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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

It was a Dark and stormy night at King Arcton’s fortress. He was thinking about the terrible disease…

Whoosh… The clouds parted. An outline of a dragon appeared on a mountain. Back in Achareth, knights were rushing around the palace. CLANG! CLANG! Pack! Pack! Chips, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Coca Cola, Swords and Bows were fiercely stuffed into bags. “Grant, don’t forget to bring our Sweet and Sour sauce!” said one Knight. Finally, the knights were prepared to set off for the long journey to come.


One beautiful sunny morning in the Kingdom of Achareth, the sun was shining as bright as the stars when the king woke up near noon. The king yawned. He stretched, yawned again, checked his clock, which said ‘9:45’ and went back to sleep. 2 hours later, the King woke up, yawned, yawned again and stretched, then checked his clock. It said ‘11:45’.

“I overslept! I overslept!” the King exclaimed. He was supposed to wake up at 10:30 AM!

He rushed out of his room, and found his cold breakfast of sausage rolls and milk at the dining table. It was huge! He quickly ate his cold breakfast, then went to the library. There he read a long 192 paged book, then he peeked out of the Library window. He knew his kingdom was huge, so only the Library on the 198th floor could see the boundaries of his land. But King Arcton didn’t see any of his citizens outside!

This was awkward. On a Sunday like this, usually most people were outside, enjoying the good weather rather than staying home. He then opened his window for a better view of people’s houses. He wanted to know why his people were staying home with such good weather outside! He peeked at a few people's houses, but everyone inside looked like they were sick.

“Doctors, doctors, my people are sick. Can you go to my citizens' houses to help?” asked King Arcton.

“Certainly,” his five best doctors replied.

The doctors went out to ten people’s houses and came back in thirty minutes.

The king questioned, “Back already? I was just on the 32nd page of my new 201 paged book.”

The doctors reported, “Of course, your majesty. We will rush to do anything for you. King Arcton, we have no idea what the people’s diseases are, and all we know is that they all have the same disease.”

“We also know that the disease is a type of flu, but it is much more infectious. We’ve tried all our best flu medicines, but we still don’t have a clue how to cure this.” said another doctor.

“The symptoms include: sneezing, vomiting and many others. The worst is a fever that can get up to 45°C.” another doctor revealed.

“Thank you for researching so many things in such a short time,” said the king. “Now, can you go to the Diseases and Medicines section of the library to learn more about this horrible flu?” demanded the king.

“Sorry, but we can’t help you right now, because there are more than fifty patients urgently waiting and we have only fifty doctors. We can’t help you with the research right now.” said one doctor.

“Fine then, I’ll research on my own.” sighed the king.

The king walked over to the library. He pulled out a few books that would seem to help, like ‘100 Types of Diseases’, ‘The Worst Types of Flu’, ‘The Book Of Diseases’, ‘Medicines to Flus’, ‘100 Medicines’, and many more.

After five hours of deep reading, (and thirty-two books stacked next to him in the read pile!). The king finally gave up. It was already 11:30 pm anyway!

The next day, the king woke up. He ate a piece of bread with chocolate paste and milk for breakfast and brushed his teeth. He then went to the library to continue his research. He read more books about diseases and flu for two more hours, but still no luck. King Arcton decided to take a break. He read three chapters of the longest book in the world, ‘Crisis Reality’, at five thousand pages. He read it for one hour. But at page one thousand four hundred and fifty nine, in chapter four, he found the answer.

It said, ‘In the second century, year 117, a person called Tidus found a cure for any type of flu, called Flu++.

It was made by:

  • 5 Teaspoons of Magical Dragon Blood

  • 10 Teaspoons of Anti-Flu XVI

You had to pour both into a cauldron, stir it for one minute, then wait for twenty minutes. It’s ready!

The king thought that he was the luckiest person on earth. Being hundreds of years old, the doctors would not know anything about this ancient recipe! He jumped around in happiness with his lucky break.

King Arcton did a bit more research, and found out where ‘Magical Dragon Blood’ was found. He discovered it was found in The Mystic Cavern in The Forest Of Sacred Mist in a one hundred and seventy-two paged book called Flu++ written in the year 120 by Tidus. He then asked the librarian to give him the map of Astra to find out where exactly these locations were. In the top-left corner of the map, he saw The Forest of Sacred Mist and the Mystic Cavern. Going south was the Golden Fieldlands, connecting to two other paths, the Magma Volcano and the Deep End. Going even more south, there was Fog Path, connecting to the edge of Achareth. But towards the right of Achareth, there was Obsidian Lowlands, and going north there would be Route 1.

Heading south from there, there would be Route 2 & 3, then connecting to the Forest of Sacred Mist. He knew he needed to call his knights, the Crimson Wings to aid him on this dangerous quest.

Looking at the lay of the land, he started to devise a plan. Should the knights take Fog Path or would they go to Obsidian Lowlands? Fog Path was dangerous but it was faster. Taking Obsidian Lowlands would be slower but much safer.

Fog Path is very gloomy with black clouds, creepy and dark in general, but it has no obstacles except for those biting plants. But the knights cannot get lost in the fog, which is the hard part. Obsidian Lowlands have obstacles such as marshes, rocks and wetlands, making it much slower to go past. Route 1, 2 & 3 are very long and safe, but it takes MUCH longer than taking Golden Fieldlands. Golden Fieldlands is safe but it connects to horribly dangerous paths like Magma Volcano or The Deep End. The king paced around, thinking of a plan. In his mind, he could see his people suffering. Given the length of this journey, by the time Crimson Wings arrived at Obsidian Lowlands, most people would have died. But if the knights shortly come back from Fog Path, all the people would drink it and get cured. At that moment, he knew exactly what he had to do to save his people.

He finally had his plan.

He immediately summoned his knights and shared his thoughts.

His plan took four hours to make; there was no time to spare.

“I want you to go to the Mystic Cavern in the Forest of Sacred Mist.” pointing to a picture of a forest with a cave inside it, the king said. “Be careful to avoid Magma Volcano and The Deep End along the way in Golden Fieldlands. It is easy to get lost, make sure you start at the Fog Path at the top-left of Achareth.” The King pointed to areas of his map to show the knights all the dangers along the way. One was an ocean and the other was a volcano.

“When you get to The Mystic Cavern, fight the dragons and kill them for their blood, Crimson Wings!” the King finished. The Crimson Wings all saluted and started to pack for their long journey ahead of them.

Knights were rushing around the palace. CLANG! CLANG! Pack! Pack! Chips, french fries, chicken nuggets, Coca Cola, swords and bows were fiercely stuffed into bags.

“Grant, don’t forget to bring our sweet and sour sauce!” said one knight. Finally, the knights were prepared to set off for the long journey to come. First, the knights started at the Fog Path, just outside of the Achareth Kingdom. Even though there weren’t any monsters, Fog Path was still scary. The knights shortly passed Fog Path, going further away from Achareth Palace. Seeing the end of Fog Path, Drake sighed. Drake was smart, but weak; he was already exhausted from the journey. On missions, he was often the one who had the wits in battles, not the strength.

The group reached the Golden Fieldlands. It was a much more peaceful place, with butterflies, grasshoppers and flowers. But in all the brightness, two knights wandered off the path, chasing a yellow butterfly. The first was called Michael and the second was called Samson. Michael wandered left, and saw a rocky pathway called Rock Trail. Interested, Michael trekked on, leaving the party. Then he smelled something weird, and heard a rock tumble down from the active volcano. But before he could make out what it was, a Magma Monster leapt out at Michael. Unable to defend, he soon got devoured by the Magma Monster. Michael struck the Magma Monster with his sword, but Magma Monsters actually strengthen from eating iron, so the Magma Monster just opened his jaw and gobbled him down whole.

Samson walked right, and spotted a wonderful beach. He paced closer and sat down. Five minutes later, Samson got up for a stroll on the beach. He accidentally slipped on a rock and fell into the water! With all his might, Samson tried to swim out, but his heavy knight armor caused him to sink. He sank lower and lower, eventually hitting the seafloor.

Scared, he tried to hide himself, but he saw a light. Was it one of those deep-sea divers? He swam closer, but then he groaned in pain. Something had bit him! He could quickly make out that it was an Anglerfish Monster! Samson tried to defend, as he slashed his sword but the Anglerfish monster easily tore it in half.

Some of the Anglerfish’s teeth broke, but it was just as dangerous. With Samson’s sword broken in two, Samson was powerless and soon grew unconscious in the water, leaving him open for the Anglerfish to attack. Samson was gone. Breathing out the last of his breath, his remains were lost into the depths of the water.

Back at Golden Fieldlands, the party was ready to set off after eating four bags of chips, two packs of french fries and five boxes of McNuggets. They walked forward, passing a long path, heading up a mountain. One knight spotted the forest at the top of the mountain! Their journey was coming to a close. The twenty eight knights, (excluding Samson and Michael), trekked north.

A few hours later, they reached the top of the mountain, but it was quite late so they ate three bags of chips, seven boxes of McNuggets and one pack of French Fries for dinner. The knights set up camp and slept outside of the Forest of Sacred Mist.

The next day, Grant was the first to wake up. Grant was the leader of the Crimson Wings, incredibly strong but less smart, compared to Drake. Eager to continue the journey, Grant woke up all the other knights. It was only fifteen minutes before they reached the beautiful but mysterious Forest Of Sacred Mist. When they reached the end of the misty path, the knights immediately started to search for the cave entrance, looking around. Drake suggested to lift something or check inside of something, but being a lowly knight, he was ignored. After an hour of searching, Drake was annoyed. He started searching for himself, and tried lifting rocks, shoving trees, but there was no luck until thirty minutes later, where after brushing away some bushes he found a lever.

“Hey!” Drake called.

All 27 knights rushed to him, peering at the lever.

“Turn it to the green side, then it may open a hidden door.” Grant suggested.

It was obvious that it was true, so Drake carefully turned the lever to the side marked with a green circle. The red circle’s light buzzed off and the green circle’s light buzzed on. There was a creak of an opening door, but no door was in sight. So the knights continued searching, this time for an open door. Twenty minutes later, done also by Drake, after using all his strength to pull open two trees, he found the door in a disguised big rock. He immediately called the knights again, and they rushed to the open door. Drake, being the smallest and stealthiest knight, tip-toed in the entrance. He gasped at the sight of what he saw…THIRTY SLEEPING DRAGONS! They were snoring as loud as thunder.

“Be quiet, don’t wake th-” Drake couldn’t finish the sentence. “YEAH!!! SLEEPING DRAGONS! WE CAN KILL THEM EASILY!!! WOO HOO!!!” yelled Grant.

Yes, it was true that the knights could kill powerful dragons easily if they were sleeping, but Grant’s yell was so loud that even the 26 knights bundled outside could hear him even though Grant was already deep inside the cave. It seemed that the dragons were in a deep sleep, so only one blinked his eyes… One opened, another opened, and one dragon got up and ROARED!!!

Immediately, the 29 other Dragons yawned, and woke up. The two knights were immediately alarmed, and all the other knights rushed in.

The battle was on!

Grant pulled out his sword, leaped, and dive bombed-slashed one of the dragons. The dragon breathed fire at Grant, but he swiftly jumped back and pulled out his shield, but Grant had underestimated the dragon’s fire. It burned through his shield and damaged his armour. Suddenly, an arrow struck the same dragon, nearly killing it. It was from Drake’s crossbow!

“Mcnugget, friend!” said Grant, tossing Drake a little snack. Catching it in one hand, Drake shoved it in his satchel. Treat for later!

The battle raged on. The tired knights had to retreat, now leaving only seventeen battling knights, while there still were thirty dragons. Grant noticed that whenever a dragon was severely injured, one of the pink dragons would unleash their breath on it, healing the damaged dragon completely.

Drake hatched a plan. Maybe, just maybe, a pink dragon would heal the disease, but there was no way a pink dragon would go with him. Drake crept across the cave, noticing a dragon nest, with five pink eggs inside. Drake sneakily took a pink egg and rushed out. But before he could get far enough, the pink dragon mommy already noticed that there was one missing egg.

Just before the pink dragon reached the entrance, Drake pulled the switch, closing the door on the pink dragon. He heard the pink dragon roar, before running off to Obsidian Lowlands. He quickly got there, and ate the McNugget that Grant gave him, and rushed off to Fog Path. Reaching Achareth, Drake ate his last thing- a small bag of chips, before setting the egg in a hot fire to incubate. He was very lucky that he loved reading dragon books.

After two hours, the baby pink dragon hatched, and he called the king and told him his plan. Arcton thought it was brilliant, so after thirty minutes of quick training, the pink dragon had learned dragon breath. They walked up to a person infected with the disease, and told the pink dragon to use it on them. The person was completely healed of the disease! Drake immediately rushed back to Fog Path, telling Arcton to heal as many people as he could.

Soon, Drake reached the Forest of Sacred Mist. he remembered the angry pink dragon mommy, so he wondered how to get in. Shoving the trees to the cave, he found a tiny hole that even a thin knight like Drake could crawl through. Drake slapped his head. How would he communicate with dragons? There was no way to explain the truth to a bunch of furious dragons! He told the other remaining nine knights inside the cave, and told the other nineteen retreated knights elsewhere in the forest his plan too, then he ran back to the palace, and after twenty minutes, found the perfect book- the one-hundred-and-one paged book ‘How to Speak Dragonese’ by the Dragon Whisperer, not including his real name.

He took the book, and sprinted back to the Forest of Sacred Mist. The knights had stopped attacking, so the dragons did too. He crawled in, and looking in the book, said in sloppy Dragonese, “We are not here to harm you.”

“Then why were you attacking us earlier?” asked one dragon.

“We were mistaken, and we used to want some of your Magical Blood to heal our citizens, but I figured about the Pink Dragons-” said Drake.

“Healing Dragons,” corrected the same dragon.

“We never wanted to kill you. We just wanted to heal our citizens, so in exchange for the Healing Dragons to heal up our citizens, we will give you a new food- McNuggets to try.” said Drake, passing a box of McNuggets to the dragon.

The dragon ate it, and loved it!

“This is nice, and I will accept, but could you give us more?” asked the dragon.

“Sure,” replied Drake, calling the nine other knights to give the dragon their McNuggets. They gave the Dragons twenty seven boxes of McNuggets in total.

“Is this enough?” asked Drake.

“Sure,” answered the Dragon.

He, apparently being the leader of the Healing Dragons, called from his pack to follow the knights. The group walked to the palace, and the healing dragon mommy met its baby again.

When the knights were fighting, King Arcton and the baby Healing Dragon healed 32 people before it got tired. The eight Healing Dragons quickly healed the remaining seven hundred and twenty ill people in just forty-five minutes, and as a treat, gave the Healing Dragons fifteen packets of french fries and fifteen bags of chips. The dragons loved the food so much, the people and the dragons decided to become friends. Drake, riding on the Healing Dragon leader, Preston, went back to Mystic Cavern to tell the other twenty-two dragons to come. Preston was a respected dragon, so the dragon leaders listened. Aero was the Thunder Dragon leader, Ace was the Ice Dragon leader, Fiery was the Fire Dragon leader and Golem was the Rock Dragon leader.

They all came to have a great feast of McNuggets, chips and french fries. In total, 723 Boxes of McNuggets, 427 packets of french fries and 892 bags of chips were eaten. Why so many? Of course, the whole city was there too! The 784 population of Achareth, (including knights and the king) so in total 814 people and dragons were eating together, and 2042 packs or bags or boxes of something were eaten.


A week later, the Dragons were so friendly with the knights that since they just laid 98 Dragon Eggs, they let each of the 28 knights keep ONE egg. Grant chose a Blue Thunder dragon egg, while most knights chose fire or healing dragon eggs. In a Thunder Dragon nest, Drake found a mysterious black egg, the others were blue. He chose that one, and walked back home.

The next day, Drake woke up and found that his egg had hatched. It was a shiny Black Dragon!

Drake woke up at 10:00 AM, so he trained his Dragon until 12:30 PM. He then took a thirty minute lunch break and at 1:00 PM, he trained until 6:00 PM. In his eight hours and 30 minutes of training, he had noticed that the shiny Black Dragon could use all four elements: fire, thunder, rock and healing!

Over a month of training, Drake discovered the full power of the shiny dragon. All along, it was its own breed and it was so rare!

It could summon one dragon of all elements to aid the shiny Dragon in battle. Drake called his dragon Shine. Being so strong, Drake rose through the ranks of the Crimson Wings quickly, from just a lowly knight to an Elite knight in just five months.

Soon after, the doctors made a vaccine for the flu, so the healing dragons wouldn’t even need to work as much. It was made by some dragon breath, then some flu medicine. Soon, dragon numbers grew, and there were 118 dragons living in Achareth. There were 26 healing dragons, 31 fire dragons, 28 rock dragons, 32 thunder dragons and 1 shiny dragon. Human population grew too. And that epic battle was how dragons and humans lived in harmony forever.


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