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Heather and the Stone of the Sea

Updated: May 31, 2022

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Heather and the Stone of the Sea

A children’s story by Nayantara Sinha

Far off in the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, in a place called Shark Bay Hollow, two young mermaids were arguing about dolls in a seashell house.

“No, I want that doll,” said the blonde one.

“No me! I get it,”said the one with black hair, pulling the doll away from the blonde.

“It is almost my birthday so I get to play with it,”said the blonde one.

“But it’s my doll,”said the black haired one.

“Just because it is your doll does not mean that you get it, and because it’s your doll you can play with it whenever you want. Now it’s my turn,”said the blonde one.

“Ugggggghh,” said the black haired one. “This is my favorite doll!”

Nee naw nee naw nee naw . A loud sound started coming out from a nearby magical speaker. It was an announcement from Shark Bay Hollow’s queen.

“Attention citizens of Shark Bay Hollow! The stone of the sea has been stolen! said Queen Heather.

“No!” said both girls together. They looked outside.

Everyone was in a panic. Mermaids were swimming in every direction.

Soon enough, a human came diving down, and all of the mermaids froze. From afar, the human thought that they were gigantic shells, and swam on.

“Thank goodness he didn’t notice us,”the girls’ mother sighed.

“You know what happens when the stone of the sea is taken from Shark Bay Hollow…”

She looks at her girls. “Humans can see us.”

To be continued…

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1 Comment

Debbie Lau
Debbie Lau
Mar 16, 2022

Mermaids are a sailor's bad luck

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