1 is Tristan, Kelly and Reid, the second is Alice, Elliott and Maya, the third is Byron, Alder and Alvin, the fourth is Alexander, Annabeth and Isabella, and the last is Ethan, Bonkers and Anna.” the teacher said.

“Group 1: Tristan, Kelly and Reid!” Tristan, Kelly and Reid stepped onto the stage. “Our invention is Mobot-689!” Kelly said. “It can move around and mow your house!”said Tristan.

“We made it by attaching a vacuum cleaner on it’s back, then attaching it to a motor and using some wheels, making it be able to move around, and with wires connecting to the vacuum cleaner, making it move when you turn on the vacuum cleaner!” Reid finished.

“Great!” said the teacher. The crowd applauded.

“Group 2 is Alice, Elliott and Maya.”

Alice, Elliott and Maya stepped on the stage.

“Our invention is the Speedroller-22!” Alice said.

“When you put something on top of this marble run, it automatically slides down to a pool, and it is used to keep things in place.” Elliott said.

“Well, we made it by using a weight sensor and a thing will push the thing down, using the exact weight of the object to calculate the force of the thing pushing the thing down so it will stop exactly when it reaches the end.” ended Maya. The crowd applauded, but with not as much effect and admiration as the applause from Mobot-689.

“May the next group come up: Alden, Byron and Alvin!” said the teacher.

Byron, Alden and Alvin stepped onto the stage.

“Well, we made the Cutter-Edge X!” said Alvin.

“It can cut nearly anything!” said Byron.

“We made it by attaching a spinning saw wheel to a black stone, and we cut the black stone to make it hollow for space to put wires. We attached four buttons: On/Off, Hard Cutting and Soft Cutting. We put wires and attached it to the Cutter Edge, and then voilá! There it is. Then of course we added more systems to make the cutting buttons work, but yeah.” finished Alden.

“Nice!” admired the teacher. The crowd applauded happily with a moderate admiration. “Our next group: Alexander, Annabeth and Isabella!” Alexander, Annabeth and Isabella stepped onto the stage.

“Our invention is the Auto Hammer Pro!” said Isabella.

“Just press a button, then it will automatically hammer the thing you need! No more hammering nails!” said Alexander.

“How we made it was simple. Basically, we had a thick piece of wood, then stuck it to a hammer, then connected it to a button, then when you press it the hammer swings.” finished Annabeth.

The crowd applauded happily, admiring the simple but useful invention.

“The last group is Ethan, Anna, and Bonkers!” the teacher said.

Ethan, Anna, and Bonkers stepped on the stage. Ethan walked on the stage normally, while Bonkers trodded on the stage happily, jumping around like he was winning a lottery. Anna was quite shy, but she felt confident in winning the Science Fair. She was sure that they would win, as she knew her project was great and she worked hard on it.

“Our invention is the S.A.T-64 Toy Gun, and S.A.T. stands for Scientific Awesome Toy.” said Bonkers.

“Well, kids can just play with the toy gun, like some normal one like a NERF Gun. BUT, there’s a special part to it. It has multiple types of bullets! There is the Standard Bullet, which is, well, standard, the Hypnos Bullet, which puts people to sleep, and the Gigaton Bullet, which does more damage but has less accuracy.” said Ethan.

“So, how we made the S.A.T-64 Gun, was with the standard Bullet shooting contraption, but the bullets were the fun part. As Ethan said, there are three bullets: the Standard, Hypnos, and Gigaton. The standard was, just, standard! The Hypnos was made by using a Standard Bullet, then injecting some tranquilizer chemicals inside it, and for the Gigaton Bullet, we just made the edge of a Standard Bullet harder.”

The crowd applauded wildly, as the teacher said, “The winner will be revealed in 15 minutes,” 15 minutes later, Teecha Wu came to the stage.

“This is the moment you have all been waiting for… In fifth place, it’s Alice, Elliot and Maya with 102 votes! In fourth it’s Tristan, Kelly and Reid with 198 votes, In third it’s Alden, Alvin and Byron with 275 votes, in second it’s Alexander, Isabella and Annabeth with 362 votes, and the winner is… Ethan, Bonkers and Anna with 428 votes!!! 1365 people voted in all.” revealed the teacher.

Ethan, Bonkers and Anna grinned at each other, and Teecha Wu started to explain the Science Project.

Chapter 2: Loc. 54

A few days later, it was time for Ethan, Anna and Bonkers to start their Science Project! They got their $575,000 and their first task was to choose the location of the lab. They spent half an hour deciding - Bonkers wanted to choose a part of the city, but both Ethan and Anna voted to choose Loc. 54, as it was quiet and no distractions could be made. Bonkers disagreed with this, but as it was a 2 to 1 vote, Ethan and Anna won. Bonkers pulled a grumpy face for the rest of the day. On the next day, they woke up at 7:30 AM for school, and went to Loc. 54 after school at 4:00 PM. The first thing was to brainstorm an idea for the Science Project. It was 4:12 PM by the time they had decided, and their idea was to resurrect dinosaurs! They all thought that it was a good idea, and Bonkers’s grumpy face turned into a smile. Anna had a good plan of how to do it. It was costly, but it seemed to work. The plan was to get two things: a bunch of paleontologists, and a DNA Animalizer Machine, which was a machine used for resurrecting animals. Well, they would get the paleontologists to dig up some fossils, and then use the cells in them, then put them in the DNA Animalizer Machine to make a dinosaur! It was a great plan. It was 5:00 PM after they discussed all the plans, and funds and money left, but they realized they had to head home by 6:00 PM, so the spent the last hour reading a books about dinosaurs, including: Dinosaur Encyclopedia, 100 Dinosaur Facts, A Fascinating book of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Fossils, hand the Big Book of Dinosaurs. The next day, at exactly the same time, they came to Loc. 54. This time, they discussed what to buy, the cheapest and highest quality, and how much money they would need to reserve. “We have $675,000,” said Anna. “How much would one paleontologist cost? I’d say only $100,000, as Fossil Sites and fossils are more common now, because I heard from my uncle that their rarity was, like, really really really high, and it was pretty much impossible to find, but now they are more common,” explained Bonkers. “You know a lot!” marveled Ethan. “I think we’d need at least three paleontologists to make it fast enough,” said Anna. “What about five?” said Ethan. “That would cost $500,000, which leaves only $175,000, which is not much,” said Bonkers. “$175,000 is just around the cost of a DNA Animalizer Machine. I looked it up on Google just now, and it cost $150,000.” said Anna. “We need to save up some extra money in case something happens, and $175,000 is not enough. I want at least $200,000 saved.” said Bonkers. “Well, we can make it four paleontologists, and then the total saved money would be $275,000, which is enough saved money. “I agree, four Paleontologists and a DNA Animalizer Machine would be good,” agreed Bonkers. Anna put in the orders, and the paleontologists and machine would come next week. They had a bunch of time to plan and research. Over the week, they learned much more about how to use the DNA Animalizer Machine, like learning that they had to put the cells in three different DNA Palettes, then pour each one at a time into the ‘Pour Here’ slot in the DNA Animalizer Machine.

The next week, the Paleontologists and DNA Animalizer Machine came. It was faster than normal purchases, as they added an extra $300 for 7-Day shipping. The kids shortly asked the Paleontologists to dig for bones. For seven months, the routine was the same. Monday and Friday were researching days, Tuesday and Thursday were used to monitor the paleontologists and see how the cells were going, and Wednesday was used to help out on digging fossils.

Seven months later, the paleontologists came back from work. They had a four-hour routine from 1:30 pm-5:30 pm, so it was tiring work. “We’ve uncovered six fossils today. It seems like we have enough to make a dinosaur.” said Brody, the name of one paleontologist. “We have enough to make one of each dinosaur! Conveniently, in our find we got 2 fossils of each so it’s balanced.” said Aston. The other paleontologists, Zachary & Davy, transported the fossils to the cleaning table for cleaning. “These fossils will be ready by tomorrow. Ethan and Anna were excited, as well as Bonkers, but in a different way.

September 14, 2044, was the day of the making. At 5:02 pm, right after they got to Loc. 54, Ethan, Anna & Bonkers readied the cells. By 5:27 pm, they were done, but Ethan & Anna wanted to have tea first, as they were hungry. Ethan grabbed some leftover hot dogs from hot doggies and pancakes from Ultracakes. Bonkers passed the meal. He said he ate a heavy lunch, which was true, because Bonkers was late to recess. Bonkers secretly went into the lab, unbeknownst to Ethan & Anna, he poured all the cells from Pterodactyl AND Brachiosaurus into the Velociraptor cell palette, knowing that Ethan would want to make a Velociraptor first. As an emergency plan if they didn’t choose Velociraptor, he replaced the cells with water, as they looked similar. If they did, he would say ‘It didn’t work, and maybe we could try Velociraptor next?’ Bonkers’s evil plan was to hurt everyone, then somehow Bonkers has a hospital called Kazam Hospital, which in fact Kazam was Bonker’s surname. Bonkers Kazam. Funny. Kazam Hospital was empty of patients, and just got a medicine refill, so EVERYONE would go to Kazam Hospital, and Bonkers would get LOTS of money. When I say lots, I don’t mean hundreds, nor thousands. I mean millions. Judging by Kazam Hospital’s cost ($1,500 a day. Whooping!) , he would probably gain around $5,000,000, according to his Wyatt Estimator (An Estimator that was made by Wyatt Carson). He didn’t know the true damage of Pterochioraptor.

At 5:42 pm, Ethan & Anna were back. Bonkers was there to greet them. Not surprisingly, Ethan DID choose Velociraptor first.

“This seems full, I thought the paleontologists said they were equal!” said Ethan.

But then he thought, “If there is so much, then maybe I can make two Velociraptors!” He then poured it into the DNA Animalizer Machine.

“30 Minutes to completion… 29 minutes to completion…” the machine beeped.

“Meantime, i’m gonna play Pokémon Unite!” Ethan exclaimed, taking his Nintendo Switch.

“Ooh! Greninja from Log-In-Bonus!” click! Click! Beep! Beep! “MVP for the match!” exclaimed Ethan.

“+50 Aeos Coins, YES! 10,057 Aeos Coins! I’ll use 10,000 to buy… Who? Hoopa, Duraludon, or Aegislash? Oh yes, I can use the Free Aegislash License Box I got after completing the event! Now, Hoopa or Duraludon?”

Ethan talked while thinking. Anna read the book series she was reading, Starstriker, and Bonkers messed up the parts of his Crash Roktaver and Spiral Treptune beyblades.

Soon, Pterochioraptor was created, and burst out of the lab. It had Pterodactyl wings, the body of a Velociraptor, a tail of a Brachiosaurus and a head of a Velociraptor. “Whoa! That isn’t a Velociraptor, it’s more like a hybrid of all the dinosaurs we found! Pterochioraptor!” Ethan exclaimed. When they looked around, Bonkers was gone. He was on his way to the airport, and on his way to fly to China, safe from all the commotion. When people in Kazam Hospital asked where he was, he’d say he’s on a holiday in China.

Pterochioraptor, sniffing everywhere, walked back into the lab. With Marshmallow feet, Ethan & Anna quietly sneaked into the Storage Room, away from the Pterochioraptor. It found what it was looking for: The leftover pancakes and hot dogs that Ethan & Anna ate and didn’t finish. It had a yummy look on its face. Then it rushed out of the lab, sniffing the air.

Chapter 3: The Rampage

“Phew!” they both sighed. Then they saw Bonkers was gone. “Where is he?” Ethan wondered. Anna was brewing a plan to stop Pterochioraptor.

Meanwhile, Pterochioraptor was wreaking havoc in the city, smashing buildings in its path to get to two shops: Ultracakes and hot doggies. So Anna’s plan was correct! It was to get a bunch of hot dogs and pancakes, and lead Pterochioraptor to a temporary storage place, to be moved to somewhere else. Anna gave Ethan a $500 note and told Ethan the plan.

Ethan had to sprint to get to hot doggies and Ultracakes to get there before Pterochioraptor did. He took a shortcut, which Pterochioraptor didn’t know about. Conveniently, hot doggies and Ultracakes were actually right next to each other. He bought 51 hot dogs and 50 pancakes, leaving $26. 51 hot dogs because Ethan sneakily ate one himself.

While Ethan was out, Anna contacted the police, along with the famous American detective John Lakrac. Anna told them to set up a cage for Pterochioraptor in a cave.

They met up, meeting the police. The police told them where they set up the cage, which was a distant cave, and Ethan started to put down hot dogs and pancakes alternately while Anna looked at the map and the police looked around for Pterochioraptor. The police also informed Ethan & Anna that John Lakrac would be flying to China to arrest Bonkers, because he was the culprit. Soon, Pterochioraptor sniffed out the hot dogs and pancakes and flew towards them. “Now’s our cue to leave!” exclaimed Ethan, already putting up a jog back to Loc. 54. Two policemen, by the names of Darren and Liam, stayed to observe. They were out of distance too, though. Pterochioraptor got closer and closer to the trap. The plan was working! Soon, it got to the last hot dog. As it was happily munching on it, the cage door closed and it was trapped! “Bingo!” exclaimed Darren and Liam, and headed to Loc. 54.

Soon, the crew were transporting Pterochioraptor to the Amazon Forest, the buildings were being rebuilt, and John Lakrac was flying to China.

With the details given by his informant, a famous fossil scam artist, John Lakrac flies to Beijing, China. He travels around the city, hoping to find Bonkers Kazam. After about 30 minutes, he finally found someone by the name of Bonkers. “Ah ha!” he exclaimed, pointing to the 14-year-old criminal. “Hmph?” “You’re Bonkers Kazam, the dinosaur criminal!” said John. “How did you know?!” exclaimed Bonkers, shocked. “Leonardo told me,” said John. “Wait a minute… So when Leonardo called me…” Bonkers said, “Yeah.” said Bonkers. Soon, they got Bonkers arrested for 10 years because he was only a kid. John Lakrac then flew back to America, and Hong Kong was at peace.


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