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The Battle of the Pipe

Thomas closed his eyes. He knew that the bullies would go and punch him because of how much of an easy person to bully. Suddenly, he teleported right onto the school roof.

Thomas opened his worksheet. There was an odd QR code there. It looked like a circle. He ran to his mum and asked her “ What is this? ” His mum just smiled.

Then she said, “Well, you qualified.”

Thomas said, “For what? ”

His mum said, “ For a school for witches and wizards. You learn how to use magic over there.“

Thomas’ face looked very confused. He chose that if he had qualified, learning magic would be fun.

Thomas then said, “ But how do we get there?’

His mum then said, “You’ll see. But first we need to get our school supplies.”

His mum quickly called a taxi and they drove to a random public toilet. They quickly got out of the taxi. The smell was less stinky than the average public toilet. The walls were surprisingly clean.

Thomas’s mum said to him, “You need to step into the middle toilet.”

Thomas said, “Ew.”

Thomas thought his mum had gone mad. There was no way he was going to do it. This was toilet water. Why would he dream of touching it. Then he knew it must be true the toilet was different so it must have something hidden in it.

His mum said, “Quickly”

When he walked in he saw many people going into the middle stall and not coming back. He knew he had to try it. Soon he walked in and stepped in. As soon as he touched the water He felt air flapping on him. He blinked and then he was teleported to a road. He saw many wooden shops. He then saw his mum going to a building named “Elf and goblin central bank.”He quickly ran to her.

The bank was run by elves and humans. Around him, he could see wizards in robes walking into shops and purchasing things with hexagonal copper, bronze and silver. There was a white marble desk with an elf. The elf was very short. He had long pointy ears that were set high on his head. His skin was slightly wrinkled like a raisin. He was wearing a suit. When Thomas entered his mum said, “There you are.”

His mum went to an elf and said, “Safe 174 please.”

The elf said, “Your card please.”

Thomas’s mum took out a green and white card. The elf out took a stick and tapped the card. As the stick hit the card it turned into a card with a gold background and silver writing saying Safe 174. The elf said “You may come.”

Thomas and his mum jumped onto a horse. Suddenly the horse jumped up into the air and started to fly down a long deep and dark tunnel. The wind was blowing on his hair and all he could hear was a whoosh in his ears . He saw many boulders and small pieces of gold. Soon they reached a safe. The safe had a big rectangle with something like a screen on the rectangle. On top it said Safe 174 in gold and some diamond. His mum hopped off the horse and walked to a safe with the elf. The elf tapped the screen which turned bright and the safe flew open. Lots of silver, bronze, copper and diamonds were there. They were all shaped like hexagons.

Soon they got out of the bank and walked to a shop named Horald’s wands. They were greeted by a man who said, “Come in “

Thomas’s mum said, “Hello Mr. Rander.“

Mr Rander said, “This must be your son. I think we will start with measuring.”

He measured his height and waist. He looked at Thomas and whispered,“Interesting. “

Finally he said, “Unicorn hair, birch, 14 and a half inches.”

Unlike most of the wands this one was as straight as a line and had pyramids with designs on it.

Mr. Rander said, “This is a very powerful wand. The master of it will always win a battle with this wand. Use it well.”

Thomas and his mum went to buy clothes and potion supplies.

Three weeks later, Thomas and his mum drove to the same public toilet. This time it was closed. Thomas was pulled by his mum into the toilet.

She gestured to the left stall. Thomas quickly went with his stuff. To the left toilet. As he tapped it he was transported to an airport. Soon kids started to flood in.

After a few minutes the plane took off.

Soon they saw the school. It had many towers with round pyramids on top. One kid started to make sparks with his wand. Soon everyone was joining in. When Thomas tried his sparks flew in many directions. Many kids stared at him.

One kid shouted, “He’s got the death wand.”

Many stared at his wand.

Soon they landed in an air pad on the school. All the kids ran into the castle.

6 years later

Thomas was eating when the headmaster of his school came in and said, “Thomas can you please come.” He indicated a movement saying come.Thomas was summoned to the headmaster’s office. Thomas was wondering what did the headmaster want with him. He hoped that he wasn’t in trouble. He walked into the office.

The headmaster said, “Hello Thomas. I am going to get into this quickly. As you know there are many terrorist groups trying to overthrow us. So I am going to ask you to spy on one of them.”

Thomas thought about this. He wanted to help but also did not want to die. He imagined all the terrorist supporters killing him with a spell. After a bit Thomas chose the greater good and to help.

Thomas said, “I will help you spy. “

The headmaster said, “Thank you , Thomas. You will have to be picked up by a car downstairs.”

Thomas left the office and ran down the stairs. He entered the hall and ran down a corridor. Soon he ran down a corridor and saw a car and jumped in it. The car automatically drove to a bridge. The door shoved open and Thomas got out. He saw a man. The man said “ You must be Thomas. You know that you have to get into the terrorist group. You must find this man and convince him to let you join. Good luck.”

Thomas replied “ Okay.”

Thomas took the card the man was holding and looked at it. There was an address on it that said 56 Pennsylvania Avenue. Thomas took out his wand and muttered 56 Pennsylvania Avenue. He was quickly teleported there. He saw the man on the card. The man said “ Hello, are you here for a job in overthrowing the government? The man had blue eyes and long curly brown hair.”

Thomas said, “Yes. “

Thomas was led into the house. He saw a truth potion in a jar. Thomas put a hand in his pocket and took the cure out. The man said, “ Drink this.”

Thomas quickly put a few drops into his drink and swallowed it and nothing happened. The man started to ask many questions about the terrorist group. Thomas kept lying. Soon he was done. He had passed. The man said, “Touch the teapot and you can go to the headquarters? Thomas tapped the teapot. He teleported it was like going in the magical toilet.

Thomas knew at once that the office was underground. He quickly crept through the door. He put an invisibility charm on himself and snuck around. He saw some files. He picked them up and started to read. He skipped through pages until he saw “ Meeting planned at 13:50 subject : attack. Thomas looked at his watch. It was 13:30. He had to hurry.

Thomas ran around looking for the room. Suddenly he saw a sign saying meeting room. Thomas became invisible again and slipped in. Soon people started to pour in. Then a man with orange pupils and pale white skin he was bald and his fingers were giant. Thomas knew that this was the leader of the group. His nickname was Lord Nicholas the bloody. He liked to snap his enemies wands and make them bleed to death. Suddenly the meeting started. Someone said “ We plan to do the attack in 10 days. “

Someone else said “We plan to throw poison from the air vents and then we will raid them.”

Someone else said “The defenders will be on a different mission then.”

Another person said “ We will be teaching at different schools. We have arranged to dress up as headmasters and arrange the training.“

Lord Nicholas said “ Very well, I cannot see how this plan will fail. “

Thomas felt sick. He quickly left the room. He made himself visible again. He was greeted by the man who had interviewed him. The man said “ Where have you been? “

Thomas quickly said “ I was looking around to see what I was meant to do?

The man said, “ You will be planning an attack on the government. You look like you could be helpful. You look around the age of a student and you could give us some information. Go to the room saying spies ”

Thomas ran around looking for the room saying spies. Soon he found it. He walked inside. There were many files. Thomas started skimming through them. Soon he found something saying an attack on the government. Thomas found some information saying that there was an abandoned pipe that they would swim through to get into the air vents. And throw the poison. Thomas now knew the plan. Thomas would have to get back to school.

Thomas took out his wand and muttered Lanbrun. He was suddenly teleported into a wall. Thomas thought of the headquarters and was quickly teleported back. Thomas knew that there must be an anti-teleportation charm on the headquarters. Then a voice rang out calling “Thomas Jones report yourself to the desk. “Thomas knew they must be on to him. Thomas looked around and saw a sign saying exit. Thomas ran into the room and saw a man charging at him. Thomas stunned him and ran out. Thomas looked through his keys and found and sign saying exit. Thomas tapped it and was teleported to a house.

Thomas looked around and saw many men behind him. Thomas tried to stun one but the spell was blocked by the person. This time Thomas shouted the spell. It went straight to the man’s chest. Thomas quickly jumped above the man's body. He teleported straight to the entrance of his school.

Thomas ran to the principal’s office. As soon as he got there he explained everything. The headmaster nodded and said “Okay. We will make sure this will not happen.”

2 weeks later

The terrorists walked up to a river. They expected the entrance to be opened but it was surrounded by defenders. When the defenders saw the terrorists. Flashes of light flew in every direction. Soon after a long battle the terrorists serrendered.

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