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  • Zahaan Bhappu

The Battle of the Gem

It was Brett’s turn to hunt. It was an honor to feed your tribe. He was overjoyed to have the chance to catch something big. He picked up his dagger and ran towards the woods. As he entered the woods, he spotted a deer. He went on his knees and started to creep up to the deer.

As he got closer, he screamed, “ Ahhh.”

The deer spotted him and started to gallop. He picked up his dagger and chased after it. Suddenly he tripped into a thin hole for storing items. As he got up he started to see things. Brett was surrounded by darkness. His eyes ran into a glassy gem. He crept towards it and snatched it. The gem looked like a glowing diamond trapped in glass. He could not wait to show his tribe.

Brett quickly shoved the gem into his pouch, squeezing it tightly and twisting the top so that it didn't fall out. As he heaved himself out of the cave he looked around for other tribes. Luckily none were hunting at this time. He carefully crept through the woods to avoid the wood tribes. They were the most powerful tribes in Ceitas. They also lived with the planet's representative. They had strong tools. Each kind of tribe hated another kind of tribe because they always infiltrated each other’s territories.

As he crept out of the woods he saw the red flag of his tribe in the distance. Seeing that he was in the plains, everything was pretty clear and other people might see him. He started to dash towards his tribe. After a bit of running he made it to his tribe. He walked towards the leaders tent. The tent was decorated with red flags. Brett approached the leader. As he got close he opened the pouch to show the leader the gem. As the leader saw it he said, “Oooh, that’s shiny! I’ll call a tribe meeting on this gem to see what we should do with this!”

The leader told Brett to assemble everyone for the tribe meeting.

As they gathered in the leader’s tent, Brett rang the bell to officially announce a tribe meeting. The leader said, “Brett found a gem in a cave while hunting. What should we do with it? I’ll pass it around so you can all see.”

The leader passed the gem to a tribe member. He tried to stuff it in his mouth. The tribe member after him smacked it out of his mouth. He picked it up and started to smell it. He passed it to the third person who picked it up and ran towards the cannons near the watchtower. He tried to drop it in the cannon but everyone tried to stop him. He tried to hold it back but smacked it on the cannon. Suddenly, a tiny chip fell into the cannon. A giant fireball flew out of the cannon. The tribe members stared at it with big eyes. The fireball continued for 3 kilometers. It destroyed the watchtower and all the tribes in its way.

Back in the tribe meeting, everyone’s mouth dropped open as they saw the fireball destroy everything in sight. In a panic, everyone ran around while Brett snuck back to the cave and threw the gem in there.



There was the representative spaceship. It was time for the yearly meeting. All the planets divided into groups of solar representatives met to discuss problems to inform the leader of the universe. The representatives all met in the Star. It was a mega base, a giant sphere surrounded by rings. Gray metal used as armor for the ship. It was a military base for soldiers to use in an emergency.

All of the representatives were seated in the middle of the base, around a giant table made of diamond. In the Star, all the representatives started to talk to each other. The Ceitas representative stood up and screamed, “There was a giant fireball that destroyed three kilometers of plains and our watchtower!”

The room fell silent. After one minute of silence there was a big “ What?”

Everyone started asking questions like “How did it happen?” and “How is that possible?”

While Cepid's representative thought to himself, he wondered, what power source did this cannon use? How could this make Cepid more powerful?

After the meeting the Cepid’s representative told his ship’s driver to go to Cepid quickly. The representative ran to the president’s office in the government building. When he got there he said, “There is a giant power source on Ceitas. A cannon made 3 kilometers of damage so there must be some powerful power source. “

The president smiled. It was time to make Cepid great. He imagined giant skyscrapers with an infinite power source. He saw powerful cannons and indestructible weapons. He saw a giant fleet of ships which needed no fuel. It was magnificent. He finally had the power to construct a beautiful planet with strong defenses.

It was early morning when Admiral Porter got a call from the president. As he picked up the phone he heard, “Admiral, we suspect that there is a power source on Ceitas. We have assigned you to extract that power source. You must retrieve it and bring it back safely.”

Admiral Porter said into the phone, “Yes sir.”

The president said, “We will send the coordinates to you.”

The Admiral called to prepare a small fleet of the air force. They would depart at 12:00 with the given coordinates.

Soon after departing Admiral Porter got a call as he picked up the phone, he heard some muttering, “Cepid does not know what is happening soon, Senvis will be the greatest planet of all.”

The Admiral looked around. He was worried. Senvis, a very suspicious planet, might have been on this ship. He has heard stories from soldiers before him that Senvis has always held a grudge against Cepid. The Admiral suspected that this would be the perfect opportunity for Senvis to strike.

He got a message showing the coordinates of the cave in which the power source should be in. He did a little scan to see if there was danger. There was no sign of life around it.

The Admiral looked at the map on his screen. They had arrived. He said “Prepare to be launched into Ceitas.”

Everywhere on the carrier people were prepared. Everywhere, soldiers were putting on their parachutes and checking their equipment. The speaker said “3, 2 ,1 launch.” Everyone was parachuting into Ceitas. There was white armor everywhere. The black parachutes floated and filled the night sky.

As they landed in Ceitas everyone looked around for the cave. Admiral Porter spotted it. Each person jumped down into the cave. They took out their scanners and pointed them in different directions. Suddenly, one soldier got a signal. Their heads snapped in that direction. Soon someone picked up a gem and scanned it.

They screamed, “I found it.”

Everyone celebrated. They all ran back to the coordinates that the president sent them for a pick up. Lots of mini-capsules were there. Everyone climbed in and flew back to the ship.

At the ship Admiral Porter called the president and reported a job well done.

The president was pleased to hear the good news and immediately asked them to lock the gem in the secret vault.

Admiral Porter delivered the gem to the secret vault in the ship. It was a room made of the strongest metal, with several locks and combinations to keep the item safe.

The secret vault password was only given to very loyal military officers who served in the army for over 20 years.

Out of the corner of his eyes, the Admiral saw one of the soldiers suspiciously writing down the password in the password box . He had a new phone, it was an expensive one.

Admiral Porter went up to him and said” Cool phone.”

The soldier said, “ Yeah, I just got a pay raise.”

That was suspicious for the Admiral. He hadn’t been paid for the month. How could he have a raise already? He remembered the Senvis supporters' conversation. Could he have been bribed to steal the gem from them?

After about 30 minutes, they arrived back at Cepid. The driver started to land the ship when suddenly Admiral Porter saw the two people parachuting out of the emergency exit. They had the black locked case with them. They were on their way to the army district, it would be impossible to catch up with them if he did not react now.

He ran to the exit and picked a parachute and stun gun. He jumped out and followed the two people. He had to be sneaky. When he saw them, he managed to stun one. The other saw him but Admiral Porter was too quick. Then he picked them up and ran to the prison. He shoved them in a cell. He then called the president and told him what happened.

The president freaked out when he heard about the situation. If the senate knew they would definitely impeach him. He thought of a plan. He knew something about a secret army prison which no one knew about. He picked up his phone and rang the Admiral.

He said, “If you have a secret prison, Admiral, please lock them in there.”

Click. The president assumed that the Admiral would get the job done.

The Admiral was worried. How did the president know about the secret prison?

The Admiral made a call to the leader of the President of the Command office. He was in charge of the Air Force, the Military and the Navy. Once he picked up the phone the Admiral said, “We have spies from Senvis locked in Area 101. Please send them to Prison 49.”

The Senvis spies hadn’t been out of the cell for a week. But then a military officer came up to him and said, “Follow me or I’ll shoot.”

The Senvis spies followed the man until they were shoved in a small jet.

After a long flight, they arrived. The guards stepped onto a rocky part with a minecart that was big enough to fit the spies. The spies didn’t need to see where they were. They knew that since the plane was a R78, it could fly about 300 miles. The spies knew where they were. There was only one prison within 300 miles of where they were earlier.

The spies were put into a cell in the prison. They suddenly heard some gunfire and screaming. They didn’t know what happened until they saw 4 men running towards them. In the midst of their fight, they saw that these men had a skull badge on their uniform. They were here to free them.

They took out a key that they had stolen and opened the door. The spies saw a gem in their belts. It was the relic. The spies asked,“How will we get out of here?”

The men pointed at a jet with the same skull marking on the wings.

As the spies boarded the ship they knew that Cepid would know and would come after them soon enough.

Admiral Porter received a call from the Command office. They told him to prepare his fleet and to get the relic back.

The Admiral ran to the Air force base. He made an announcement to everyone that they were at war with Cepid.

Everyone in the air force and army ran towards the carriers. They were ready to invade. The carriers were soon full.

All the fighters were in their positions ready for battle. All the mini-jets were ready. As they approached Senvis’s ship they shot all the mini-jets out. In return, Senvis shot their jets at Cepid. The Cepid air force started to penetrate through the barrier of jets while the carriers aimed their cannons at The Senvis Ship. The Cepid air force started to shoot down the blockade. Seeing the blockade being destroyed Admiral Porter sent out carriers of soldiers to go and hunt down the gem. Soon the blockade was down and the soldiers reached Senvis’s ship.

They started to make their way to the vault. They knocked the guards out and entered the room. They quickly picked up the gem and went back to the carriers. As they entered the Cepid ship, Admiral Porter started to call everyone back. Once they had returned, Admiral Porter turned the ship back to Cepid.

Although Cepid had the gem, Senvis kept on chasing them. Admiral Porter had to be careful and aim his shots carefully or they might get hit and all die.

In the Senvis ship, the general got a call. It was the leader of the Universe. He had ordered them to move back to Senvis or they would get no more soldiers. The general was shocked. He had to retreat. He said to his troops, “The Leader of the Universe has spoken. We must leave.”

The soldiers had no choice but to retreat. The general made a call to Senvis’s president and said that they lost.

The Cepid soldiers were much more happy. They had heard the gem would be used to defend Cepid forever. With their enemies defeated, the Cepid soldiers delivered the gem back to the military center. Admiral Porter was patiently waiting to arrive at Cepid and give the gem to the government. The president was ecstatic. He had managed to score a victory and he was popular with the people. He heard his doorbell ring and Admiral Porter came in with the gem in his hand.

The Admiral said “ I have the gem.”

The president said, “ I know. Well done.”

The Admiral then asked “ I wanted to ask you this for a long time. I wanted to know if I could retire.”

The president knew that he had to let the Admiral retire after his hard work. He said “ Sure.”

The Admiral said, “ Thank you very much.”



The Senvis general was mad. He had tried to keep the gem but failed. All he wanted to do now was to destroy Cepid’s military. He aimed his cannons but suddenly a bullet flew at him. His cannons were destroyed. He screamed. He knew Cepid was now invincible.

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