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  • Zahaan Bhappu

The Assault on the Space Pirates

I woke up in my small pod ship. I was captain of it, but it was tiny. My team and I were trying to find a new planet to make into a base. We were in the middle of space and I knew this would not work. I was growing annoyed, realizing that they must have sent me because I was an inexperienced pilot and only a Second Lieutenant. That was when I heard the big news come over the speakers. The old General had died. He had wanted me to replace him which meant I would get to lead the space cruiser. I held down the intercom button and shouted “head to home base,” and everyone listened. I started to feel hyperactive. This was the best day of my life!

We had to rush back, my ship went light speed. Since I was low in ranks before I had never gotten to go into warp space. Outside the viewport all the stars looked like white lines. My excitement decreased when I started to feel uncomfortable because I was an inexperienced pilot and I did want to let my team down.

I felt overjoyed that I could lead this beast. I got a message that there were some space pirates who wanted to kidnap me and hold me hostage. I told my major to prepare a destroyer-185 and a fighter-B9 fleet and one fighter B10 for me so I could destroy the space pirates. I got in the B10 cockpit and started it. All the lights switched on. Most people think B10s are terrible because they are pretty small, but in fact they are super powerful. Even people in our force think it is terrible because only generals get to fly them.

Soon after that we were in space looking for the space pirates when a giant ship When I boarded the space cruiappeared. I realised that it was the space pirates. Suddenly I got a message from the leader that I had to defeat the space pirates or I would be fired. Without warning a F-198 cannon started to heat. “Dodge the blast,” I said. Luckily, everyone listened and no one was hurt. I decided that I could do some damage. I looked for the attack mode button. I found it and pressed it.Ten Z-990 cannons switched on with a red glow. I was shocked, since those are the most powerful cannons. The space pirates ship got blasted and the ship split in half with an explosion sound. After that a few B9s and I got sucked into another ship.

That ship had a shield around it and the door to the hangar was a green laser. It was shaped like a triangle. At the bottom was a claw to grab smaller ships. At the top there was an antenna for communications.

I saw a few space pirates who were talking. When they saw me “Hold him hostage” they said. I decided that I could not let my team down. I switched my blaster on and shot the handcuffs that they would have captured me with out of the pirates hand and they exploded. A lot of hairy space pirates came charging at me. I switched the blaster mode to stunning and stunned all the pirates then I told the destroyer captain to send troops. Right after that an army of troops landed in the hangar. I told the troops that they should guard me when I am exploring the ship. I realised that I should try to defeat the leader so I went to the leaders room.

When I reached the leader's room there were many guards around it. I told the troops to attack the guards. They did. The guards noticed the troops coming to attack and they defended themselves aggressively. For a bit there was a battle.

During the battle I saw the troops were losing so I decided to help. I started to stun the guards. I stunned a lot of guards and soon they were all down.

I opened the door to the leaders room. There was no one inside it. The guards must have pretended that the leader was there. There was a key on a desk. I picked it up. It said captain’s room. Surprising. Perhaps a door was hidden in this room. I looked for one. I saw a line that looked like a keyhole. I stuck the key in it and opened it doubtfully. I saw a passageway that stretched out like a giant snake. I called a few troops.

I went into the tunnel to find the pirate leader. The tunnel was extensive, it took me at least 30 minutes to get to the end. There were lots of strange markings on the wall.

I got to the end of the passageway and found a door. I opened it. I saw something that almost gave me a heart attack! My father was the pirate leader!

I lowered my gun.

“Welcome general,” he said, “I wasn’t sure it was really you on the cameras.”

My mind was jumbled up.

“Keep your guns on but lower them,” I said to my crew.

I asked him why he had become a pirate. He said he had been watching my career, frustrated that I wasn’t getting promoted. He had led the pirates to attack my team, killing the general, expecting that I would be given the role.

I kept on wondering what I should do with my dad. I felt like I should let him go but that would be wrong so I chose that I would arrest him. “Switch your guns to stun mode.”I said to my troops. They did so. “ You are under arrest” I said to my dad.

“We will destroy your team” He said

I shot my stun gun at my dad. He fell to the floor. I ran to him and picked him up. “ Get to the destroyer.” I said to my troops. We ran out of the passageway and into a group of pirates who were trying to block us from going to the hangar. We fought them. They almost killed me but I dodged the bullet. I started to stun them constantly. Soon all the pirates were stunned. I saw my B-10 and I hopped in it. I called for a carrier from the destroyer. It came and the troops went in it. We flew back to the destroyer.

When we reached the destroyer I told one captain to put my dad in a prison cell. Later I heard my dad woke up so I went to see him. “Release me now,” he said.

“First we will interrogate you at our base,” I said.

When we reached our base the leader was waiting for me and “well done general.” he said. I told my major to put my dad in a bigger cell in our base. I went to a room to get my reward. I got $1,000,000,000! I went to the interrogation room to integrate my dad.

In the interrogation room to interrogate my dad.

The interrogation room was big and black. It had a desk and two chairs in the middle. One of the chairs had two pairs of straps on it to hold the person who was being interrogated. I felt strange to be interrogating my dad.

“How did you become a pirate leader so fast?” I asked.

“I told them that you were my son and that I knew some information from your team and that I would tell the information if they made me leader,” he said

“But, you did not know any information,” I said.

“True.” he said

“Why did you worry about me so much?” I said.

“Because you always used to get into trouble so I worry about you.”

“Interrogation is over,” I said.

I showed the results to everyone. Everyone voted if we should let him go or put him in prison. For some reason everyone voted that we should put him in prison. “ The general that you replaced was very popular and your dad killed him so we voted to put him in prison” said a colonel.

We put him in prison. As I walked to my quarters I felt mixed emotions. Sad to have put my dad in prison and relieved that we defeated the space pirates.

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