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  • Ryder Savio

Stopping the Attack of the Evil Sorcerer!

Chapter 1

Coco could feel the knife getting hotter and hotter in her hand. Then, all of the sudden, there was a bang on the door - interrupting the dream.

As she awoke, Coco could also hear the sounds of church bells chiming and a gust of wind blowing through her open window. She slowly got up and started to get ready for school. As she ate breakfast in the living room she saw a headline in the newspaper her Father was reading. She couldn't quite see it at first but she squinted, and she realized it read:

Evil Sorcerer attacks the Northwich Village! Kidnaps many people!

Coco turned to look at her father and said “Why?”

''Why what?“ said her father.

“Why would someone do such a thing!” she said, pointing to the headline.

Her father didn't answer and kept reading silently.

Coco was not normal. Her father had come from magical ancestors. Though she hadn't found out about that. Yet.

When Coco was five, her father had been sent to Nigeria to pass the last level of Juju, an ancient magic tradition. Only outstanding scholars ever passed the final level. After passing the tests, her father was given somebody to mentor. Oruku. However, when his student Oruko passed the final level himself he turned bad and became an Evil Sorcerer. Now he was after people who passed the last level so that he could keep the secrets of power for himself.

Coco’s mother entered the room. Coco's mother was not magical, she had no JuJu, and neither did Coco, as far as Coco knew. Coco had only heard of Oruku in passing.

“Coco, you won't be going to school today. Not with the Evil Sorcerer looming around,” said Coco's mother.

Coco went back into her room and opened her computer to learn more about the Evil Sorcerer. She was surprised when all the websites she found said he was dead.

“Mommy, I looked up the Evil Sorcerer online and it said he is dead,” said Coco, back in the kitchen. But her mother wasn't listening.

Coco was an only child and you would think that because of this her parents would always have time for her, but Coco rarely hung out with them. When her mother got the job as a professional chef she began to come home late, while Coco’s father was always at the library reading books and mentoring new students.

Coco’s best friend was Mimi. Mimi and Coco had been best friends since they were babies. They were inseparable. When Mimi moved to America, Coco’s mother said that it was too expensive to visit Mimi and they lost touch when Mimi went to her new school. Now it seemed like school was canceled every day because of the threat of the Evil Sorcerer. Coco barely went outside.

Chapter 2

Four weeks later when Coco got up the church bells didn't chime and the wind was so strong it had slammed her window shut.

“Coco!” yelled her mother’s voice from the kitchen, “Coco!! Coco!!!”.

The door to her room burst open. A man in a long emerald-colored cloak barged in holding a knife. He was tall and strong and looked like he could break your neck in one go. The man looked around the room quickly before he saw Coco.

“Who are you?” he said in a rusty voice. Coco froze. “Who are you?” he repeated.

“Coco,” she whispered.

“Speak up girl!”

“Coco!” she said, this time yelling, hoping to alert her parents. Moments after her mother ran in.

“Don’t touch my daughter, Oruko!”

“I just need some alone time with her. She won't get hurt.”

He pushed the blade of the knife to her mother’s lips and she instantly fell to the floor unconscious. Strange..

“MOM!!! What did you do to her?”

“Oh don’t worry she will wake up in a little while,” the man whispered.

Coco got down to the floor and one by one her tears began to fall onto her mother.

“What do you want?”

“I’m an old friend of your father. I’ve come to take his powers.”

Coco remembered the name her mother had yelled at the man.

“Oruko?” she whispered

“Yes, that's me,” he said, looking annoyed. Coco looked at the newspaper on the floor. It was the same paper her father was reading weeks earlier. The photo of the Evil Sorcerer looked the same as the man in front of her.

“You’re the Evil Sorcerer then.”

“Oh My Gosh! You just realized! You're as clever as a koala!” he said sarcastically.

Coco made a run for it, she skirted around him and dashed down the hall and into her father’s room. She looked for the photo of her father and Oruko when he had been mentoring him. She found it just as Oruku entered the room.

“Look,” Coco held up the photo of Oruko and her father standing together. Oruko stood still, frozen. He almost dropped his knife. He seemed uncertain for a moment.

By then Oruko could tell that her father was not there. He paused in thought and then he disappeared into thin air.

When she turned she saw Oruko’s knife on the floor. She picked it up and when she did she felt different. She checked on her mother, and together they went downstairs. She Put the knife carefully on the piano just as she heard the front door opened.

“Father! Father!” Coco ran to hug him. Coco's mother ran and joined the hug.

“ Why all this?” said her father.

Her mother stopped hugging and stepped back. She made a face and her father knew what had happened.

“He was here wasn't he,” said her father

“Are you guys ok!”

“Yes we’re fine, father,” said Coco.

“We should tell her shouldn't, we,” said Coco's father,

“Tell me what?” said Coco.

“Come and sit down,” said Coco’s mom.

“Well, It's a long story so get comfortable.” said her father

“Here we go.” said her mother

“Just tell me already,” said Coco.

“Well, when I went to Nigeria the boy I mentored was Oruko. I had taught him very well and he had promised me he would use his magic for good. But as you can tell that's not what happened. As he grew stronger and older he started to like the power and used it for everyday things. On a Thursday I came back home it was because Oruko had not come to class two of our messengers gave me a letter that read:

Dear Omotayo,

I have decided that you have taught me enough and taught me well.

But now it is time for me to pursue my dream of taking over the world and gaming more power!! You may always be stronger, but soon I will take your magic and win over the whole world!!!

I ran back here before he could get near us. Now that he knows where we are we could be in danger, great danger.

“Bedtime,” said cocos mother

Coco walked to her room, brushed her teeth and put on her pajamas. But she couldn't fall asleep. She tried everything and something was bothering her. She stood up and went into the living room for some water, she gulped down the whole cup of water like she hadn't had water in days. She picked up a book and turned on the lamp and cuddled up on the couch. Coco awoke as she had fallen asleep reading, she looked around and she was still in the living room. She got up. It was midnight she laid back down but something caught her eye. She walked closer to it, it was glowing. It was a juju knife but her father only had one, and he wouldn't just leave it out like this. She reached out her hand and grabbed it. She knew this feeling it was like she had already lived this moment. Coco could feel the knife getting hotter and hotter in her hand, all of a sudden there was a bang on the door and Coco dropped the knife. It was her dream! The band keept coming getting louder and louder each time. It was her dream she had told the future she had magical powers.

She had JuJu!!!

Chapter 3

The realization that she had powers had both scared and excited Coco. Now her father was training her. Every morning she would get up and go to the library with her father. It was a beautiful place, it had gold shelves and all the books you could imagine. Coco was getting better at controlling her power but once in a while, her father would correct the movement of her knife.

One morning, as they were walking to the library coco, asked “Father how did you master your juju so easily?”

“I guess I was a fast learner.” said her father.

During today’s lesson, coco wasn’t doing too well, she had done all the spells before but they just weren’t working. Her father suggested that they take a break. As she rested many thoughts floated through her head. She could see Oruko coming back for her and her father, she could hear a cry somebody calling her name when she was disturbed by her father who had already had his satchel in hand.

“Are we leaving now?” Coco asked,

“Follow me,” said her father.

He leads her up a flight of stairs and through a door that leads to an office. Coco looks around, and on the desk, there is a name printed, it read. Omotayo. On the shelves, there were many many books, on the other side of the room, there were gems and jewels. She turned to her father who was looking through the books on the shelves, he slowly pulled one out and handed it to Coco. When she opened it up she found many enchantment spells. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Coco went to get it. A man was standing outside the door. He was tall and wore a dark purple cloak and looked very strong like he could break your neck in one go. Coco froze it was like she had seen him before. As the man walked inside coco noticed the man was hiding his juju knife and holding it behind his back. He walked closer to her father and. Memories flowed through Coco's head. It was like she had seen him before.

“Good morning, Omotayo.” said the man

“Good morning, anything I could do for you?”

The man slowly looked around the room staring at the books,

“Anything I can do for you?” asked father again

“I was just leaving.” said the man

As he left the room Coco knew something was up she grabbed her juju knife and pretended to go to the bathroom.

She followed the man up three more staircases and down a long hallway before the man took off the purple cloak to reveal an emerald one. Coco covered her mouth before she could gasp, she had to tell her father. The man was Oruko! She ran down the three staircases turned left then right then went down a long hallway and opened the door to what she thought was her dad's office but ended up being a meeting with all the best scholars of the library. But it was too late they had all already turned to look at her. She stood there helpless in the hallway mouth shut. Before she could make a run for it one of the scholars stood up he looked at her right in the eye and said “Who are you and how dare you disturb our meeting!” he spoke in a stern tone and Coco froze.“ I said,''Who are you and how dare you disturb our meeting!!” Coco got herself together and stood up straight and said. “I didn't mean to barge in. I was just...umm...I was just” “ LEAVE” Coco shut the door and ran. By the time she got back to her fathers office, she was sweating.“ What's wrong sweetie.” said her father “I.... I.. saw...I… there…..hallway…Oruko….Wrong!” she laid down on the couch catching her breath. Her father went to go get her some water. -When her father came back in with the water he said that they should go home. As they walked home from the library Coco told her father everything that had happened her father was speechless. As they arrived back home Coco’s father gave her a talk. He told her that she was not safe with Oruko roaming around. And he was going to do something. “ But father I want to help.” “ No coco is too dangerous.” and with that he kissed coco on the check goodnight.

Chapter 4

The next morning when Coco woke up she had an idea, she grabbed her juju knife, one her father's special book of juju knife spells. She ran to the library as fast as she could. She ran up the staircases as fast as she could trying to remember the way that Oruko had taken.

She found the office that Oruko had walked into and burst in. Nobody was there, the desk chair was spinning in circles and Coco walked toward the desk. There were many books and photos of Oruko. She Looked around, and suddenly somebody walked into the office. It was Oruko!!!

She ducked behind the desk and shut her eyes. She could hear Orukos footsteps coming closer and closer to the desk. She shut her eyes tighter, she heard the door slam and opened her eyes. She peered up above the desk and was happy to see that Oruko was gone. She stood up and slowly she started to scan the shelves. She had been looking for what seemed like days. She sat down at Orukos desk and took a break. When she saw a book it was green and titled “My plan.”

This was exactly what Coco had been looking for, she grabbed the book and dashed out of the office. She ran down the stairs down the long hallway out the library down the street through the dark alley and to her house. She grabbed her satchel and opened the book only to realize that it was writing in poem form.

Ane read the first line out loud, “Where the waterfall flows and where the wind blows.”

She read it over and over again wondering what the line ment. She took out her map looking for a waterfall or a stream but there was nothing. She walked back to the library and asked for books on maps. The librarian led her up the staircase and through a door that she hadn't noticed before, she followed the librarian inside. When they got to the section the librarian asked if she was going to any specific place. Coco told her she was looking for a waterfall.

The librarian handed her a book, the title read “Where the Waterfall Flows and Where the Wind Blows.” The exact same line from the poem she opened it to the last page to find a map with a waterfall key on the side. With no time to waste she checked the book out and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She had followed the map until she found herself lost. She looked around and she was in the same spot the map had said to go but there was no waterfall. She sat down on a rock. She didn't know what to do; she didn't remember the way back home.

She leaned back when all of a sudden the rock she had been leaning on lifted. It revealed a beautiful waterfall and an unpleasant gust of wind. She stepped inside and behind her the rock slammed back down into the ground, leaving her alone in the dim light of the stars.

She took out the book and read the next line “the brightest star is bright but not as bright as this.” underneath the line was a gem that looked like a sapphire, bright blue. She looked around but of course it wasn't to be seen in plain sight she kept reading. “Under the waterfall opposite from the wind.” what's opposite from the wind. She thought. All of a sudden another gust of wind came out of nowhere but it came from the north. She darted off south; she didn't know exactly what she was supposed to find but she knew where she was going. It seemed like she had been running for days and months. She had been running south for such a long time she forgot about the gem. She sat down and read the line again. “The brightest star is bright but not as bright as this.” she looked at the drawing of the sapphire “ Under The waterfall opposite from the wind.” there must be another waterfall she thought . but she hadn't seen anything. She looked up and saw the sun rising. The sun was the brightest star she ran towards the sunrise after what felt like hours she reached it she looked around and there was a waterfall she ran towards it. But she remembered the line “under the waterfall” how she was supposed to get under the waterfall. She looked around but there was nothing except rocks laying around. She looked for any way to get under the waterfall. She put the book back into her satchel and sat down by a tree she just couldn't figure out what the riddle meant. It hurt to think about it but she knew that the only person who could help her now was her father. She stood up, ran back to the secret rock entrance through the forest and back to her house.

As she walked in her mother ran to her and squeezed her tight.

“Oh CoCo,” said her mother. “I was so worried.”

Tears dripped down her mothers face. Suddenly a big booming voice coming from the hall came towards her.

“Where have you been!!!” yelled her father.

“I just wanted to help.”

“ HELP!!! You put yourself in danger, you could have died out there.”

“ I know.” said Coco softly. “But I figured it out. I found Orukos plan.”

Chapter 5

“What do you mean?” said her father.

“I mean I found Orukos plan and now we can go and stop him.”

“We? You're not going anywhere, you will stay right here with your mother.”

“But you know just as well as I do that without me you wouldn't have been able to find Oruko and his plan so least you can do is help me solve this part of the riddle.”

Before her father could answer she took out the book and read aloud the line. “The brightest star is bright but not as bright as this. Under The waterfall opposite from the wind.”

She handed the book to her father and he stared at the photo of the sapphire with wide eyes.

“Well,” said CoCo'' do you know where it is?.”

“Follow me.” said her father.

Coco smiled big. She followed her father through the forest to the rock entrance and to the waterfall where she had realized that the only person she could go to was her father.

“How do we get under the waterfall?” said CoCo you need a password.

It will lead to a different world. Just follow my lead.” Coco grabbed her fathers hand and followed him across the rocks. Her father started to mermer something like a chant and he took out his JuJu knife and started to swipe the air. Once he had finished the water below started to fall downwards. And so did they. Coco screamed. She couldn't see her father below her or above her.

“Coco. Coco.”

Coco opened her eyes, she saw her father standing over her, she sat up.

“Coco it’s ok,.” said her father.

As she stood up she tried to remember what had happened before she wiped out. But all she could remember was seeing the waterfall falling down something. As she stood up she noticed that they weren't by the waterfall anymore. She looked around and it was like a whole new world. There were restaurants, schools and libraries, girls and boys walking around with JuJu knives practicing spells. There were mentors walking with their students, she could see through the windows of the library she could see long long lines of books of all shapes and sizes. The restaurants were crowded with people and the shops were filled with people.

“Where are we?” asked Coco.

“We're in the JuJu world and I'm guessing that this is the world Oruko wants to take over!”

“What are we supposed to do now?” asked Coco.

Chapter 6

“I see you beat me here.” said a deep voice coming from behind them.

“Oruko,'' said Omatayo.

“Hello, Omatayo”

“You are not going to take over this land”

“Really, you don't think that I'm strong enough do you.”

Coco looked around and everybody that had been walking by only seconds ago were now backing into the restaurants and schools unsure of what was going to happen. By the time Coco had realized what was going on her father and Oruko had already started dueling with their JuJu knives.

“STOP!” yelled Coco.

“Dad, I didn't bring you here to fight Oruko. I brought you here because I know that there is something in Oruko that is still the nice, kind, caring student that you thought years ago.”

As Coco was talking Omatayo and Oruko lowered their knives, both knowing that Coco was right.

“You guys are the same people you used to be and nothing has changed except jealousy and cruelty. Oruko only wanted to live up to your standards and he could only do that with power, a power stronger than yours.And father you only wanted to stay the higher ranking then Oruko,you both got so caught up in trying to beat the other person, that you forgot it's not about what you do or how much power you hold, it's about who you are on the inside. You both wanted power and the only thing that it brought to you wasn't power, but sadness,the loss of a rare and special friendship, and the loss of trust. So here we are standing on land that shouldn't be owned by anybody but shared by the love and friendship of many people.”

“You’re right, Coco, you’re right,” said Oruko

“I’m sorry,” said Oruko. “I’m sorry too,” said Omotayo. "You don't always know somebody by what's on the outside, you need to know them from the inside.”

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