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  • Ella Choe


It felt like any other Monday morning. I woke up at the hint of the sun shining on my face.

I slowly got out of my little bed and walked over to Ella's room. I jumped on to her soft, warm bed and curled up to her to wake her up. Ten minutes later, she got up, carrying me to the living room.

She fed me breakfast, and while I ate my fish, I watched the sun rise through the window. We lived in a big beach house with a small front yard, near a harbor where ships come in. I loved it here.

When Ella and I finished our food, I walked outside and sat on a bench watching ships come and go.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed a very small ship with two men, lifting bags of heavy things and putting them on the boat. A second later, I saw people bringing what looked like more heavy bags onto a boat. Then I saw something glint in the sun. Something really shiny!

Were there diamonds in the bag? I wondered. I wanted to look closer but Ella suddenly picked me up, carrying me to the car. She had all my things. Where were we going?

While Ella was driving, she told me that I was going to a pet hotel because she was going on vacation with friends for a few days. I would stay in this 'nice' pet hotel until she came back.

I was furious! I meowed and scratched as hard as I could, hoping that she would change her mind.

It didn't. I just made her more determined to take me to the pet hotel.

The second we got there I knew I would not like it. The caretakers looked like they were mean. The other pets looked scared. They were too quiet. I knew this was not a good place to be. So I planned my escape. I thought very hard. DId I see a small door in the back? I imagined that it was open.

When Ella left, I slowly crawled my way to the back of the hotel. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, the small door was open. Yes! I quickly slipped through the opening and ran home.

When I got home, I tried to push front door open, but it wouldn't budge, so I walked around the house until I found the window of Ella's bedroom. I imagined Ella's bedroom window was open. And when I looked, it was! I kept jumping up until I finally reached the sill. After many attempts, I was finally inside! Home at last.

I walked lazily to my favorite carpet and snoozed. When I woke up, I knew something was wrong. Instead of Ella’s soft, plush carpet, I was in a small metal cage with no food.

I was trapped! I was freaking out for the first few minutes but I stopped as soon as I heard men start talking. Two robbers were carrying my cage to their ship. It was the same one I saw this morning, when I was watching the harbor on my bench.

I pretended that I was sleeping so they wouldn't know I was listening in. I heard them talking about selling me, and selling diamonds when we got to a certain place. I didn't know where it was.

I needed a plan! I decided to find a way to get the key, unlock my cage and jump off the boat.

They set my cage down in the middle of the ship. I waited for the engine to start.

Even though I hated swimming, I needed to get off this boat! But first, I needed to find the keys. I thought really hard about where I saw them last... they were attached to a chain on a belt one of the robbers was wearing.

I thought very hard... and suddenly I made the keys float very close to me and then I turned the lock just enough for the cage door to slowly swing open.

I was free!

When the boat was really close to the small island I leapt off. I closed my eyes, thought about sand on the island, and after a few seconds, landed on the sand! I crept behind a palm tree very quietly and waited until the boat was far at sea before I started walking around the island.

The island looked like it had been abandoned for a long time. There were dead leaves and pieces of random wood lying around.

Suddenly, a noise caught my attention. I heard snoring! I went closer to the noise and found a dog laying on the sand.

I walked over to the sleeping animal and gave him a nudge. He suddenly woke up, startled. He was a big dog, with long floppy ears. He looked friendly.

I told him that I was stuck on the island. He said he was too, he didn't know where his owners were. I asked him if he would like to come home with me. I told him about Ella.

After a few minutes of talking, he agreed, and said he would help find a way out of the island.

I thought back to all the times I escaped today. It seemed whatever I imagined suddenly happened. Do I have super powers? I put it to the test.

I imagined a long block of ice leading to the harbor from the island. It would slippery enough that the dog and I could slide across and get home in no time!

I closed my eyes. Suddenly, an ice path appeared before our eyes! I stepped on it, and dog followed. I kept imagining the ice path getting closer and closer to my house.

Safe at last!

It was time for Ella to pick me up. She went into the pet hotel and said to the caretakers, "I am here to pick up my kitten, her name is Fluffy.’’ The caretakers looked around but she couldn't find me. Ella's face fell... where was Fluffy? She was so worried.

I was on my favorite bench watching ships go by when I saw a car in the distance. I realized it was Ella!

So dog and I ran inside the house and jumped on the bed as we waited for Ella's car to drive up.

When Ella opened the door, we rushed to meet her. She was so surprised but so happy to see me!

When Dog came out, she was more confused than ever, but in the end we adopted him and named him Rocky.

Oh, and I imagined that police caught the robbers when they tried to sell those diamonds, and they went to jail.


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