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  • Sameer Taher

Merpeople VS People

Once upon a time, there was a majestic castle that was shiny and very glorious. It was surrounded by the peaceful, calm, depths of the ocean. It was a quiet, soothing, and relaxing place - Home of the Merpeople.

There lived a king and his tribe and their happy, colossal kingdom. But down in the deep dark trenches, the truth was far from that. There was a giant seamount forming with rubbish and the carless land people would not STOP throwing their garbage. The seamount was as big as a blue whale and more smelly than durian, a stinky sock, and when a skunk sprays it’s the smelly, smell.

Their world was getting destroyed and the king and his tribe did not like it. So the king made a new rule, he had made many rules before, and the new rule was ”please don’t go out of your houses till this problem is solved!”. The people felt a sense of helplessness and misery. Happiness was disappearing and people had to stay in their houses for a long time. They started feeling bored, apathetic, and weary. Was the king mad or not? Was he just making a mistake?

While the merpeople were feeling very raged the seamount was growing like a phoenix opening and spreading its wings, sorrow and sadness had taken over. The people on the land were feeling happy and delighted to continue living their stylish and lavish lives, they were only concerned about materials. They were consumerists. This means they were ruining our environment by buying more than they needed, causing them to destroy their world one shopping bag at a time. They were recklessly living their lifestyle. And they kept on throwing their trash, the seamount was getting stinky and putrid as a large, massive rotten egg. The merpeople were feeling a sense of fear and were horrified that the seamount might just take lives, livelihood, and happiness away.

The king’s tribe sat in their houses feeling very enraged and angry. They felt like they wanted to save their world and their king, but how could they do this sitting at home? They felt really disheartened. While his tribe was feeling sorrowful the king was thinking about how he could solve this problem. This thought took over his mind for many days; it was like Venom swallowing you.

One day the king's tribe was feeling very furious and had had enough of their anger, they burst out of their houses that very day, to solve their problem. The king was so frustrated that he just let go and let his tribesmen roam around till he found a way to stop the humans from ruining the merpeople's life.

The King got his ancient megaphone. The megaphone has magical powers, it can make the person’s voice who is speaking into the megaphone so loud that it sounds like a meteorite hitting earth with a big BOOM!

The king swam to the surface like a shark lurking to the top of the ocean. As he came up to the surface, there was a big SPLASH from the water like something crashed into the water. He shouted loudly in his megaphone, “ People must STOP polluting the ocean. You are also harming yourself and the other people around you”.

You should learn about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle or the three R’s are as important as eating, drinking, breathing, and more. You should do this because it helps us and you too. You are harming the world and its environment and we do not like it.”

“Also, it is good for you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” said the king in his megaphone. His voice echoed around the world, people heard him from Asia to North America. The megaphone was loud because it was big and it had magical powers. The magical power of the megaphone is that once you hear what the megaphone says it has the ability to make people change their minds, this magical power can only be used for good.

The megaphone and the king’s message could be heard miles away. It was as loud as a ship's horn. They heard what he said, and the people did not throw or pollute from that very day. Deep down now the King’s tribe was cheering for him.

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