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  • Kaito Smidt-Olsen

Ascent to the Throne: The Blue Sand’s Power


The land of Akippe was likely very similar to your own world—rivers, forests, and all the same features worlds have… mostly. 

In Akippe was Rero, a great civilization booming with life. It was blessed by the blue sands. People always had work, and the banks of the river that flowed through the capital, Zero, were filled with gold. Rero had everything you needed: schools, housing, luxuries, water, and food. People from faraway lands traveled to settle there, generation after generation, attracting the jealousy of other civilizations. 

Blofke, Rero’s neighboring civilization, decided to take action. They plotted with the eleven other regional powers. An attack would be launched on Rero. The soldiers and the technology of Rero could not hold back the massive attack, and all seemed lost. 

After massive battles, Zero was surrounded. A final battle seemed imminent. The twelve-nation armies were now in a race for control of the capital. Nevertheless, Rero did not give up. It gathered all its stores of the invaluable blue sand. 

Soldiers were stationed everywhere around the walls of the city. Cannons, archers, and marksmen were lined up. When the first enemies were spotted, a barrage of cannonballs, arrows, and bullets were flung across the sky, repelling the enemies for now. 

A large silhouette appeared on the horizon. Millions of enemy soldiers and mercenaries were charging at Zero. Cannoneers fired the cannons, archers shot arrows, and marksmen sniped at the enemies. Enemies fell down everywhere, but there were too many. Enemy soldiers approached the wall and climbed, the city’s defenses about to be breached. 

Just as defeat seemed sure, the ground began shaking hard, trees fell, buildings wobbled, and enemy soldiers tumbled from the wall. And then—in a blinding blue light and explosion—the city was simply gone. 

Blofke’s ruler, Attwell Archer, stopped his horse and looked at the massive crater where Zero used to be, shocked and dismayed. There was nothing there. No rubble or signs of destruction. The city had vanished.

“What happened to the city? To my prize?” he asked. But no one could answer him. 

Chapter 1

In the city of Aneah, there lived more people than could comfortably fit. Aneah’s marketplace was one of Akippe’s busiest spots. In the crowd, a man was pushing through. He wore a large backpack and light armor. His hair was black and accompanied by a short beard. At his waist sat a sword. He entered a dark alley, where a man sat shrouded in darkness against the wall. 

“Where can I find the crippled adventurer?” asked the swordsman.

The seated man looked at him but didn’t respond. It was clear he was a bandit and seemingly knew nothing. The swordsman turned to leave, but the bandit grabbed him and held a knife to his throat. “Your money or your life!” The swordsman rolled his eyes. 

The bandit, confused by the lack of response, simply tried to slit his throat. Easier that way. But his arm was unable to move. The swordsman held the bandit's arm back, having moved in a blur. An ice-cold sweat drizzled down the bandit's neck.

“I am the most wanted man in this city right now, possibly the whole country! Even if you could slit my throat, doubt it’d kill me.”  

“Fruelar?” the bandit asked, shaking, “Fruelar Archer?!’

He rumbled away, dropping the knife. “I a-a-am s-sorry to have e-e-ever crossed paths with you, forgive me.”

Fruelar hurried further down the alley, turned a corner, and saw an old man dressed in a robe sitting by the wall. The old man looked at Fruelar, his eyes glowing. The infamous blue glow. This was the man had been seeking. 

“What do you wish to know?” croaked the old man.

“Where can I find the land of the blue sands?”

The old man stared at Fruelar, anger rising in his eyes. 

“It doesn’t exist—forget such dreams!” 

Fruelar dropped a small sachet, “Open it.” 

The old man slowly untied the knots of string and peered inside. Inside was a small amount of sand as blue as the most precious sapphire. 

The old man wheezed, clutching his chest, “Where did you get this!?” 

“I found it in the city vault. The mayor gave me a key and kissed me goodnight. Obviously.” 

The old man stood up to whisper into Fruelar’s ear. 

“Only the whispering mountains know of such land. Why do you seek the mythical desert?” questioned the old man.

“Haven’t you heard the stories? The blue sands. Powers unheard of.”

The man looked at Fruelar with regret in his eyes, as if he had done something horrible. Fruelar turned the corner back into the street but saw four members of the city guard, holding spears and shields. 

“I found him!” one of them shouted. 

They charged at Fruelar. With no hesitation, Fruelar blocked the first blow while rolling clear of another. He rose to strike the back of one man’s knee, sending him howling to the group. He blocked one with a sword swing, knocking the man down. The men scrambled backward, quickly realizing that fleeing was a better option. Fruelar let them. 

Outside the city gates, he found his horse Bright and looked up.

“Let's get out of here, Bright. We have enough to go on. And, well, it’ll be raining soon enough.” he said, knowingly. Though the sky above was completely clear of clouds and the sun beat down on the city. 

Chapter 2

In the Aneah’s City Hall, pleas filled the air. 

“Please don’t punish us!”

“He nearly killed us!”

“SILENCE!” the mayor roared. “We will have Fruelar hunted and punished. However, you four will be sent to the dungeon for failing to serve your nation.” 

With a wave of his hand, the four guards were taken away.

The mayor’s advisor leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Lord, we must have Fruelar taken care of immediately. He undermines the peace. He is a direct threat to the great leader, and therefore all of us.”

“Yes, let us talk to the great leader to see if he can get the help of the other nations. We must get the sachet back.”

“Perhaps this is a job for Slade?” the advisor asked.

“Yes. There’s an idea,” the mayor smiled broadly, “Slade!”

A battle-scarred man stepped from the side of the hall, a battleaxe resting on his back. “What do you want me to do?” 

“I want you to track and capture the known fugitive Fruelar, him alive, all his belongings intact.” 


After a few days' ride Fruelar was approaching the capital of Blofke. A grim city of oppressive law, corruption, and dictatorship. The Grand Palace sat at the center of this metropolis, where Rolf Rowatt, the Great Leader, sat upon the throne, his twisted mind bursting with problems and solutions. As Fruelar entered Blofke, he spotted soldiers armed to the teeth marching everywhere, keeping everything in “order.”  Fruelar had to go through the capital because there were no other paths to the mountains. The city was as quiet as a library if you didn’t count the marching of boots. Inside, there were small houses on each side of the road. No one ever came out. Fruelar rode through the city's center, where the main intersection was, heading to the mountainside gate. Fruelar found the right path to the mountains and tried to ride off, but he was stopped. 

 A soldier slowly approached Fruelar. He slowly reached for his hilt. 

“Excuse me? You seem to look like a want—”

A slicing noise was heard, followed by the noise of metal cluttering to the ground. Fruelar quickly rode away on Bright. However, Fruelar had attracted the attention of an audience.

“He assaulted one of us! He must be wishing for death!” A group of soldiers mounted on their horses and chased Fruelar. Fruelar hopped on Bright and rode to the city's exit. 

A barricade had been set up to stop Fruelar, with more soldiers pointing muskets at Fruelar. 


Bullets whizzed by Fruelar, but he sped onwards. Bright leaped over the barricade, the soldier underneath taking a shot at the horse. Bright and Fruelar tumbled down on the ground. Fruelar was quick to his feet however Bright was not so lucky. Fruelar ran to the soldiers with his sword. He cut down one, sliced another, and knocked the last one down. Taking a gun from the unconscious soldiers, he aimed at the oncoming cavalry. Bang! A soldier collapsed from his horse. Bang! A horse jolted to a stop, knocking the soldier off the horse. The three remaining cavalry halted to a stop and retreated. Fruelar found Bright badly injured. Bright suffered from a gun wound. 

“No!” Fruelar exclaimed. 

Fruelar knelt beside Bright's body, once white and smooth, now stained and dirty. Fruelar’s adventures with his only companion had come to an end. Fruelar drooped and laid his shield on Bright’s body so Bright would always remember him. Fruelar saw approaching guards advancing from the center of the city, so he left the city quickly and quietly on foot. 

Chapter 3

Slade found the city of Blofke and entered it. Immediately, people recognized him and hid away. Slade rode his horse all the way to the barracks, hoping for information. Soldiers all around him saluted as he passed by. The lieutenant greeted him at the doors. 

“So what brings you here, lord Slade?” the lieutenant asked.

“Do you have any information on the wanted criminal, Fruelar?”

“Yes, I do. Fruelar was spotted earlier this morning. He assaulted one of the police. We tried to capture him but only managed to get his horse. He headed out the northern gate.”

Slade nodded, got back on his horse, and headed for the northern gate. Nearby horsemen with helmets covering their faces and shiny blue armor with a skull emblem on the armor followed Slade. 

Fruelar trudged along the path until nightfall, where he made camp inside a nearby cave. The air was cooling as it turned night, and bitterly cold rain fell. Slade was close behind, wondering where Fruelar went. Fruelar lay down and rested his head on a nearby rock. 

After some hours of sleep, Fruelar heard footsteps. He immediately sprung up to his feet and grabbed his weapon. Fruelar tiptoed to the mouth of the cave and turned around. The only noise he could hear was the patterning of the rain and water droplets inside the cave. Fruelar turned back and headed back to the cave. Slade jumped onto Fruelar with his battleaxe smashing the ground right next to Fruelar. Slade stood up and swung the battleaxe again, catching Fruelar off-guard. The impact left Fruelar flying with a wound on his side. Slade slowly walked to the nearly injured Fruelar. He raised the battleaxe, hoping to finish Fruelar, but with instant reflexes, Fruelar blocked the attack with his sword. Slade backed up before Fruelar sliced Slade in the side, knocking him down. Taking this chance, Fruelar jumped up with his sword, but Slade grabbed Fruelar by his head and threw him out of the cave. Fruelar landed in the wet grass outside with his sword flung out of his hand. Fruelar was now bleeding badly. Fruelar tried to get up, but Slade jumped on him, keeping him down. Fruelar tried to reach for his sword but couldn’t. Slade raised his axe once more. Trudging forward, Fruelar desperately reached for his sword but failed to get it. They looked each other in the eyes before Fruelar broke into a confident smile. Looking confused at first, Slade swung his axe at full force towards Fruelar’s neck. Fruelar put on a relaxed, knowing expression despite the seeming chance it would be his last. 

A bright flash of lightning had struck Slade. Slade’s skin burned while his bones glowed with blue light underneath. Slade fell to the ground, dropping his axe. Fruelar crawled backward, thanking his instinct and feeling. 

Fruelar limped back into the cave with his sword and bandaged himself up. There were scars and scratches everywhere on his face, and his legs were burnt badly by the lightning. Fruelar packed everything up and put his belongings on Slade’s horse. He got up and continued on the trail with the new horse. 

Chapter 4

Early in the morning, the blue horsemen from Blofke had found Slade. They all surrounded him, whispering. Suddenly, a jolt of movement came from Slade. Slade woke up, and looked at the horsemen. Slade’s eyes were electric blue. 

“Who are you?” Slade asked.

“We are the Skeleton Horsemen. We are here to execute you for being an accomplice of Anneah’s mayor.” answered one of the horsemen.

Instantaneously, Slade grabbed one of the horsemen by the shoulder and shocked them with his hands. Slade immediately stepped back, glancing at his hands. What was this new power he now had? The other four horsemen grabbed their scythes and attacked Slade. Slade jumped up to avoid their scythes and grabbed one of them. He released a jolt of electricity, disarming one of them. One of the horsemen snuck behind Slade and stabbed him in the back. Slade turned around, put his palm against the horseman's head, and released so much energy, sending the horseman flying. Everyone looked at Slade with shock, dropped their weapons, and surrendered. 

“Shall I kill you, or should I let you be my subordinates?” Slade pondered.

Slade looked around to see the Skeleton Horsemen kneeling before him. “Very well. We have a dangerous criminal to catch.” They all left the sight, and Slade took the horse of the swordsman that stabbed him. A mark could be seen on the ground of where the lightning hit. Grains of blue sand could be seen inside the mark. 

Chapter 5

Fruelar carried on with his new horse. After a long time, the rain became snow. The cooler climate bit Fruelar as he wasn’t prepared for this sort of weather. Up high in the mountains, Fruelar could not see a thing. However, Fruelar could hear whispers and voices inside his head. He looked at the source of the voice and could make out a mountain peak in the distance. 

“That’s it! That’s the whispering mountain!” cheered Fruelar. 

When he got closer, the weather cleared up. A circle of cloudless sky surrounded the whispering mountain. Sunrays shone upon the peak. The voices and whispers were now clear. Fruelar looked up at the mountain. 

“What is it you seek, adventurer?” boomed the mountain.

“I seek the location of the lost city, Zero!” 

“Ah, I see. The city is high up in the sky, where the legends lie. When the ripple in the sky appears, sprinkle some powdered ocean in a circle. A doorway you will see, then the desert.”

Fruelar looked confused. He had asked for the location, but only received a riddle. Fruelar asked the mountain again, but no reply. He grumbled, then found some parchment and wrote the riddle. “The city is high up in the sky, where the legends lie. When the ripple in the sky appears, sprinkle some powdered ocean in a circle. A doorway you will see, then the desert.” He got back on the horse, and planned to go back to Nyper, his hometown. Down the winding road he went, passing caves and crevasses full of snow and ice. He finally reached the main path. The path split in two. Fruelar remembered that the path on the right led straight to the center of the country, so he took the one on the left. 

The path on the left led to the thickest forest he had ever seen. Darkness surrounded Fruelar, but never touched him. Only the path shone in the light. Fruelar looked around. He felt uneasy, but felt the sensation of being here before. However, he shook off this sensation and carried on. After some time, fog appeared. Fruelar could not see anything. Fruelar’s eyelids slowly started to get heavier and heavier, his body energy being sucked away. Fruelar fell to the floor, unconscious. 

Chapter 6

Fruelar opened his eyes. 

He was dizzy, and his vision was blurry. The forest’s fog had cleared, and he could barely see the moon high up in the sky. He leaned forward, and his vision cleared. He saw that he was at the edge of the forest, far away from where he had fallen asleep. He looked around quickly. 

This wasn’t the place he fell asleep.

He saw his hometown of Nyper and the looming prison tower. 

It must be some coincidence.

The forest was nowhere near his hometown. He entered Nyper, an energetic and exciting town, and headed straight for the tower. He climbed up and up the stairs until he reached the top floor, a rounding corridor with jail cells on each side. He proceeded until he reached cell number 148.  “How could the country imprison their own king?” he thought. There were only two small wooden bunk beds, a dirty tap, and a small toilet. He asked a nearby guard what had happened to the prisoners at cell 148. 

“Oh–they moved a long time ago to the dungeons at Blofke. I think the new guy wanted them for some reason. They are being set to be executed at the solar eclipse.”

Fruelar’s eyes widened. His jaw dropped. His head quivered. “My family is going to be executed,” he whispered. 

Fruelar shook himself out of it and marched outside. He needed the power of the blue sand now more than ever. He recited the riddle in his head “When the ripple in the sky appeared, sprinkle some powdered ocean in a circle. A doorway you will see, then the legendary city.” He looks out to the ocean. The deep blue color of the ocean reminds him of something. He pulls out his sachet of blue sand and sprinkles some on his hand. He holds his hand up until he sees it. The blue sand’s color looks identical to the ocean. The powdered ocean is the blue sand. Now he just has to find out what the ripples in the sky are. 

Fruelar found some accommodation in an inn near the seaside. He had to lay low as he was a wanted criminal, so he stayed in his room most of the time looking at the sky. He counted the days to the solar eclipse, every day passing becoming more stressful.

Soon the seasons changed. The leaves turned red then disappeared. Snow blanketed everything. The days became shorter and lives became harder. One night, when Fruelar was looking out the window, he noticed the lights in the sky. Green, purple and pink lights streaked across the sky. He noticed it and recalled the first time he saw them with his family. He remembered his mother telling stories about these lights being like ripples in the water. Suddenly, Fruelar lit up. 

“I found the ripples in the sky! I can finally get to the lost city!” He exclaimed. 

Following the mountain’s instructions, he sprinkled some blue sand into a circle in his room. Suddenly, a bright flash occurred, and Fruelar was gone. 

Chapter 7

Fruelar fell through a glowing blue tunnel until he landed on the ground. He looked under and saw he was in a desert of Blue Sand. Fruelar could make out the city in the distance. He saw a bright light moving around like fireflies. Tall, rectangular shadows cast from the buildings that loomed everywhere. He looked around and saw the sun high in the sky, but no clouds. Fruelar saw the edge of the desert, where land stopped. After giving himself a sense of the surroundings, Fruelar trudged to the city. 

After a while, Fruelar eventually made it to the colossal gates. He saw a humanoid and approached it, but was greeted by some metal armor. 

“How may I assist you today?” asked the talking armor.

Fruelar jumped in shock and his skin turned pale for a split second. He carefully approached the talking armor again. 

“What are you?” questioned Fruelar while looking confused.

“I am a border patrol robot.” the talking armor replied. “I help people enter and exit this city.” 

“Could you open the gate for me?” 

“Please state your name and reason for visiting.” 

“I am Fruelar Archer and I want to visit here to see the legendary blacksmith,” Fruelar replied.

“Thank you for your Cooperation. The gate will be opening shortly.”

With that, the large gate doors swung open slowly. Fruelar walked in. 

Chapter 8

As Fruelar stepped inside, he could see countless horse carriages. Except, they were horseless, sleek, and somehow airborne. Fruelar looked in awe at how fast and controlled their speed was. After staring at them for a while, Fruelar realized his goal and carried on. He appeared to be in the middle of a crowd, so he stopped and asked some people.”Pardon me, but do you know where the legendary blacksmith is?” People gave Fruelar a look of disgust and disapproval. Maybe their leader knows where the blacksmith is, he thought. After asking around, Fruelar found out that the government resides in the city's center. Fruelar walked to the center. On the way, he could see signs with bright lights like nothing he had seen in Akippe. He saw the majestic building, reminding him of the palace at Blofke. He was about to enter when four armed humanoids stopped him. Fruelar recognized them as more “robots.” 

“Stop right there!” one of the robots beeped out. 

They all pointed their musket-like weapons at Fruelar. What kind of weapons are these? Fruelar looked around, not feeling threatened. In an instant, he ducked quickly and swung his sword, cutting one of the robots and knocking over another. Sparks flew from the cut, and the robots made a tired whir noise before shutting down. Fruelar looked at the robots, baffled. What are these sparks, what causes them to glow? Fruelar grabbed the musket-like weapon and headed off into the building.

Inside the building there was a large circular mural on the top, featuring a battle for this city. Oh, that must be the last battle. Fruelar looked around. Underneath him, marble floors paved the way, walls surrounded the mural, creating a circle. He could see two large wooden doors, closed and thought, That must be it. Fruelar cautiously walked to the doors, not making a single sound. He carefully opened the doors which made a slow, long creaking sound. He entered the large room, full of people dressed in dark clothes he had never seen before. Some of them were old, with long gray beards and some of them young with yellow and brown hair. Everyone stared at him. 

“Who is this lunatic?” shouted an old man.

“Throw him out!” Some of them demanded.

However, one of the older ones took notice of his attire and quickly roared “He’s an outsider!” 

“Impossible.” “It can’t be!” “How did they get here?”

“I have come here seeking power!” Fruelar replied. 

The room went dead silent. 

One of them stepped forward. She had gray hair and an angry look on her face. “We don’t give our powers to you outsiders.” Fruelar lifted up his sword, “I don’t have much time, and I need the powers. Give them to me, or else all of you will be taken down.” Everyone except Fruelar gasped. 

“Call the guard!” howled one of them.

Robots poured into the room from all sides, surrounding everyone. “Neutralize the target,” a robot with a yellow shoulder plate commanded,

All the robots shot at Fruelar with their musket-like weapons. Rays of dark blue light moved towards Fruelar. Fruelar leaped into the air to avoid the attack. He pointed his weapon at the robot and fired. It exploded immediately in blue smoke. Fruelar looked at his weapon and said, “Not so bad eh?” Fruelar looked back up and realized the situation he was in. He somersaulted towards the exit and made a run for it. However, Fruelar’s luck was about to run out. The exit was just a couple of feet away from Fruelar when a ray was about to hit his head. Fruelar’s reflexes kicked in, and blocked the attack with his sword. The ray of light disappeared, and a sense of relief flooded over Fruelar. He looked at his sword again to make sure it was fine when he noticed blue light in the shape of zig-zags traveling down the blade. Everything slowed down for Fruelar. The zig-zags slowly traveled to the handle and then to his fingers. Fruelar felt excruciating pain for a moment, and then he slumped onto the floor, unconscious. 

Chapter 9

Fruelar woke up in a prison cell, which was, at least, more comfortable than the ones in Nyper. He was lying down on a wooden bed and could see a small sink with a small mirror, a toilet, and a door. He sat up and saw himself in the mirror. His eyes and hair had turned the color of ocean blue. He felt powerful, energetic, and angry. He had wasted so much time here. Fruelar walked to the door and tried to open it. However, it was locked and it didn’t budge. Fruelar punched at the door in frustration, creating a large dent in the metal. He was taken aback, knowing he didn’t have that kind of superhuman strength. He carefully looked at his hands. Maybe the blue ray gave me powers. He thought. He tried punching the door again, this time using all his strength. A loud clang was heard, and Fruelar crawled out of the hole he had made. 

Fruelar was now in a long hallway. The ceiling was dotted with rectangular lights, evenly spread out. Fruelar walked to the end of one side and saw a window. He was still in the government building. He continued traveling through the hallway until he found the mural again. He saw a desk, and beside it was his sword. He quickly took that as well. He held up his sword right in front of his eyes. He could see that the color changed from black to blue. This must mean that the sword is powerful as well. 

“Secure the prisoner!” one of the officials shouted.

Fruelar could hear the beeps again. Robots slowly hovered in from all sides. The robots encircled Fruelar, and all held the weapons pointed at Fruelar. Fruelar took out his blue sword and slashed at the robots. The sword cut through the blue metal as easily as cutting through water. Robots everywhere were chopped into many pieces. Fruelar kept on with his rampage, destroying the robots one by one. The robots fired their weapons, but Fruelar deflected them with ease. When nearly all the robots were defeated, a new type appeared. It was big and bulky, with weapons in both of its arms. It had a blue axe on the right arm and a musket weapon on the left. Fruelar lunged at it, and struck it. The giant robot quickly parried the attack with its own axe. Knocking Fruelar back a bit. Fruelar got on his feet and gathered all his strength. He dashed towards the big robot, jumped, and struck the axe with all his strength. Fruelar's sword slowly but surely cut through the axe. The axe shook violently as it was being penetrated. The sword eventually cut through, shattering the axe into a million pieces. Pieces flew everywhere, destroying the mural and some of the other robots and furniture. Fruelar quietly left. 

Fruelar approached the outskirts of the city where he had once been. The city was built on top of a very large cliff. Fruelar could see clouds below the cliff edge. He was in the sky. He looked down. The only way to get down was to drop. Fruelar looked at his legs. With his superhuman strength, he could make it. Fruelar counted to three. On the count of three, Fruelar dived forward, into the abyss below. 

Air hit Fruelar’s body hard. He could make out the lands below, and saw that the city was built on a floating island. After falling for a couple of minutes, Fruelar descended below the clouds and saw the vast, green, lands that he lived in. He could see Blofke’s iconic palace from high up in the sky. He tried to steer himself in that direction. 

Chapter 10

Fruelar landed on the ground very hard, causing him to create a crater on the spot he landed. He slowly got up, fazed and dizzy by the landing. He could see a farmer with dirty clothes and a straw hat looking at him with very much confusion and bewilderment. Fruelar greeted her, and ran off to the palace. 

“I must stop drinking,” she muttered to herself.

At the border of Blofke, soldiers recognized Fruelar. 

“Where do you think you’re goin, wante—” The soldiers drop with a thud. Fruelar proceeded to the palace. Fruelar also took care of many more soldiers along the way. He opened the palace doors to reveal the long carpet and the throne at the other end. Sitting upon it, was Slade with his blue hair and battle axe. He was talking to someone carrying a piece of paper.  Fruelar looked perplexed. 

“Wha— how?” Slade took one glance at Fruelar and then punched at lightning speed towards Fruelar. Fruelar was knocked back through four concrete pillars. Fruelar sprung right back up with lots of bruises and scratches and unsheathed his sword. Where had he got all this power? He saw Slade approaching in the corner and diverted his attacks. One attack after another attack, the sword was getting damaged just like the axe the robot had. Fruelar knew he had to act fast, so he leaped up one of the pillars and struck Slade. Slade yelled in pain, as the wound in his body slowly started to sizzle. Blue flames ignited from his cut, and started to burn him. He slowly got up, enraged by the pain, vowing to kill Fruelar. He brought out his battle axe, now blue just like Fruelar's sword, and lunged at Fruelar with egregious might. Fruelar barely dodged the attack, giving him a graze on the side. He swiftly counterattacked from above, but Slade just grabbed his head and discharged tremendous amounts of electricity. Fruelar slumped to the floor, lifeless. His head was burnt severely, his body full of electricity scars. 

Slade commanded the royal servants to clean up the mess he had made, then returned to his throne. He thought of ways to gain more power, as this battle showed that he still didn’t have enough. In the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow move. He quickly turned around but saw nothing. What was that? He asked the servants, “Have you dealt with the body yet?” to which they replied, “Your majesty, what body?” Slade’s eyes widened, “What! You tell me he isn’t de—” Fruelar stabbed his blade through the throne, piercing right into Slade’s heart. Slade took one last look at Fruelar, before falling to the floor, dead. Fruelar felt a flood of relief before passing out. 

Chapter 11

Fruelar woke up with a start. He was in a comfortable, large bed surrounded by doctors and nurses. One of them stepped forward and said, “You’re awake. Uhh—sire. That is to say. King. Well, the new king!” Fruelar’s groggy eyes lit up. 

He had accomplished his goal, his purpose, overthrowing the tyranny that everyone suffered under. Now, no one would have to suffer needlessly. If he could prevent it. Then Fruelar realized something. 

“Is my family safe? Are they alright?” he asked desperately, grabbing the coats of one of the doctors. 

The man’s eyes grew dark, “we are very, very, sorry Your Majesty, but when you arrived at the palace, Slade had sent the order to execute them.”

Water dripped from Fruelar’s eyes. His sweat turned ice cold, he felt sick in his stomach, pain everywhere and went dizzy. He let out a deep stifled wail. 


The land of Akippe was booming with life. Everywhere, people had work, and the city banks were filled with gold. Blofke, Akippe’s capital, had everything you needed: schools, housing, luxuries, water, food. King Rottwell Archer and his family did everything and anything to ensure the happiness of its citizens. However, one day, farmers spotted something in the sky. 

“What’s that George?” 

“I don’t know, it looks like an island.”

“Hah! An island in the sky. Can you believe it, Tom?”

“That definitely looks like an island. Strange. It looks oddly—blue. Can you see the city on top?”

“It seems to be falling. Do think we’ll be fine from this distance?”

The End

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