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I'm Dead

Chapter 1

It was the first day of 2036. I couldn't wait, but little did I know I would be dead in three hours. Let me explain. There were these new things called moon fires.

Ellen Cannon made them. We always heard explosions at Ellen's house down the street. But recently, the moon fires had gotten into terrorists' hands.

So here’s the story about how I died. I was in the car, and the cab driver was zipping around this way and that! To the point that I became nauseous and felt like a blob of jello! Then, I felt something hot against my cheek and I saw a blast of moon fire approaching us.

I hugged my bag tight, then... BOOM!

I was falling onto cold, hard, cement. Then there were warm lights and explosions of color. A shadowy black figure lent down to carry me and whisk me away.

Where I was going? I had no idea.

All I did know was that I was dead...

Chapter 2

After a journey that felt like forever, the shadowy figure finally came to a stop! Where I was standing, I seemed to be in the middle of two completely opposite worlds. One was dark, gloomy, and dreary; the other was bright, colorful, and luminescent!

All I saw was two statues staring at me looking down on me and seemingly filled with judgment and resentment!

One was a demon and the other was an angel. Then, I noticed that there were names under them. The demon was apparently named Sin and the description was that he was in the Council of Death, and was the Master of Evil. Then, there was the angel, named Love, with a beaming smile and she was also in the Council of Death, but she was the Duchess of Kindness.

I had heard about this place in storybooks, it’s called The 4th Dimension. But I didn’t know why I was here in the 4th dimension, all I knew was that this was where I was. Once I wrapped my brain around this. Suddenly, the gate opened, and outshot a ball of light!

This ball I found out was the star of Sirius, who was basically the universe’s most neutral being, and he was the Guardian of the 4th Dimension. Sirius led me to a bridge, and we were standing in the middle. I was standing on the bridge, but obviously, Sirius was floating, bobbing up and down. On the right-hand side of me was part of a bridge that seemingly was made up of twisted twigs, intertwined vines, and endless matter full of destructive but somewhat delicate black poison needles!

I started asking why am I here and what am I doing here. Then suddenly, an angel stepped forward, and said you are in the 4th dimension, but usually people like you go to the third dimension! So, you're special! Because of the balance of your soul.

I had to ask why I am balanced and others are not.

The angel only gave two words as a response - “your mother” - and then it all started to make sense...

Chapter 3

It was my deep-seated hate for the murder of my mother and my trying to seek revenge, but also the fact, that after that incident I had to protect everybody else around me! I had to become the guardian of my family, and I loved my family more than anything in this universe.

I became that guardian at the tender age of 2. I was given a choice after she was taken away from me at such a young age.

I needed to protect my entire family from everything or fail my mission of becoming a guardian. I think it is fair to say that I probably failed my mission entirely as I had no family left in the world with me!

The second I landed into the 4th dimension...I felt something, and it was ingrained in my brain. I knew I didn’t see my actual family die but somehow I knew that they were dead. So, I felt the promise that I had made to my keep everyone safe, but I also ended up in this excruciatingly confusing dimension that was too hard to figure out!

Chapter 4

Right now I am standing in the middle of two bridges; with one foot on a stone bridge with twigs and evil matter, and another foot on the cold side of marble, filled with glistening gems.

Below me near my left foot was an endless blue sky with clouds as fluffy as cotton candy! Then, near my right foot, it was bubbling with hot magma with human bones!

At this point, Sin stepped in front of me with skin as red as blood and horns as sharp as needles, and his black cape billowing in the wind.

He said to me, “Do you know what you’re doing here? Claire?”

“No, absolutely not.” I responded.

Well, then we might as well have you do some push-ups; maybe 10 or 20, and then some sit-ups. The only thing that came to mind at this point was why is this demon asking me to do exercises, aren’t I meant to be doing missions and tasks...but then I figured, well he is a demon, so I may as well just go with it! I started doing what he asked, and it was tiring, to say the least. I could tell that he might have been plotting some kind of torture plan for me! 5 minutes later, it turned out that he wasn’t...

Chapter 5

I was just in the middle of completing my fifth sit-up when an earthy hand covered my mouth and a bunch of red demons locked me up in a cage and took me somewhere...where that was I had absolutely no idea!

All I heard was the rattling of metal against metal whereby they were trying to figure out the lock. Until I realized, that the demon's hands, seemed to have some sort of chemical on them, because the more I was smelling them, the more I started to feel sleepy, and then I fell unconscious!

When I woke up, I was in a dark and windowless room. Honestly, I would have been fine there, if only I hadn’t needed to use the bathroom.

Yes, I know, I am dead but clearly, I still needed to empty my bladder! Weird, I know!

The only thing that I could do was hold it until there was a tiny slit in the keyhole and a black butterfly flew in.

“Hi. My name is Hope” said the butterfly.

I didn’t even realize that was a thing, that they could talk, but clearly, they could!

“I am the butterfly of good, " said Hope, and "I will help you get out of here”.

The pure power of her wings blasted the door and the door flung open...

Chapter 6

When we came out of the dungeon, we were greeted with one thousand mystical beasts trying to fight our heads off!

What I noticed was that a sword appeared in my hand and I fought them off until I realized that Hope was actually trying to fight me. But she had told me she was from the good side!

I had fallen for it again. She was sent from her master, Despair - the stone, cold, gray wolf with sunken hazel eyes.

I thought all was lost, and I thought I could do it again, which would take me to the 5th dimension, which is where you are tortured for all of eternity.

Then there was a blast of bright energy and everything turned to dust and there, in the haze, I saw where the light was from.

It was from my mum. I held her tight, like I never, ever, EVER, wanted to let her go. But she told me “I can’t stay for long” and my heart was filled with sadness and tears filled my eyes.

Then, I fell into complete darkness once again and became nothing...

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